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Pet Business Insurance

Find comprehensive professional insurance if you work with animals.

All animal workers face unique risks in their day-to-day work, and standard business insurance policies may not provide adequate protection. Many industry groups can help professionals find appropriate cover for their line of work, but sometimes animal professionals need to dig deep to find a policy that works for them and their business.

Standard business insurance will often be missing essential forms of cover that pet professionals need, so it can be a good idea to look for more specialised cover that includes protection tailored for your occupation, whether it’s running a pet store, a dog-grooming salon or any other job that involves working with animals in a professional capacity.

Pet business insurance policies are often highly customisable. Consulting risk specialists, such as insurance brokers, can help to better understand your unique risks before taking out a policy.

What can pet business insurance cover?

The unique nature of animal occupations means that finding the right policy may involve tailoring one to suit your needs. For example, a pet store owner may want to find a policy that covers medical treatments for animals under their care, instead of one that simply covers the cost of lost stock.

Professional pet insurance typically includes standard business cover, as well as more specialised protection. With animal business insurance you can find a policy that suits your situation and you may want to look for benefits such as:

  • Injury cover for animals in your care
  • Liability cover for damage resulting from third party pets in your care
  • Recognition of valuable bloodlines and individual animals
  • Expanded professional indemnity cover to meet the unique challenges of your occupation

Who can get business pet insurance?

Almost anyone who works with animals or is in the pet industry can access professional pet cover.

  • Online and bricks-and-mortar pet shops
  • Veterinarians
  • Kennels and dog clubs
  • Catteries and cat clubs
  • Animal groomers
  • Dog walkers
  • Dog trainers
  • Farriers and jockeys
  • Pet-product retailers and manufacturers
  • Any other animal professionals

All of these occupations are able to get the benefits of business insurance, as well as specialised benefits to suit the unique challenges of the job.

Who offers pet business insurance in New Zealand?

To find a cost-effective pet business insurance policy for your needs, get quotes from multiple insurers. The specialised nature of animal care industries means not all professional policies will suit your business’ needs, so the ideal combination of cost and cover may be found either through a broker or by comparing policies in detail yourself.

Certain occupations with membership to appropriate industry groups may also access additional options and will often be able to find cover at a lower cost.

  • Veterinarians. New Zealand Veterinary Association members may access a pre-tailored policy offered by the Veterinary Professional Insurance Society (VPIS) and additional benefits including competitive premiums.

Between industry organisations, specialist New Zealand insurers, overseas providers and insurance brokers, animal professionals can find the cover needed.

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