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New Zealand dollar to Uzbekistani som exchange rate

Find the strongest NZD/UZS exchange rates for 30 Jul 2021.

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= лв 7431.1575

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NZD/UZS: Historical exchange rates

Updated: 30 Jul 2021 04:08:02 UTC

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Today's best NZD to UZS exchange rates

Use the currency transfer calculator below to compare exchange rates and fees for sending NZD to Uzbekistan.

Min. Transfer Amount Transfer Speed Online Transfer Fee Rate Amount Received Description CTA Details
NZD 250 Within an hour NZD 65.00 7174.039 UZS
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NZD 1 Same day NZD 20.00 7178.498 UZS
Western Union sends money online to friends and family in 200+ countries around the world. Show details

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Best ways to send money to Uzbekistan

New Zealand dollar

The New Zealand dollar is the official currency of New Zealand and a few surrounding island nations. Before it was introduced in 1967, New Zealand was using the British pound. A common nickname for the New Zealand dollar is the kiwi, which is also New Zealand's national bird.
Currency: New Zealand dollar
Currency Symbol: $
Sub unit: Cent
Bank notes: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100
Coins: $1, $2, 10c, 20c, 50c

Uzbekistani som

The Uzbekistani som is the official currency of Uzbekistan. The word som in Uzbek roughly translates to mean pure gold. The modern som was introduced in 1994 and is the second version of the currency.
Currency: Uzbekistani som
Currency Symbol: лв
Sub unit: Tiyin
Bank notes: лв1, лв3, лв5, лв10, лв25, лв50, лв100, лв200, лв500, лв1000
Coins: лв1, лв5, лв10, лв25, лв50, лв100

Today's market rate for common transfer amounts NZD to UZS

New Zealand dollar (NZD)Uzbekistani som (UZS)
$1лв[EOD shortcode cache error: value is not cached yet]
$100лв[EOD shortcode cache error: value is not cached yet]
$500лв[EOD shortcode cache error: value is not cached yet]
$1000лв[EOD shortcode cache error: value is not cached yet]
$1500лв[EOD shortcode cache error: value is not cached yet]
$2500лв[EOD shortcode cache error: value is not cached yet]
$5000лв[EOD shortcode cache error: value is not cached yet]

Past 10 days: NZD to UZS

Jul 20 Jul 21 Jul 22 Jul 23 Jul 24 Jul 25 Jul 26 Jul 27 Jul 28 Jul 29
1 NZD = 7337.1009 Inverse: 0.0001 7375.6338 Inverse: 0.0001 7400.1763 Inverse: 0.0001 7400.0836 Inverse: 0.0001 7398.4254 Inverse: 0.0001 7408.6053 Inverse: 0.0001 7456.6341 Inverse: 0.0001 7424.9958 Inverse: 0.0001 7416.7488 Inverse: 0.0001 7449.5854 Inverse: 0.0001

Past 10 months: NZD to UZS

Sep 2020 Oct 2020 Nov 2020 Dec 2020 Jan 2021 Feb 2021 Mar 2021 Apr 2021 May 2021 Jun 2021
1 NZD = 6784.4385 Inverse: 0.0001 6868.7591 Inverse: 0.0001 7315.4947 Inverse: 0.0001 7438.3908 Inverse: 0.0001 7485.7931 Inverse: 0.0001 7612.0711 Inverse: 0.0001 7336.9255 Inverse: 0.0001 7586.6257 Inverse: 0.0001 7712.8664 Inverse: 0.0001 7465.0396 Inverse: 0.0001

Past 10 years: NZD to UZS

Jul 2011 Jul 2012 Jul 2013 Jul 2014 Jul 2015 Jul 2016 Jul 2017 Jul 2018 Jul 2019 Jul 2020
1 NZD = 1513.7039 Inverse: 0.0007 1536.9544 Inverse: 0.0007 1699.0431 Inverse: 0.0006 1982.7605 Inverse: 0.0005 1701.0512 Inverse: 0.0006 2140.9062 Inverse: 0.0005 3047.7078 Inverse: 0.0003 5290.7885 Inverse: 0.0002 5724.5842 Inverse: 0.0002 6795.9009 Inverse: 0.0001

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