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How Kiwis can become $15,000 richer in 2021

        • Earn up to a total of $15,000 by putting your time, skills or assets to use
        • Make up to $6,916 per year by renting out a spare room to a tenant
        • Tips for building a second income stream

20 January 2021, New Zealand Kiwis can boost their annual earnings by thousands of dollars by making use of their assets, time or skills, according to new research by Finder, a financial research and comparison site in New Zealand.

From switching service providers to dabbling in rideshare driving, Finder analysed eight of the easiest ways that Kiwis can earn or save up to a total of $15,000 in 2021.

Renting out a spare room to a tenant is the most lucrative way to earn some spare cash, with an earnings potential of $6,916 per year on average (based on a rate of $190 per week).

Those without a spare room could lease out their home while on holidays instead. Renting out a two-bedroom house for a four-week period over Easter could reel in an extra $5,633 after tax and renting platform fees, if a suitable tennant was found.

This is followed by working as a rideshare driver. Based on average hourly earnings of $25, you could accrue an extra $125 per week in 5 hours, equivalent to $4,550 per year after tax.

Cancelling an unused gym membership can also put extra cash in your pocket. If you pay $100 per month for your membership, you could save up to $1,200 annually by cancelling your contract and finding cost-free ways to stay fit.

Kevin McHugh, Finder’s publisher in New Zealand, said that Kiwis can reel in big bucks by making the most of their current resources.

“If you have assets like a car or house, or a bit of spare time on your hands, get creative about how you could potentially turn this into cash.

“Short-term rentals or rideshare services can be the most effective way to capitalise on your assets if you’re prepared to put in the time.

“Cancelling an expensive contract like a gym membership can also lead to instant savings.

“But keep in mind that you may be charged an exit fee or need to pay out a portion of your remaining membership balance first,” McHugh said.

Finder’s research also found that switching providers can lead to lucrative savings.

Assessing your broadband needs and switching to a plan that is cheaper by just $20 a month could knock $240 off your annual bill.

Finder’s analysis of car insurance quotes also found that cover could vary by as much as $1,000 between providers for the same vehicle, location and driver profile. Even saving just half of this would put an extra $500 into your pocket.

McHugh urged Kiwis to audit their current financial products.

“Assessing your current plans and policies is a worthwhile time investment, as it can lead to significant savings if you’re prepared to switch to a better deal.

“Finder noted a significant difference between premium prices for the same driver when comparing car insurance policies. This is an easy way to save with minimal effort.

“And that’s just the start. You’d be amazed at the savings potential that can come from something as simple as switching providers,” McHugh said.

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How to pocket more money in 2021:

MethodMoney saved/earned per year
Rent out a spare room/rent out your home while you’re on holiday$5,633-$6,916
Work as rideshare driver$4,550
Cancel your gym membership$1,200
Refinance your home loan$1,164
Shop around for car insurance$500
Switch your broadband provider$240
Cancel one TV streaming subscription$144
Cook you own meals instead of eating out/ordering takeaway$360
Total additional savings$13,791-$15,074



  • Additional income for renting out a spare room is based on the average weekly rental price for one room in Auckland on Roomgo (estimated at $190 per week at the time of writing).
  • Additional income for renting out an entire house is based on average Airbnb prices for a two-bedroom house across New Zealand from 20 March to 17 April ($8,407 total before tax). Figures are calculated using assumed Airbnb fees of 3%.
  • Additional income for renting out a spare room, renting out an entire house and working as a rideshare driver were calculated using an assumed 30% tax rate.
  • Potential gym membership savings are based on an estimated membership costing $100 per month.
  • Streaming service costs are based on a Netflix subscription, costing $12 per month.
  • Potential home loan savings were calculated using an average home loan size of $331,249 and the average floating standard variable rate of 4.51% (Source: RBNZ). Reducing the interest rate from 4.51% to 4.01% could save an additional $1,164 per year.
  • Potential broadband savings are based on a $79 plan versus a $99 plan using Finder data.
  • To calculate potential savings from switching car insurance, Finder collected quotes from 11 car insurance providers from 6 locations across New Zealand and 2 different driver and car profiles. It found a difference of $1,030 for the same car, location and driver profile. Savings were estimated as approximately half of this maximum potential savings figure.
  • Average household expenditure on food was collected from Stats NZ household expenditure statistics. Potential savings are based on an average monthly savings of $30.
  • Finder’s New Zealand survey was conducted by Qualtrics and comprised a total of 2,001 respondents.


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