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Send money to the USA

Here’s how to send a quick, affordable and secure money transfer to the USA from the Philippines.

While your local bank branch might be the most obvious option for sending money across borders, you can save on fees and take advantage of more competitive exchange rates with money transfer companies.

We’ve assembled a list of these services so you can compare the cheapest method to send money from the Philippines to the USA.

Compare your options to transfer funds to the USA

Min. Transfer Amount Transfer Speed Online Transfer Fee Rate Amount Received Description CTA Details
PHP 1 1 - 2 days PHP 0.00 0.019 USD
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Exchange rates are volatile and change often. As a result, the exchange rate listed on Finder may vary to the actual exchange rate quoted for the brand. Please confirm the actual exchange rate and mention “Finder” before you commit to a brand.

How to send money to the US from the Philippines

There are generally three different transfer methods:

  • Money transfer services. These offer some of the most cost-effective transfers as they only trade in foreign currencies.
  • Philippine banks. The US dollar is one of the most popular currencies locally. Major banks such as BDO, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Metrobank, and Philippine National Bank (PNB) offer it. Most international money transfers will need to be done over the counter, ideally with the sender having an existing account with the bank. Be prepared to provide your receiver’s details such as complete name, address, phone number, bank account number.
  • Cash transfers. Services such as Western Union and MoneyGram allow you to send cash transfers for immediate pickup by the recipient. While it’s a fast way to send money, it generally won’t match the rates or fees of dedicated money transfer services. Also note that these two services can only facilitate transfers in-person from an agent location in the Philippines.

Need an emergency cash transfer in the USA?

If you misplace your wallet or cash while travelling in the USA, there are several ways to receive more money and finish your vacation:

  • Transfer service company. A friend or relative in the Philippines can send you emergency money through a transfer company, but you must provide photo identification.
  • Bank transfers. Your bank may be able to do an internal transfer to a US bank account, but fees will apply for this emergency service.
  • Credit card. Some credit card companies offer complimentary travel insurance as a card feature. Contact your provider if your insurance policy has been activated and use that insurance to replace your lost cash.
  • Travel Insurance. Depending on the extent of your coverage, the lost or stolen money could be replaced.

Tips for picking up cash in the US

When travelling to the US from the Philippines, the Department of Foreign Affairs advises that you maintain safety precautions. You should always be on alert when picking up funds at an agency and travel to the location with someone you trust.

What documentation do I need?

A bank-to-bank transfer is ideal if you’re regularly sending money to the US to cover bills and investments. However, if you need to send money quickly, it’s worth considering a cash transfer agency and making note of the following:

  • The recipient’s full name. The beneficiary of a cash transfer will need to show photo identification, so make sure the name on the order is the same as the name on the ID.
  • Your full name. As an additional security measure, the agent may ask for the full name of the sender. Be sure that the recipient knows your complete name.
  • Your recipient’s contact information and bank details. Both the sender and the recipient must have each other’s address and contact details.
  • The tracking number. Keep the tracking number given to you upon sending the transfer as the recipient must provide this to the agent before the cash can be released.

Save all paperwork in case there’s a problem with the transfer. This serves as proof that the money was sent and will make it easier to recover. While the Philippines and the US are thousands of miles apart, they still maintain strong ties in their expat community and trade relations. When preparing your move, research the best ways to transfer money for both convenience and a competitive price.

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