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Georgia-Rose is a shopping and leisure expert with several years of experience in the ecommerce, travel, tourism and TV streaming industries. She has a degree in English with Creative Writing from Queen’s University Belfast and a certificate in American Business from the University of Indianapolis. Georgia-Rose’s analysis of annual shopping events such as Black Friday has been quoted in several leading publications including The Times and The Daily Mail.


  • Annual sale events (Black Friday, Boxing Day)
  • Buy now, pay later services
  • Affordable fashion & beauty trends
  • Travel industry trends


  • Best Content Marketing Campaign, with boohoo.com, Performance Marketing Awards 2020
  • Featured in The Times and Yahoo Finance
  • Author of more than 1,600 shopping and travel guides
  • Shopify Partner Academy: Business Fundamentals certification
  • Enrolled in the e-Commerce and Online Business Management certification at University of Toronto


  • e-Commerce and Online Business Management certification | University of Toronto | 2021-2022
  • Bachelor of Arts, English with Creative Writing | Queen’s University Belfast | 2012-2016
  • Certificate in American Business | The University of Indianapolis | 2014-2015

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We asked Gia to share her expertise on the rise and fall of annual sales, including Black Friday and Boxing Day, over the last few years.

Are Black Friday deals really the best deals of the year?

Sometimes - but not always! Ideally I would recommend that people start thinking about what they’d like to buy in big sales at least a month before the event and start looking at the current prices of items they’re considering. This will allow them to see if the price really is a bargain on Black Friday or Boxing Day, or not. Also look out for site-wide deals during these events. Most retailers rarely discount every single item on their site so if a store runs 20% off everything, you’re more likely to bag an item that wouldn’t be included in a regular sale period at a discount.

Will Black Friday continue to grow as a retail event in the UK?

Although it started as a sales event attached to the American holiday of Thanksgiving, Black Friday has gathered an impressive UK following in the last few years. One of the main reasons for its success is that it occurs just about 4 weeks before Christmas, and it’s a great opportunity to save on Christmas shopping. Although in 2019 and 2020 we saw fewer big discounts offered on Black Friday in the UK - and the days of “70% off everything” may be gone - I expect that generally UK retailers will continue to offer Black Friday discounts of 10%, 15% or maybe 20%.

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