Lending Crowd Secured Car Loan Review

Get up to $200,000 with an online secured fixed-rate Lending Crowd vehicle loan.

Lending Crowd is a peer-to-peer lending platform that connects you with New Zealand investors so you can skip the hassle of visiting a bank or other lending institutions. Your loan will be listed for seven days after your application is approved, but you could receive funding in just one day.

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6.45% - 17.23%

Interest Rate (p.a.)


Max. Loan Amount


Product NameLending Crowd Secured Car Loan
Benefit DescriptionBorrow $5,050 to $200,000 for your chosen vehicle.
Interest Rate (p.a.)6.45% - 17.23%
Min. Loan Amount$5,050
Max. Loan Amount$200,000
Loan SecuritySecured
Loan Term3 or 5 years
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Pros and cons


  • Borrow up to $200,000
  • Fixed rates for the duration of the loan
  • 100% online loan
  • No penalty for early repayments
  • Application takes just minutes to complete


  • Establishment fee of $350 - $650
  • Only three-year or five-year loan terms
  • Security must be provided

Main points to consider with a Lending Crowd Secured Car Loan

Lending Crowd offers secured car loans between $5,050 and $200,000 for fixed terms of either 3 or 5 years with monthly payments. A vehicle or property must be used for security, but you can use the vehicle that you are going to purchase with the loan.

Once your vehicle loan application is accepted, it is listed on the Lending Crowd peer-to-peer lending platform for seven days to be funded by an investor or you can choose a one-day listing for urgent loans. Many loans are funded quickly, but your listing will be removed if it has not been funded within the specified time. In order to appear more attractive to potential investors, you’ll have the chance to reapply with either additional security, requesting a smaller amount or by adding your spouse to your application. You can also withdraw your loan from the platform at any time if your circumstances change.

Features of a car loan from Lending Crowd

  • Fixed interest rates from 6.45% - 17.23% p.a. Lending Crowd vehicle loans have a fixed interest rate for the entire course of the loan, so your repayments will stay the same for the whole duration.
  • Loan terms of 3 or 5 years. You can choose a loan term of 3 years or 5 years based on your financial situation, but interest rates do differ between loan terms according to your loan grade.
  • One-day funding available. If you need money quickly, you can list your loan for one day rather than seven.
  • Buy anything with wheels. Lending Crowd vehicle loans can be used to purchase motorbikes, passenger vehicles, caravans, trailers or trucks.
  • Buy privately or through a dealer. Lending Crowd Secured Car Loans are available for both new and used vehicles so you can get exactly what you want.
  • Interest rates based on creditworthiness. The loan interest rate that you will be offered is calculated based on your borrower creditworthiness and the security that you can provide. The better your credit profile, the lower the interest rate that you can secure for your loan term.
  • Flexible loan limits. Borrow from $5,050 up to $200,000 to get the vehicle that you want.

How much does the loan cost?

The total cost of your Lending Crowd loan will depend on how much you borrow, your loan term and the interest rate assigned to you based on your perceived creditworthiness.

You can get an estimate of the total cost of your loan by filling in the online quote form on the Lending Crowd website.

Your Lending Crowd loan may incur the following fees:

  • An establishment fee of $350 - $650
  • Default interest (loan interest rate plus 20%) until a loan reaches 90 days in arrears. Once a loan reaches 90 days in arrears and is placed in collection, further fees include management fees and repossession fees, as well as fees for notices and to issue court proceedings.
  • Optional death and terminal illness cover – minimum $100 or 4.5% of the loan total.

There are no extra fees if you make additional repayments or choose to repay your loan before the end of the loan term.

How to apply for a Lending Crowd vehicle loan

You can start your application for a Lending Crowd vehicle loan by clicking the green “Go to Site” link on this page. To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid New Zealand driver’s licence
  • Be employed
  • Have property or a vehicle to use as security

When applying, you will need to provide the following:

  • Proof of identity. You must prove your age, residency and identity with a valid NZ driver’s licence.
  • Proof of income. State your monthly income and upload supporting documentation such as bank statements and payslips. You’ll also need to say how long you’ve been in your current job.
  • Credit history. Indicate whether your credit history is excellent, good, average, poor or unknown.
  • Home details. Do you own your home, rent, board or live with parents? How long have you been at your current address?
  • Security. State whether you are using property or a vehicle as security for the loan and upload supporting documentation.

Once your application is assessed, Lending Crowd will get in touch with the rate and term options that fit your borrower creditworthiness. Your listing will then be placed on the lending platform for investors to view.

Bottom line

Lending Crowd offers secured car finance through their peer-to-peer lending platform. Loans are typically funded within seven days or one day if you need a speedier response. If you like the idea of a non-bank alternative, with flexible loan amounts and no charges for early repayment, the Lending Crowd may be right for your next car purchase.

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