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Slingshot Mobile Plans

Enjoy a monthly discount when you bundle together your mobile phone and broadband plans at Slingshot.


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Is Slingshot right for me?

  • What Slingshot offers: Pay monthly plans bundled with a broadband service.
  • The highlights: Rollover data; affordable roaming packs; choose your bill frequency.
  • Watch out for: No physical stores; 30-day billing periods.

Slingshot first launched in 2001 with a mission to provide better value internet to Kiwis, and since then, mobile phone plans and power have been added to its portfolio of services.

Slingshot mobile is delivered via Spark’s network so you can count a reliable service, however, you can only have a mobile plan if you also have Slingshot broadband.

For existing Slingshot broadband customers, you can add a mobile phone plan and receive a discount each month. Alternatively, if you are considering changing your internet service provider, you can sign up for both Slingshot broadband and mobile at the same time and enjoy the same loyalty discount. Keeping your broadband and mobile plans together with one provider means fewer bills and fewer companies to deal with when managing your household.

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Types of plans offered by Slingshot

Slingshot has four pay monthly plans to bundle with your broadband service.

Name Product Data Minutes Texts Price (per billing period):
Slingshot Basic
Slingshot mobile plans must be bundled with their broadband service. Slingshot plans are billed every 30 days.
Slingshot Value
Slingshot mobile plans must be bundled with their broadband service. Slingshot plans are billed every 30 days.
Slingshot Unlimited Texts & Calling
Slingshot mobile plans must be bundled with their broadband service. Slingshot plans are billed every 30 days.
Slingshot Ultra
Slingshot mobile plans must be bundled with their broadband service. Slingshot plans are billed every 30 days.

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All plans come with rollover data, so any unused data in your 30-day billing period will carry over to the next month. Texts are valid for New Zealand mobiles, but minutes can be used to call both New Zealand and Australia.


When you need extra data or minutes you can purchase an add-on to tide you over. Current add-ons available include 1GB of data for $12 and 50 NZ/AU minutes for $7. Add-ons are valid for 30 days and any unused minutes or data will expire after this time.


Roaming charges are known to be typically expensive if you try to use your phone while overseas. However, Slingshot has some very reasonable roaming packs that you can purchase before you take off that include data, minutes and texts. You can choose an Australia, Outside Aussie or International pack based on where you are going, with 7 or 30-day options ranging between $18-$28.

Not all countries are included in the Outside Aussie and International packs, so make sure to check the list before you buy.

Extras and rewards with Slingshot

  • Bundle discount.. For every mobile phone plan that you add to a broadband plan, you’ll receive $5 off each month. So if you have 2 mobile plans, you’ll enjoy a $10 discount.
  • Free mobile plan.. Slingshot is running a limited-time promotion where you’ll get a free $25 mobile plan for 1 year if you sign up for a 12-month Unlimited Broadband plan. While there isn’t a specified end date at the moment, get in quick to take advantage of this deal just in case it stops soon.

Product highlights

  • Rollover data.. Any data that you don’t use during your billing period will roll over to the next month so that it doesn’t go to waste. It will keep rolling over until you’ve used it or 12 months has passed.
  • Bring your number.. If you have an existing number that you’d like to keep, Slingshot can transfer it over to your SIM card. You’ll just need to activate your new SIM and then complete a form then let Slingshot take care of the rest.
  • Change your plan.. You can switch to another plan at any time through MySlingshot Mobile and choose to have the switch take effect straight away or at the start of your next billing period.
  • Nationwide coverage.. Slingshot uses Spark’s mobile network so you will enjoy the same coverage throughout the country as Spark customers.
  • Fewer bills.. By having your mobile and broadband services together, you have fewer bills to worry about and only one provider to deal with.
  • Choose your bill frequency.. Slingshot allows you to pay your bill weekly, fortnightly or monthly so you can have more control over managing your finances.
  • Add power. . As well as bundling mobile and broadband, you can add Slingshot power for greater convenience.

What to be aware of

  • You can’t purchase a Slingshot mobile plan on its own at the moment, so you’ll need to also have a broadband plan.
  • Since Slingshot billing periods are for 30 days, you’ll need to keep in mind that bills will be often due on different dates each month.
  • It’s possible that you could have three types of data to use on your plan at any one time but add-on data will be used first, then rollover data, and lastly your base plan allowance.
  • If you decide to change your plan and want it to start straight away, you will lose any unused data or minutes from your existing plan. So as not to waste these, you should consider having the plan change at the end of the billing period.
  • When travelling abroad, global roaming is enabled by default, so you’ll need to switch this off or purchase a roaming pack to avoid hefty charges with casual rates. Even if you have a roaming pack, you’ll be charged casual rates if you use your phone in a country that is not listed.
  • As there are no casual roaming rates for data, roaming packs are the only way to access the internet when using your Slingshot SIM card abroad.
  • Slingshot does not have any physical stores, so if you need to get in touch with a query or issue you’ll need to do this by email or phone.

How to join Slingshot

If you are ready to join Slingshot, you’ll need to complete the sign-up process either by phone or online. When signing up online, once you’ve selected your mobile plan you will be taken to a page to enter your address to see what broadband plans are available. You can then configure your bundle to include power, a home line, calling packs and add-ons, and provide your billing details.

Once everything is complete, Slingshot will send you a new SIM card by post. You will need to activate this before you can start using your mobile plan.

Our verdict

Slingshot mobile is worth considering if you like the idea of having your broadband and mobile plans with one provider. This not only offers greater convenience, but you get $5 off each month for every mobile plan that you add.

You can also choose to pay your bill weekly, fortnightly or monthly and purchase add-ons and roaming packs when you need them. However, since Slingshot currently offers only four types of plans, there may not be one that meets your mobile needs or you may not be needing a broadband service at the moment. Make sure to compare your options to find the right plan to suit your budget and lifestyle.

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