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Finder is committed to editorial independence. While we receive compensation when you click links to partners, they do not influence our content. launched in the US in the fall of 2015 — but that’s not where we began. Established in 2008 in Australia, finder quickly dominated the comparison market Down Under built, at least in part, on our independence, accuracy and fiercely independent analysis.

We’re wired to inform, educate, serve, challenge and amuse our users. As we extend our international presence, we remain committed to the values and principles that underpin our success as an objective source of information.

Our values

  • Our mission is to provide countless comparisons and comprehensive information to help consumers make better decisions.
  • A values-driven business, our goal is to become the world’s leading consumer comparison and education site.
  • Our goals rely on our users’ trust and belief that they can rely on our objective analysis and accuracy of the content we publish.
  • Our commitment to producing independent, objective, fair, thoughtful, accurate and original content is what differentiates us from our competitors.
  • We appreciate that our commitment to these values is sometimes inconvenient — but they’re what makes us us.

Our editorial principles

These editorial principles explain how we apply our values to the creation of exceptional and engaging content.


The news, reviews, criticism, opinions, analysis and product information we publish represent our views and not those of any other party.

We value and respect our independence.

Although we receive revenue and referral fees from advertising and affiliate links, we do not sell our opinions or tailor our analysis to maximize any partner’s commercial benefit. We are not agents, associates or representatives of the companies whose products and services we compare and analyze.

We may refer our readers to external parties, we do not sell products or services and have no direct financial interest in the products and services we cover. This separation is reflected in our site’s Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. As part of our policy, we do not publish the terms and conditions on providers our site; instead, we refer our readers to those providers’ own sites.

Sponsors, advertisers and partners do not approve our content or editorial direction.

If any commercial relationship is built on a third party’s capacity to influence our content or editorial direction, we’ll walk away from that relationship.

We do not publish advertising, advertorials or unreviewed content provided by third parties. We do not publish content even appears to be advertising provided by a partner, advertiser or sponsor.

Our editorial team has full control over the content we publish and our editorial priorities.

Our editorial or other staff may, in some cases, let our partners, sponsors and advertisers know about content we’re about to publish. But it’s a courtesy — not an obligation.

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As a publisher, we want to inform, educate, serve, challenge and delight our readers in a way that’s consistent with our mission. We strive to be reasonable, fair and objective in writing our analyses and reviews of topics, products, brands and services. We try to cover all relevant angles to provide accurate information and empower our readers to make educated decisions that improve their situation and get decisions made.

We actively avoid conflicts that could undermine our objectivity or compromise our reputation for honesty and fairness. Where we can’t, we disclose accurately and honestly all facts that would help a user make an informed decision.

Where we make mistakes, we respond quickly and correct our errors immediately.

Scales of fairness


The news, reviews, criticism, analysis and product information we publish represents our educated opinions.

Understanding the value of our reputation, we take all reasonable efforts to ensure that our content is accurate, complete and current at the time of publication.

We don’t publish anything without an internal review and, where required, we involve lawyers or subject matter experts in verifying our content.

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We’re proud of our content, and we understand how to consistently produce exceptional and engaging material. As a result, finder is committed to publishing original content and recognizing its authors.

We think originality — and honesty — are central to our success.

Because we understand what’s involved in consistently producing exceptional and engaging content, we never knowingly use, reference or incorporate another party’s content without their knowledge and permission.

We are committed to actively resisting any party that tries to use copyright and trademark law to restrict our readers’ access to information about their products and services. We respect intellectual property, but we won’t allow partners, advertisers or sponsors to use intellectual property laws to influence our content or editorial direction.

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Except for opinions and advertisements, our content is written to help users make better decisions that improve their lives. Our news, reviews, criticism and comparisons are consistent with our mission.

So that our readers can fully use our information, we prefer to publish clear, accessible and practical content. We appreciate that some issues are complex, but we relish the challenge of making complex, complicated material both interesting and understandable. Where we fall short, we correct and refine our content so that it’s most helpful.

To help our users narrow down their decisions, our site often includes links to other sites. We review these links prior to publication to ensure that we don’t lead our readers to offensive or inaccurate information or sites.

If you’re referred to a third party, understand that you will directly deal with that third party to apply or take up any offer. Carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of any offer before submitting your personal information, signing a contract or clicking “I agree.”

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Information, not advice

Although we strive to help users make better decisions, it’s not possible to publish content that is specifically tailored for your personal circumstances.

We publish information. We do not provide advice.

We publish tools, calculators, strategies and information that our users can use to make better — and better informed — decisions. But we never recommend a specific product or strategy as appropriate for your particular needs or circumstances.

If we think there’s a risk that our content can be misinterpreted as advice, we provide a clear disclaimer and recommend that you seek the advice of a professional.

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We are responsible for the content we publish on our site, and we are accountable for acting consistently with our values and principles. When we make mistakes (and, trust us, we do!), our editorial team corrects them as soon as we can.

If our users, partners or anybody else is concerned about any part of our published content, or if your concerns aren’t yet adequately addressed, email us a If necessary, we will conduct an informal investigation to find out —and correct — where we went wrong.

Examining content for errors

Regulatory notices

Australia is the trading name of Hive Empire Pty Ltd (ABN: 18 118 785 121). Independently owned and operated, Hive Empire is authorized to provide general advice and services on credit products under Credit Licence ACL 385509. Hive Empire is authorized to provide general advice and services on financial products as a Corporate Authorised Representative of Advice Evolution Pty Ltd AFSL 342880. Hive Empire is authorized to provide general advice and services on general insurance products as a Corporate Authorised Representative of Countrywide Tolstrup Financial Services Group Pty Ltd AFSL 244436.

All information on our site is general in nature and does not constitute personal advice. Users are encouraged to speak with a financial adviser should they wish to discuss their own personal circumstances.

United States of America is the trading name of LLC, a subsidiary of Hive Empire Holdings Pty Ltd.

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