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New Zealand dollar to Chinese yuan renminbi exchange rate

Discover the best NZD/CNY exchange rates, updated daily: 19 Oct 2021.

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= ¥ 4.5560

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NZD/CNY: Historical exchange rates

Updated: 18 Oct 2021 17:44:32 UTC

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There are other factors to consider when sending an international money transfer in addition to the exchange rate, including the transfer fees, the payment method, the speed of delivery and the level of customer service. Keep in mind that we don't compare every product in the market, but we hope that our tools and information will allow you to compare your options and find the best service for your needs.

Today's best NZD to CNY exchange rates

Use the currency transfer calculator below to compare exchange rates and fees for sending NZD to China.

Min. Transfer Amount Transfer Speed Online Transfer Fee Rate Amount Received Description CTA Details
NZD 1 Within an hour NZD 3.99 4.538 CNY
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Best ways to send money to China

New Zealand dollar

The New Zealand dollar is the official currency of New Zealand and a few surrounding island nations. Before it was introduced in 1967, New Zealand was using the British pound. A common nickname for the New Zealand dollar is the kiwi, which is also New Zealand's national bird.
Currency: New Zealand dollar
Currency Symbol: $
Sub unit: Cent
Bank notes: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100
Coins: $1, $2, 10c, 20c, 50c

Chinese yuan renminbi

The Chinese yuan renminbi is the official currency of China. Past currencies in China included cowry and bronzed shells in addition to bronze objects in various shapes. You can call the currency either yuan and renminbi. Other nicknames include kuài.
Currency: Chinese yuan renminbi
Currency Symbol: ¥
Sub unit: Jiao
Bank notes: ¥5, ¥10, ¥20, ¥50, ¥100, ¥1, ¥2, 2角, 5角, 1角
Coins: ¥1, 5角, 1角

Today's market rate for common transfer amounts NZD to CNY

New Zealand dollar (NZD)Chinese yuan renminbi (CNY)
$1¥[EOD shortcode cache error: value is not cached yet]
$100¥[EOD shortcode cache error: value is not cached yet]
$500¥[EOD shortcode cache error: value is not cached yet]
$1000¥[EOD shortcode cache error: value is not cached yet]
$1500¥[EOD shortcode cache error: value is not cached yet]
$2500¥[EOD shortcode cache error: value is not cached yet]
$5000¥[EOD shortcode cache error: value is not cached yet]

Past 10 days: NZD to CNY

Oct 08 Oct 09 Oct 10 Oct 11 Oct 12 Oct 13 Oct 14 Oct 15 Oct 16 Oct 17
1 NZD = 4.4661 Inverse: 0.2239 4.4661 Inverse: 0.2239 4.4592 Inverse: 0.2243 4.4783 Inverse: 0.2233 4.4649 Inverse: 0.2240 4.4814 Inverse: 0.2231 4.5305 Inverse: 0.2207 4.5519 Inverse: 0.2197 4.5519 Inverse: 0.2197 4.5591 Inverse: 0.2193

Past 10 months: NZD to CNY

Dec 2020 Jan 2021 Feb 2021 Mar 2021 Apr 2021 May 2021 Jun 2021 Jul 2021 Aug 2021 Sep 2021
1 NZD = 4.6658 Inverse: 0.2143 4.6128 Inverse: 0.2168 4.6421 Inverse: 0.2154 4.6627 Inverse: 0.2145 4.6582 Inverse: 0.2147 4.6486 Inverse: 0.2151 4.5234 Inverse: 0.2211 4.5344 Inverse: 0.2205 4.5588 Inverse: 0.2194 4.5688 Inverse: 0.2189

Past 10 years: NZD to CNY

Oct 2011 Oct 2012 Oct 2013 Oct 2014 Oct 2015 Oct 2016 Oct 2017 Oct 2018 Oct 2019 Oct 2020
1 NZD = 5.0720 Inverse: 0.1972 5.1309 Inverse: 0.1949 5.1987 Inverse: 0.1924 4.8489 Inverse: 0.2062 4.3234 Inverse: 0.2313 4.8275 Inverse: 0.2071 4.7533 Inverse: 0.2104 4.5335 Inverse: 0.2206 4.4968 Inverse: 0.2224 4.4248 Inverse: 0.2260

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