PayPal Wins Most Convenient Award

We vetted PayPal through an investigative study that resulted in it taking home the Money Transfer Award for Most Convenient. PayPal is a giant when it comes to electronic payments. We clearly needed to put them on the roster if we were to meet the mission of our awards: Evaluate who’s the correct choice when sending money transfers outside the US. Regardless of your specific needs, ease and expediency are a factor, making Most Convenient an important award to win.

PayPal fought head-to-head with lesser-known providers in our multipronged investigative study that determined the award winners. We scoured the market to find the most relevant products, focusing on 35 providers to collect 1,575 data points that we then used to narrow our selection to 13 services. We used these 13 finalists to send live transfers to France and Mexico, generated quotes for 2,430 transactions, partnered with to collect another 273 data points from 39 independent participants and tested provider sites to confirm that advertised information was accurate. Site testing was particularly important to Most Convenient, because we based this award on features, payment options and availability the provider offered.

When sending money overseas, consumers must be certain that their hard-earned money can gets to where it needs to go. But this can be risky. While researching providers we invited fraud on our bank accounts and had our funds taken only to be told that our transfers failed. We hope these awards will bring transparency to the industry, and consumers can learn from our investigative and comprehensive research.

Take a closer look below at why PayPal was the champion of our Most Convenient award.

As access and options are top considerations for customers, taking home Most Convenient makes clear why PayPal is such a dominant player in the market.

— Fred Schebesta, CEO

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Most convenient

With so many decisions to make in a day, you don’t always have the time to sort through all of your options when you need to send money fast. We worked to save you time and effort in figuring out who can provide you with the most convenient features based on what you need, including a range of sending and receiving options. With the highest rating in this category, PayPal delivers on options. Unlimited transfer maximums on verified accounts allow for painless interactions. Features like credit and debit card transactions paired with low minimums of $1 deserve celebration.

PayPal Most Convenient Award

MetricScalePaypalAverage Score
Number of available countries and territories1.0 (0–9)
2.0 (0–19)
3.0 (20–29)
4.0 (30–39)
5.0 (40–49)
6.0 (50–59)
7.0 (60–69)
8.0 (70–79)
9.0 (80–89)
10.0 (90+)
Available in all 50 states0.0 (No)
5.0 (Yes)
Maximum transfer per online transaction every 24 hours1.0 ($0–$1,000)
2.0 ($1,001–$2,000)
3.0 ($2,001–$3,000)
4.0 ($3,001–$4,000)
5.0 ($4,001–$5,000)
6.0 (Over $5,000)
Single transfer transaction0.0 (Wire to provider)
1.0 (Digital wallet)
2.0 (Single transaction)
Minimum transfer per transaction0.0 ($100+)
1.0 ($75–$99)
2.0 ($50–$74)
3.0 ($25–$49)
4.0 ($0–$24)
Live transfer success rate0.0 (0%)
5.0 (50%)
10.0 (100%)
Can send funds through credit or debit card0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Does not require SSN for sign-up0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Does not require uploaded documentation0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Instant approval after sign up (US customers)0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Can send funds by cash0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Can send funds over the phone0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Can schedule money transfers for later times0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Can schedule recurring transfers0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Forward contracts (rate locks) available0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Can set target rate0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Receiver can pick up cash0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Can send with recipient’s email address0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
TOTAL (Winners scored more than 32 points)37.029.2
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