The complete list of Neon TV shows in July 2020 (updated daily)


Netflix might be a bit of a daredevil and a bit of a stranger thing, but where do Daenyrys’s dragons dance in New Zealand and which streaming service is the biggest baller?

That would be Neon. Neon’s on-demand streaming plan is more expensive than international competitors Amazon Prime Video and Acorn TV, but what you get for that extra is well worth a few extra bucks.

Neon is the undisputed home for HBO in New Zealand. The latest and greatest television shows, such as Westworld, Ballers and Game of Thrones, can all be found on Neon. And it’s not just HBO, Neon also has the rights to quality AMC shows The Walking Dead and True Detective. While there are some notable omissions from both production companies, a large portion of each classy catalogue can be found in the table below.

If you know what you’re looking for, use the search bar to find the exact title you’re after, otherwise, use the genre filter for a complete list of TV shows from your favourite genre.

This table was last updated on 04 Jul 2020. There are 861 TV shows in the NEON library.
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TV Show NameYear of releaseGenres
100 Day Renovation: S1Reality, Home-improvement
4th & Forever: Muck City: S1Documentary
8 Days To The Moon And Back: S1Documentary
A Christmas Carol: S12019Drama, Miniseries
A Curious World: S1Science
A Day in the Life of Earth: S1Documentary
A Discovery of Witches: S12018Drama, Romance, Fantasy
A Million Little Things: S12018Drama
A Million Little Things: S22019Drama
ADOS Addicted to Fishing: S52018Documentary, Outdoors, Fishing
Absentia: S12017Drama
Absentia: S22019Drama, Crime
Agatha And The Truth Of Murder: S1General-entertainment
Age of Big Cats: S12018Documentary, Nature
All In The Mind: S1Documentary
Almost Family: S12019Drama
Alphablocks: S12010Children, Animated, Educational
Amazing Dinoworld: S1Documentary, Miniseries, Nature, Science, Animals
American Boyband: S12017Documentary, Entertainment
American Icons: S1Documentary, History, Biography
American Princess: S12019Comedy-drama
Ancient Earth: S1Documentary, Nature, Science
Ancient Earth: S2Documentary, Nature, Science
Andy's Wild Adventures: S12012Children
Angels in America: S12003Drama, Miniseries
Animal Builders: S1Documentary
Animal Kingdom: S12016Drama
Animal Kingdom: S22017Drama
Animal Kingdom: S32018Drama
Animal Kingdom: S42019Drama
Animals.: S12016Comedy, Animated
Animals.: S22017Comedy, Animated, Animals
Anthems: New Zealand's Iconic Hits: S12019Documentary, Music
Are You Racist?: S1Documentary
Asteroid Belt Discovery: S1Documentary
Atlanta's Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children: S12020Documentary, Crime
Atlanta: S12016Comedy-drama
Avatar: The Last Airbender: S12005Children, Animated
Avatar: The Last Airbender: S22006Children, Animated
Avatar: The Last Airbender: S32007Children, Animated
Avenue 5: S12020Comedy, Science-fiction
Baby Jake: S12011Children, Animated
Baby Riki Day Routine: S1Kids-and-family
Baby Riki Day Routine: S2Kids-and-family
Ballers: S12015Comedy
Ballers: S22016Comedy
Ballers: S32017Comedy
Ballers: S42018Comedy
Ballers: S52019Comedy
Band of Brothers: S12001Historical-drama, Action, Adventure, War
Banshee: S12013Drama, Suspense
Banshee: S22014Drama, Suspense
Banshee: S32015Drama, Suspense
Banshee: S42016Drama, Suspense
Barry: S12018Comedy
Barry: S22019Comedy
Beecham House: S12019Historical-drama
Ben 10: S2General-entertainment
Ben 10: S3General-entertainment
Beneath New Zealand: S22019Documentary, Reality
Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: S12008Children, Animated
Betty: S12020Comedy-drama, Skateboarding
Big Little Lies: S12017Drama
Big Little Lies: S22019Drama
Big Love: S12006Drama
Big Love: S22007Drama
Big Love: S32009Drama
Big Love: S42010Drama
Big Love: S52011Drama
Big World In A Small Garden: S1Documentary
Billions: S12016Drama
Billions: S22017Drama
Billions: S32018Drama
Billions: S42019Drama
Billions: S52020Drama
Bitcoin Big Bang: S1Documentary
Black Market: Dispatches: S12016Documentary
Black Market: S12016Documentary, Reality
Black Monday: S12019Sitcom, History
Black Monday: S22020Sitcom, History
Blaze and the Monster Machines: S12014Children, Animated
Blue Planet II: S22017Documentary, Nature
Boardwalk Empire: S12010Crime-drama
Boardwalk Empire: S22011Crime-drama
Boardwalk Empire: S32012Crime-drama
Boardwalk Empire: S42013Crime-drama
Boardwalk Empire: S52014Crime-drama
Bob the Builder: S192015Children, Animated
Bored to Death: S12009Comedy
Bored to Death: S22010Comedy
Bored to Death: S32011Comedy
Breeders: S12020Sitcom
Britannia: S12018Drama, Fantasy
Britannia: S22019Drama, Fantasy
Bubble Guppies: S12011Children, Animated, Educational
Building The Sun: The 250 Million Degree Problem: S1Documentary
Bull: S32018Crime-drama
Butterfly Effect: S1Documentary, History
C.B. Strike: S12017Mystery, Crime-drama
Californication: S12007Comedy-drama
Californication: S22008Comedy-drama
Californication: S32009Comedy-drama
Californication: S42011Comedy-drama
Californication: S52012Comedy-drama
Californication: S62013Comedy-drama
Californication: S72014Comedy-drama
Camping UK: S12016Comedy-drama
Camping: S12018Sitcom
Carnivale: S12003Drama
Carnivale: S22005Drama
Castle Siege Defense: S1Documentary
Catastrophe: S12015Sitcom, Romantic-comedy
Catastrophe: S22015Sitcom, Romantic-comedy
Catastrophe: S32017Sitcom, Romantic-comedy
Catastrophe: S42019Sitcom, Romantic-comedy
Catherine the Great: S12019Historical-drama, Miniseries
Catie's Amazing Machines: S12018Children, Educational
Celebs Go Dating: S12016Reality, Romance
Celebs Go Dating: S22017Reality, Romance
Charmed: S12018Drama, Mystery, Fantasy
Charmed: S22019Drama, Mystery, Fantasy
Chernobyl: S12019Historical-drama, Miniseries
City on a Hill: S12019Crime-drama
Clarence: S2General-entertainment
Classic Cars: S1Documentary, Auto
Clever Brenda: S12017Children, Animated
Cloudbabies: S12012Children, Animated
Cobra: S12020Drama, Miniseries, Politics
Conversations with Dolphins: S1Documentary, Animals
Coronavirus Epidemic, The: S1Documentary
Coronavirus: Combating The Outbreak: S1Documentary
Coronavirus: Psychology Of A Pandemic: S1Documentary
Coronavirus: Race For A Vaccine: S1Documentary
Coronavirus: Treating The Disease: S1Documentary
Counterpart: S12018Drama, Science-fiction, Suspense
Counterpart: S22019Drama, Science-fiction, Suspense
Craig of the Creek: S1Children, Animated
Crashing: S12017Sitcom
Crashing: S22018Sitcom
Crashing: S32019Sitcom
Creating an Ocean: S1Documentary
Curb Your Enthusiasm: S12000Comedy
Curb Your Enthusiasm: S102020Comedy
Curb Your Enthusiasm: S22001Comedy
Curb Your Enthusiasm: S32002Comedy
Curb Your Enthusiasm: S42004Comedy
Curb Your Enthusiasm: S52005Comedy
Curb Your Enthusiasm: S62007Comedy
Curb Your Enthusiasm: S72009Comedy
Curb Your Enthusiasm: S82011Comedy
Curb Your Enthusiasm: S92017Comedy
Curfew: S12019Drama, Action
Curious Minds: Deepak Chopra: S1Documentary
Cutie Pugs: S12018Children, Educational
DC's Legends of Tomorrow: S12016Drama, Fantasy
DC's Legends of Tomorrow: S22016Drama, Fantasy
DC's Legends of Tomorrow: S32017Drama, Fantasy
DC's Legends of Tomorrow: S42018Drama, Fantasy
DC's Legends of Tomorrow: S52020Drama, Fantasy
Dark Side of the Ring: S12019Pro-wrestling, Docudrama
Dave: S12020Sitcom
Dead Set on Life: S12016Documentary, Travel, Cooking
Dead Set on Life: S22016Documentary, Travel, Cooking
Dead Set on Life: S32017Documentary, Travel, Cooking
Deadly Class: S12019Drama, Suspense, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Deadwood: S12004Drama, Western
Deadwood: S22005Drama, Western
Deadwood: S32006Drama, Western
Decades in Colour: S12016Documentary, History
Decades in Colour: S22017Documentary, History
Deep Ocean: S1Documentary, Miniseries, Nature
Deep Time History: S1Documentary
Demolition NZ: S12019Reality
Destination: Jupiter: S1Documentary, Science, Technology
Destination: Moon: S1Documentary
Devs: S12020Drama, Science-fiction, Suspense
Dexter: S12006Crime-drama
Dexter: S22007Crime-drama
Dexter: S32008Crime-drama
Dexter: S42009Crime-drama
Dexter: S52010Crime-drama
Dexter: S62011Crime-drama
Dexter: S72012Crime-drama
Dexter: S82013Crime-drama
Dice: S12016Comedy
Dice: S22017Comedy
Digits: S1Documentary, Miniseries
Divorce: S12016Sitcom
Divorce: S22018Sitcom
Divorce: S32019Sitcom
Donkmaster: S12019Reality, Auto
Dora and Friends: S12014Children, Animated
Dora the Explorer: S12000Children, Animated, Educational
Dora the Explorer: S22002Children, Animated, Educational
Dot: S12016Children, Animated
Dream the Future: S12016Documentary
Drilling For Marsquakes: Mars Insight: S1Documentary
Dwight in Shining Armor: S12019Children, Comedy
Dwight in Shining Armor: S22019Children, Comedy
Dwight in Shining Armor: S32020Children, Comedy
Earliest Americans, The: S1Documentary
Earth to Luna!: S12014Children, Animated
Earth's Great Rivers: S12019Documentary, Miniseries, Nature
Earth's Sacred Wonders: S12019Miniseries, Religious, Travel
Eastbound & Down: S12009Comedy
Eastbound & Down: S22010Comedy
Eastbound & Down: S32012Comedy
Eastbound & Down: S42013Comedy
Empire Falls: S12005Drama, Miniseries, Romance
Enlightened: S12011Comedy-drama
Enlightened: S22013Comedy-drama
Entourage: S12004Comedy
Entourage: S22005Comedy
Entourage: S32006Comedy
Entourage: S42007Comedy
Entourage: S52008Comedy
Entourage: S62009Comedy
Entourage: S72010Comedy
Entourage: S82011Comedy
Escape at Dannemora: S12018Drama, Miniseries, Crime
Euphoria: S12019Drama
Exoplanets: S1Documentary
F... That's Delicious: S12016Documentary, Travel, Cooking
F... That's Delicious: S22016Documentary, Travel, Cooking
F... That's Delicious: S32018Documentary, Travel, Cooking
Fear the Walking Dead: S12015Drama, Science-fiction, Horror
Fear the Walking Dead: S22016Drama, Science-fiction, Horror
Fear the Walking Dead: S32017Drama, Science-fiction, Horror
Fear the Walking Dead: S42018Drama, Science-fiction, Horror
Fear the Walking Dead: S52019Drama, Science-fiction, Horror
Fine Young Criminals: S12019Documentary, Crime
First Man: S1Documentary
Five Bedrooms: S12019Drama, Romantic-comedy
Five Days: S12007Drama, Mystery, Suspense
Flight Of The Conchords Specials: S1Comedy, Special
Flight of the Conchords: S12007Comedy, Music
Flight of the Conchords: S22009Comedy, Music
Forensics NZ: S12016Reality, Crime
Forensics NZ: S22018Reality, Crime
Fosse/Verdon: S12019Drama, Miniseries, Biography, Dance
Four Weddings and a Funeral: S12019Romantic-comedy
Frayed: S12019Comedy-drama
From Ice to Fire: The Incredible Science of Temperature: S12018Documentary, Miniseries, Science
From the Earth to the Moon: S11998Miniseries, Action, History, Docudrama
Frozen Planet: S12011Documentary, Nature
Funny or Die Presents: S12010Comedy
Funny or Die Presents: S22011Comedy
Game Revealed, The: S7Documentary
Game Revealed, The: S8Documentary
Game of Thrones: S12011Drama, Fantasy
Game of Thrones: S22012Drama, Fantasy
Game of Thrones: S32013Drama, Fantasy
Game of Thrones: S42014Drama, Fantasy
Game of Thrones: S52015Drama, Fantasy
Game of Thrones: S62016Drama, Fantasy
Game of Thrones: S72017Drama, Fantasy
Game of Thrones: S82019Drama, Fantasy
Gaycation: S1Documentary, Reality, Travel, Gay-lesbian
Gaycation: S22016Documentary, Reality, Travel, Gay-lesbian
Generation Kill: S12008Drama, Miniseries, War
Gentleman Jack: S12019Drama
Getting On: S12013Sitcom
Getting On: S22014Sitcom
Getting On: S32015Sitcom
Girls: S12012Comedy
Girls: S22013Comedy
Girls: S32014Comedy
Girls: S42015Comedy
Girls: S52016Comedy
Girls: S62017Comedy
Go Girls: S12009Comedy-drama
Go Girls: S22010Comedy-drama
Go Girls: S32011Comedy-drama
Go Girls: S42012Comedy-drama
Go Girls: S52013Comedy-drama
Go Jetters: S12015Children, Educational
Go, Diego, Go!: S12005Children, Animated, Educational
Go, Diego, Go!: S22006Children, Animated, Educational
Goodnight: S1Kids-and-family
Gravitational Waves: Rewinding Time: S1Documentary
Gravitational Waves: S1Documentary
Grey's Anatomy: S12005Drama, Medical
Grey's Anatomy: S102013Drama, Medical
Grey's Anatomy: S112014Drama, Medical
Grey's Anatomy: S122015Drama, Medical
Grey's Anatomy: S132016Drama, Medical
Grey's Anatomy: S142017Drama, Medical
Grey's Anatomy: S22005Drama, Medical
Grey's Anatomy: S32006Drama, Medical
Grey's Anatomy: S42007Drama, Medical
Grey's Anatomy: S52008Drama, Medical
Grey's Anatomy: S62009Drama, Medical
Grey's Anatomy: S72010Drama, Medical
Grey's Anatomy: S82011Drama, Medical
Grey's Anatomy: S92012Drama, Medical
Griff's Great Kiwi Road Trip: S12019Documentary, Travel
HI$TORY: S1Documentary, History
Happy Together: S12018Sitcom
Happyish: S12015Comedy-drama
Hard Sun: S12018Drama, Crime-drama
Hello Ladies: S12013Comedy
Henry Danger: S12014Children
Henry Danger: S22015Children
Henry Danger: S32016Children
Here and Now: S12018Comedy-drama
Hey Duggee: S12015Children, Animated, Educational
High Maintenance: S12016Sitcom
High Maintenance: S22018Sitcom
High Maintenance: S32019Sitcom
High Maintenance: S42020Sitcom
His Dark Materials: S12019Drama, Fantasy, Adventure
Homo Naledi: S1Documentary
Hopster Jam: S12017Children, Animated, Educational
House of Lies: S12012Comedy-drama
House of Lies: S22013Comedy-drama
House of Lies: S32014Comedy-drama
House of Lies: S42015Comedy-drama
House of Lies: S52016Comedy-drama
How Billy Hippo Learned To Swim: S1Kids-and-family
How To Build A Castle: S1Documentary
How to Make It in America: S12010Comedy
How to Make It in America: S22011Comedy
Humpback Whales: A Detective Story: S1Documentary
Hung: S12009Comedy
Hung: S22010Comedy
Hung: S32011Comedy
Hungry Bear Tales: S1Kids-and-family
Hunt For The Bunker People, The: S1Documentary
Hunter Street: S12017Children
I Am the Night: S12019Drama, Mystery
I Know This Much Is True: S12020Drama
I Love You, Now Die: S12019Documentary
I May Destroy You: S12020Drama
I'll Be Gone in the Dark: S12020Documentary, Mystery, Crime
I'm Dying Up Here: S12017Comedy-drama
I'm Sorry: S12017Sitcom
I'm Sorry: S22019Sitcom
In Treatment: S12008Drama
In Treatment: S22009Drama
In Treatment: S32010Drama
In the Dark: S12019Drama, Suspense
In the Dark: S22020Drama, Suspense
Infinity Train: S12019Children, Animated
Insecure: S12016Sitcom
Insecure: S22017Sitcom
Insecure: S32018Sitcom
Insecure: S42020Sitcom
Instinct: S12018Crime-drama, Action
Jasper & Errol's First Time: S12019Reality, Comedy
Jett: S12019Drama, Crime, Action
John Adams: S12008Historical-drama, Miniseries
Just Another Immigrant: S12018Documentary, Comedy
Kidding: S12018Comedy-drama
Kidding: S22020Comedy-drama
Kids Who Save The World: S1Kids-and-family
King of the Road: S12016Documentary, Action-sports, Skateboarding
King of the Road: S22017Documentary, Action-sports, Skateboarding
King of the Road: S32018Documentary, Action-sports, Skateboarding
King: A Filmed Record...Montgomery To Memphis: S1Documentary
Kingdom: How Fungi Made Our World, The: S1Documentary
Lambs of God: S12019Drama, Miniseries
Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: S62019Comedy, Talk
Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: S72020Comedy, Talk
Legion: S12017Drama, Science-fiction, Adventure
Legion: S22018Drama, Science-fiction, Adventure
Legion: S32019Drama, Science-fiction, Adventure
Leonardo: The Mystery Of The Lost Portrait: S1Documentary
Little Princess: S12010Children, Animated
Living with Tourette's: S12018Documentary
Living with Tourette's: S22019Documentary
Looking for Alaska: S12019Drama, Romance
Looking: S12014Comedy, Gay-lesbian
Looking: S22015Comedy, Gay-lesbian
Los Espookys: S12019Sitcom
Louie: S12009Children, Animated, Educational
Love After Lockup: S12018Reality, Romance, Crime
Love After Lockup: S22018Reality, Romance, Crime
Love After Lockup: S3General-entertainment
Love Is Love: S12019Children, Animated, Educational
Love Island UK: Aftersun: S62020Reality, Entertainment
Love Island UK: S62020Reality, Romance, Entertainment
MacGyver: S32018Drama, Action, Adventure
Mad About Machines: S11997Children, Educational
Madam Secretary: S52018Drama, Politics
Madam Secretary: S62019Drama, Politics
Making New Zealand: S22018Documentary, History
Making New Zealand: S32019Documentary, History
Manson The Lost Tapes: S1Documentary
Many Worlds Of Quantum Mechanics, The: S1Documentary
Mars Insight: Seven Minutes To Touchdown: S1Documentary
Marvel's Runaways: S12017Drama, Science-fiction, Action
Marvel's Runaways: S22018Drama, Science-fiction, Action
Marvel's Runaways: S32019Drama, Science-fiction, Action
Mary Kills People: S12017Drama
Mary Kills People: S22018Drama
Mary Kills People: S32019Drama
Mayans M.C.: S12018Crime-drama, Suspense
Mayans M.C.: S22019Crime-drama, Suspense
McMillion$: S12020Documentary, Crime
Miami Beach Underwater: S1Documentary
Mike Judge Presents: Tales From the Tour Bus: S12017Comedy, Music
Mike Judge Presents: Tales From the Tour Bus: S22018Comedy, Music
Mildred Pierce: S12011Drama, Miniseries
Mission Unstoppable: S12019Documentary, Educational, Science
Model Squad: S12018Reality
Molang: S1General-entertainment
Monsters vs. Aliens: S12013Children, Animated
Monty The Maestro: S1Kids-and-family
Mosaic: S12018Drama, Miniseries
Most Expensivest: S12017Documentary, Reality
Most Expensivest: S22018Documentary, Reality
Most Expensivest: S32019Documentary, Reality
Motherland: S22019Comedy, Parenting
Mouk: S22014Children, Animated
Mr Inbetween: S12018Drama, Crime
Mr Inbetween: S22019Drama, Crime
Mr. Show: S11995Comedy
Mr. Show: S21995Comedy
Mr. Show: S31997Comedy
Mr. Show: S41998Comedy
Mrs. America: S12020Drama, Miniseries
Mrs. Fletcher: S12019Sitcom
Murder for Hire: S12019Reality, Crime, Docudrama
My House: S12018Documentary, Gay-lesbian
My Pet and Me: S12014Children
My Pet and Me: S22015Children
My Petsaurus: S12017Children, Educational
My Petsaurus: S22018Children, Educational
My World Kitchen: S12018Children
Mysteries of Paris: S12017Documentary
Mystery Of The Longest Living Vertebrate, The: S1Documentary
Mystery Road: S12018Mystery, Crime-drama
Mystery Road: S22020Mystery, Crime-drama
Naked Attraction: S12016Reality, Romance
Naked Attraction: S22017Reality, Romance
Naked Attraction: S32018Reality, Romance
Nancy Drew: S12019Drama, Mystery
Natural World: Nature's Miniature Miracles: S1Documentary
Needles & Pins: S12017Documentary, Art
Nella the Princess Knight: S12017Children, Animated
New Amsterdam: S12018Drama, Medical
New Amsterdam: S22019Drama, Medical
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn: S22015Children
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn: S32017Children
Noisey: S1Documentary, Music
Noisey: S22017Documentary, Music
Numberblocks: S12017Children, Animated, Educational, Entertainment
Nurse Jackie: S12009Comedy-drama
Nurse Jackie: S22010Comedy-drama
Nurse Jackie: S32011Comedy-drama
Nurse Jackie: S42012Comedy-drama
Nurse Jackie: S52013Comedy-drama
Nurse Jackie: S62014Comedy-drama
Nurse Jackie: S72015Comedy-drama
Nuts & Bolts: S12017Documentary
OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes!: S12017Children, Animated
Olive Kitteridge: S12014Drama, Miniseries
Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew: S1Children, Animated, Educational
On Tour With Asperger's Are Us: S12019Documentary, Comedy
On the Edge: S1Documentary
Once Upon a Time: S12011Drama, Fantasy
Once Upon a Time: S22012Drama, Fantasy
Once Upon a Time: S32013Drama, Fantasy
Once Upon a Time: S42014Drama, Fantasy
Once Upon a Time: S52015Drama, Fantasy
Once Upon a Time: S62016Drama, Fantasy
Once Upon a Time: S72017Drama, Fantasy
One Button Benny: S1Kids-and-family
Ordeal By Innocence: S12018Drama, Mystery
Our Cartoon President: S12018Comedy, Animated, Politics
Our Cartoon President: S22019Comedy, Animated, Politics
Our Cartoon President: S32020Comedy, Animated, Politics
PAW Patrol: S12013Children, Animated
PAW Patrol: S22014Children, Animated
PAW Patrol: S32015Children, Animated
PAW Patrol: S42017Children, Animated, Educational
PEN15: S12019Comedy
Patrick Melrose: S12018Drama
Pearl Power And The Girl With Two Dads: S1Kids-and-family
Pearl Power And The Toy Problem: S1Kids-and-family
Pearl Power: S1Kids-and-family
Penny Dreadful: City of Angels: S12020Drama, Suspense, Horror
Penny Dreadful: S12014Drama, Suspense, Horror
Penny Dreadful: S22015Drama, Suspense, Horror
Penny Dreadful: S32016Drama, Suspense, Horror
Perry Mason: S12020Crime-drama
Picnic at Hanging Rock: S12018Drama, Mystery, Suspense
Plane Resurrection: S12016Documentary, Reality
Poldark: S42018Historical-drama, Romance, Adventure
Poldark: S52019Drama, Historical-drama, Romance, Adventure
Pop'n'Olly: S1Children, Animated, Educational
Pose: S22019Drama, Musical
Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists: S12019Drama
Punk: S12019Documentary, Music, Miniseries
Punky: S12011Children, Educational
Punky: S22017Children, Educational, Adventure
Quantico: S12015Drama
Quantico: S22016Drama
Quantico: S32018Drama
QuaranTea With Kim: S1General-entertainment
Quarry: S12016Drama, Action
Racing Wives: S12018Reality
Rainbow Stories: S12019Children, Animated, Educational
Random Acts Of Flyness: S1General-entertainment
Ray Donovan: S12013Drama
Ray Donovan: S22014Drama
Ray Donovan: S32015Drama
Ray Donovan: S42016Drama
Ray Donovan: S52017Drama
Ray Donovan: S62018Drama
Ray Donovan: S72019Drama
Real Time With Bill Maher: S182020Comedy, Talk
Regular Show: S52013Children, Animated
Regular Show: S62014Children, Animated
Return To The Moon: S1Documentary
Reversing Alzheimers: S1Documentary
Rita and Crocodile: S12017Children, Animated
Rituals: S12018Documentary, Community
Riviera: S12017Drama, Suspense
Riviera: S22019Drama, Suspense
Rocka-Bye Island: S12014Children, Animated, Educational
Rome: S12005Historical-drama
Rome: S22007Historical-drama
Room 104: S12017Comedy-drama
Room 104: S22018Comedy-drama
Room 104: S32019Comedy-drama
Rosaline: S1Kids-and-family
Run: S12020Comedy-drama
Rusty Rivets: S12016Children, Animated, Educational
SEAL Team: S22018Drama, Action, Adventure, Military
SMILF: S22019Comedy
Sacred Spaces: S1Documentary, Religious
Sally4Ever: S12018Comedy-drama, Romance
Salvation: S12017Drama, Suspense, Action
Sarah & Duck: S12013Children, Animated
Saturday Club: S12019Children, Animated, Educational
Save Me: S12018Drama, Mystery
Say Her Name: The Life And Death Of Sandra Bland: S2018General-entertainment
Scandal: S12012Drama
Scandal: S22012Drama
Scandal: S32013Drama
Scandal: S42014Drama
Scandal: S52015Drama
Scandal: S62017Drama
Scandal: S72017Drama
Secret Migrations: S1Documentary, Nature
Secret Versailles Of Marie-Antoinette, The: S1Documentary
Seinfeld: S11989Sitcom
Seinfeld: S21991Sitcom
Seinfeld: S31991Sitcom
Seinfeld: S41992Sitcom
Seinfeld: S51993Sitcom
Seinfeld: S61994Sitcom
Seinfeld: S71995Sitcom
Seinfeld: S81996Sitcom
Seinfeld: S91997Sitcom
Sesame Book: We Are Amazing 1,2,3: S1Kids-and-family
Sex and the City: S11998Sitcom
Sex and the City: S21999Sitcom
Sex and the City: S32000Sitcom
Sex and the City: S42001Sitcom
Sex and the City: S52002Sitcom
Sex and the City: S62003Sitcom
Shameless USA: S12011Comedy-drama
Shameless USA: S102019Comedy-drama
Shameless USA: S22012Comedy-drama
Shameless USA: S32013Comedy-drama
Shameless USA: S42014Comedy-drama
Shameless USA: S52015Comedy-drama
Shameless USA: S62016Comedy-drama
Shameless USA: S72016Comedy-drama
Shameless USA: S82017Comedy-drama
Shameless USA: S92018Comedy-drama
Sharp Objects: S12018Drama
Sherlock Holmes Against Conan Doyle: S1Documentary
Shimmer and Shine: S12015Children, Animated
Shipmates: S12019Reality, Entertainment
Show Me a Hero: S12015Drama, Miniseries
Silicon Valley: S12014Sitcom
Silicon Valley: S22015Sitcom
Silicon Valley: S32016Sitcom
Silicon Valley: S42017Sitcom
Silicon Valley: S52018Sitcom
Silicon Valley: S62019Sitcom
Six Feet Under: S12001Comedy-drama
Six Feet Under: S22002Comedy-drama
Six Feet Under: S32003Comedy-drama
Six Feet Under: S42004Comedy-drama
Six Feet Under: S52005Comedy-drama
Size Matters: S12018Documentary, Science
Slutever: S12018Documentary
Slutever: S22019Documentary
Snow Wolf Family & Me: S1Documentary
Snowfall: S12017Drama
Snowfall: S22018Drama
Snowfall: S32019Drama
Song Of The Sperm Whale: S1Documentary
Sons of Anarchy: S12008Crime-drama
Sons of Anarchy: S22009Crime-drama
Sons of Anarchy: S32010Crime-drama
Sons of Anarchy: S42011Crime-drama
Sons of Anarchy: S52012Crime-drama
Sons of Anarchy: S62013Crime-drama
Sons of Anarchy: S72014Crime-drama
Space Probes!: S1Documentary
Speed: S12019Documentary, History
Spies of War: S1Documentary, History, War
SpongeBob SquarePants: S102016Children, Animated
SpongeBob SquarePants: S82011Children, Animated
SpongeBob SquarePants: S92012Children, Animated
Spy In The Snow: S1Documentary
Squinters: S12018Comedy
Squinters: S22019Comedy
Step Dave: S12014Comedy-drama
Step Dave: S22015Comedy-drama
Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places: S1Documentary, Miniseries, Science
Storm Chaser's Guide: S1Documentary, Weather
Strange Angel: S12018Historical-drama
Strange Angel: S22019Historical-drama
Strike Back: S22011Drama, Action, Adventure
Strike Back: S32012Drama, Action, Adventure
Strike Back: S42013Drama, Action, Adventure
Strike Back: S52015Drama, Action, Adventure
Strike Back: S62017Drama, Crime
Strike Back: S72019Drama, Action
Strike Back: S82020Drama, Action
Succession: S12018Drama
Succession: S22019Drama
Suits: Jessica Pearson: S12019Crime-drama, Law
Summer Camp Island: S12018Children, Animated
Super Why!: S32015Children, Animated, Educational
SuperMansion: S32018Sitcom, Animated
Supergirl: S12015Drama, Fantasy, Action
Supergirl: S32017Drama, Fantasy, Action
Supergirl: S42018Drama, Fantasy, Action
Supergirl: S52019Drama, Fantasy, Action
Supernatural: S102014Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Supernatural: S112015Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Supernatural: S122016Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Supernatural: S132017Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Supernatural: S142018Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Supernatural: S152019Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Supernatural: S92013Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Swashbuckle: S12013Children
Swashbuckle: S22014Children
Sweetbitter: S22019Drama
Taboo: S12017Crime-drama
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: S32014Children, Animated
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: S42015Children, Animated
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: S52017Children, Animated
Tell Me You Love Me: S12007Drama
Temple: S12019Drama
The ABC Murders: S12018Drama, Mystery, Crime, Crime-drama
The Affair: S12014Drama
The Affair: S22015Drama
The Affair: S32016Drama
The Almighty Johnsons: S12012Comedy-drama, Fantasy
The Almighty Johnsons: S22012Comedy-drama, Fantasy
The Almighty Johnsons: S32013Comedy-drama, Fantasy
The Amazing World of Gumball: S62018Children, Animated
The Bisexual: S12018Comedy-drama
The Body: S1Documentary, Science, Health
The Bold Type: S12017Drama, Fashion
The Bold Type: S22018Drama, Fashion
The Bold Type: S32019Drama, Fashion
The Bold Type: S42020Drama, Fashion
The Borgias: S12011Historical-drama, Crime
The Borgias: S22012Historical-drama, Crime
The Borgias: S32013Historical-drama, Crime
The Brink: S12015Comedy
The Brokenwood Mysteries: S3Crime-drama
The Brokenwood Mysteries: S42014Crime-drama
The Brokenwood Mysteries: S52018Crime-drama
The Brokenwood Mysteries: S6Crime-drama
The City and The City: S12018Miniseries, Crime-drama, Science-fiction, Suspense
The Comeback: S12005Sitcom
The Comeback: S22014Sitcom
The Corner: S12000Drama
The Cult of the Family: S12019Documentary, Miniseries
The Deuce: S12017Drama
The Deuce: S22018Drama
The Deuce: S32019Drama
The First: S12018Drama, Science-fiction
The Flash: S12014Drama, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
The Flash: S22015Drama, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
The Flash: S32016Drama, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
The Flash: S42017Drama, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
The Flash: S52018Drama, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
The Flash: S62019Drama, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
The Furchester Hotel: S32016Children
The Great: S12020Comedy-drama, History
The Haunted Hathaways: S12013Children
The Higgleoos: S12016Children, Educational
The Hills: S12006Reality
The Hills: S22007Reality
The Hills: S32007Reality
The Hills: S42008Reality
The Hills: S52009Reality
The Hills: S62010Reality
The History of Food: S1Documentary, Miniseries, History, Cooking
The History of Weapons: S12019Documentary, History, Docudrama, War
The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst: S12015Documentary
The Knick: S12014Drama, Medical
The Knick: S22015Drama, Medical
The L Word: Generation Q: S12019Drama
The Last Ship: S22015Drama, Action
The Last Ship: S32016Drama, Action
The Last Ship: S42017Drama, Action
The Last Ship: S52018Drama, Action
The Leftovers: S12014Drama
The Leftovers: S22015Drama
The Leftovers: S32017Drama
The Legend of Korra: S12012Children, Animated
The Legend of Korra: S22013Children, Animated
The Loggers: S12018Documentary
The Loud House: S12016Children, Animated
The Loud House: S22016Children, Animated
The Loudest Voice: S12019Drama, Miniseries
The Name of the Rose: S12019Historical-drama, Miniseries, Crime
The New Pope: S12020Drama
The Newsroom: S12012Drama
The Newsroom: S22013Drama
The Newsroom: S32014Drama
The Night Of: S12016Miniseries, Mystery, Crime-drama, Suspense
The Outsider: S12020Crime-drama, Paranormal
The Pacific: S12010Historical-drama, Miniseries, War
The Pale Horse: S12020Miniseries, Crime-drama
The Plot Against America: S12020Drama
The Powerpuff Girls: S12016Children, Animated
The Powerpuff Girls: S32018Children, Animated
The Righteous Gemstones: S12019Sitcom
The Rook: S12019Drama, Suspense, Fantasy
The Secret History of Our Evolution: S1Documentary, Science
The Secret Lives of Big Cats: S1Documentary, Nature, Animals
The Sopranos: S11999Crime-drama
The Sopranos: S22000Crime-drama
The Sopranos: S32001Crime-drama
The Sopranos: S42002Crime-drama
The Sopranos: S52004Crime-drama
The Sopranos: S62006Crime-drama
The Spying Game: Tales From the Cold War: S12017Documentary, Miniseries, War
The Thundermans: S12013Children
The Thundermans: S22014Children
The Thundermans: S32015Children
The Thundermans: S42016Children
The Walking Dead: S12010Drama, Science-fiction, Horror
The Walking Dead: S22011Drama, Science-fiction, Horror
The Walking Dead: S32012Drama, Science-fiction, Horror
The Walking Dead: S42013Drama, Science-fiction, Horror
The Walking Dead: S52014Drama, Science-fiction, Horror
The Walking Dead: S62015Drama, Science-fiction, Horror
The Walking Dead: S72016Drama, Science-fiction, Horror
The Walking Dead: S82017Drama, Science-fiction, Horror
The Wire: S12002Crime-drama
The Wire: S22003Crime-drama
The Wire: S32004Crime-drama
The Wire: S42006Crime-drama
The Wire: S52008Crime-drama
The Wrestlers: S12018Documentary, Pro-wrestling
The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling: S12018Documentary, Miniseries, Biography
Thomas & Friends: S152011Children, Animated
Thomas and Friends Karaoke: S12019Children, Animated
Timmy Time: S12009Children, Comedy, Animated
Timmy Time: S22010Children, Comedy, Animated
Timmy Time: S32011Children, Comedy, Animated
Togetherness: S12015Sitcom
Togetherness: S22016Sitcom
Trackers: S12020Drama, Crime, Suspense, Action
Tradezone Addicted to Fishing: S62019Documentary, Outdoors, Fishing
Treme: S12010Drama
Treme: S22011Drama
Treme: S32012Drama
Treme: S42013Drama
True Blood: S12008Drama, Suspense, Fantasy
True Blood: S22009Drama, Suspense, Fantasy
True Blood: S32010Drama, Suspense, Fantasy
True Blood: S42011Drama, Suspense, Fantasy
True Blood: S52012Drama, Suspense, Fantasy
True Blood: S62013Drama, Suspense, Fantasy
True Blood: S72014Drama, Suspense, Fantasy
True Detective: S12014Crime-drama
True Detective: S22015Crime-drama
True Detective: S32019Crime-drama
Two Minute Tales: S12017Children, Animated, Educational
Two Minute Tales: S22019Children, Animated, Educational
Uncharted with Sam Neill: S12018Documentary, History
Uncle Grandpa: S32015Children, Animated
Uncle Grandpa: S42016Children, Animated
Veep: S12012Sitcom, Politics
Veep: S22013Sitcom, Politics
Veep: S32014Sitcom, Politics
Veep: S42015Sitcom, Politics
Veep: S52016Sitcom, Politics
Veep: S62017Sitcom, Politics
Veep: S72019Sitcom, Politics
Veronica Mars: S12004Crime-drama
Veronica Mars: S22005Crime-drama
Veronica Mars: S32006Crime-drama
Veronica Mars: S42019Crime-drama
Versailles: S12015Historical-drama
Versailles: S22017Drama, Historical-drama
Versailles: S32018Historical-drama
Vice Principals: S12016Sitcom
Vice Principals: S22017Sitcom
Vice World of Sports: S12016Documentary, Anthology
Vice World of Sports: S22017Documentary, Anthology
Vida: S22019Drama
Vida: S32020Drama
Vinyl: S12016Drama
Vitamania: S1Documentary
Waco: S12018Drama, Miniseries
Walks with My Dog: S12017Documentary, Travel
Warrior: S12019Drama, Action, Martial-arts
Watchmen: S12019Drama, Action
We Bare Bears: S32017Children, Comedy, Animated, Fantasy
We Bare Bears: S42018Children, Animated
We're Here: S12020Drama, Documentary, Reality, Gay-lesbian
Weediquette: S1Documentary, Reality
Weediquette: S22016Documentary, Reality
Weediquette: S32017Documentary, Reality
Westworld: S12016Drama, Science-fiction
Westworld: S22018Drama, Science-fiction
Westworld: S32020Drama, Science-fiction
What Is Crispr?: S1Documentary
What We Do in the Shadows: S12019Comedy
What We Do in the Shadows: S22020Comedy
What Would Diplo Do?: S12017Comedy
Whitmer Thomas: The Golden One: S1General-entertainment
Who Is America?: S12018Comedy
Who Killed Garrett Phillips?: S12019Documentary, Miniseries, Crime
Wild Chile: S1Documentary, Nature
Wild Dolphins: S1Documentary
Wild Galapagos: S1Documentary, Miniseries, Nature, Animals
Wild Italy: S12014Documentary, Miniseries, Nature
Woman: S12016Documentary, Travel
Woodstock Bus, The: S1General-entertainment
Work in Progress: S12019Comedy
World's Best Dinosaur Fossil: S1Documentary
Yakka Dee: S12017Children, Educational
Year of the Rabbit: S12019Comedy-drama
Years and Years: S12019Drama
Younger: S12015Sitcom
Younger: S22016Sitcom
Younger: S32016Sitcom
Younger: S42017Sitcom
Younger: S52018Sitcom
Younger: S62019Sitcom
Zerby Derby: S1Kids-and-family
Zerby Derby: S2Kids-and-family
Zerby Derby: S3Kids-and-family
Zoo Quest: S1Documentary
iCarly: S12007Children
iCarly: S22008Children
iCarly: S32010Children
iCarly: S42011Children
iCarly: S52012Children
iZombie: S12015Comedy-drama, Science-fiction
iZombie: S22015Comedy-drama, Science-fiction
iZombie: S32017Comedy-drama, Science-fiction
iZombie: S42018Comedy-drama, Science-fiction
iZombie: S52019Comedy-drama, Science-fiction
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Name Product Service Simultaneous streams Max. video quality Monthly fee Free Trial Period
On-demand streaming
Get Disney+. Watch new and classic TV and Movies from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic and 21st Century Fox from one streaming service.
Acorn TV
Acorn TV
On-demand streaming
7 days
Acorn TV offers British TV shows on-demand.
On-demand streaming
US $2.99/month
Access to thousand of documentaries, from nature, to lifestyle and technology. Note: Price given in US dollars.
On-demand streaming
30 days
Prime Video
Prime Video
On-demand streaming
7 days
Prime Video is currently available to New Zealanders at $2.99 per month for the first six months. Price reverts to $5.99 per month after the first 6 months.
Neon TV and Movies
Neon TV and Movies
On-demand streaming
14 days
Lightbox Standard
Lightbox Standard
On-demand streaming
Digital Movie Store
30 days
Lightbox Premium
Lightbox Premium
On-demand streaming
Digital Movie Store
30 days
Netflix Basic
Netflix Basic
On-demand streaming
Netflix Standard
Netflix Standard
On-demand streaming
Netflix Premium
Netflix Premium
On-demand streaming
TVNZ On Demand
TVNZ On Demand
On-demand streaming
No subscription
Sky Sport Now Week Pass
Sky Sport Now Week Pass
On-demand streaming
No subscription
Sky Sport Now Month Pass
Sky Sport Now Month Pass
Sky Sport Now 12 Month Pass
Sky Sport Now 12 Month Pass

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