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Charge ’em up: 45% of Kiwis would consider an electric car

        • 56% of generation Z would consider an EV
        • Cost, battery life and charging infrastructure top turnoffs
        • Things to consider before buying an electric vehicle

27 August 2021, Auckland, New Zealand – New Zealand’s interest in electric cars is accelerating, according to new research by financial comparison site, Finder.

The nationally representative survey of 2,076 respondents found nearly half (45%) of Kiwis would consider buying an electric vehicle as their next car.

The research revealed 56% of generation Z would consider an electric vehicle, followed by 51% of millennials and 44% of generation X.

Baby boomers (36%) are the least likely to opt for an electric car.

Among those who wouldn’t consider buying an electric car or weren’t sure, the biggest reason was cost (72%).

Battery lifespan concerns (58%) came in as the second largest deterrent to buying an electric vehicle. This was followed by lack of charging stations (47%).

Charging station data from PlugShare shows there are more than 350 electric vehicle charging stations in New Zealand.

Kevin McHugh, Finder New Zealand publisher, said there are both paid and free charging stations across the country.

“Many Kiwis are concerned about charging stations, but what you take for granted is you leave home every morning with a full ‘tank’ if you can charge at home.

“The paid stations typically cost up to $10 per 100km, depending on the charging station. The more expensive stations can charge your car within 20 to 30 minutes.

“Meanwhile the free stations take several hours to charge, but you can leave your car there while running errands or doing the shopping,” he said.

Interestingly, 8% of Kiwis said EV evangelist Elon Musk is one reason they wouldn’t buy electric.

Kiwis buying new electric vehicles will now be eligible for a discount of up to $8,625 as part of the government’s Clean Car Discount scheme.

McHugh said it was promising that people in New Zealand are so open to the idea of an electric car.

“Electric cars can still be pricey, but we have started to see some prices fall as global demand grows.

“There are dozens of fully electric and hybrid models on the market, with more affordable options like the Nissan Leaf and Kia Soul.

“Most importantly, an electric vehicle could slash your carbon footprint from driving from around 3,000kg to 300kg of carbon emissions per year – a commendable feat.”

McHugh urges electric vehicle owners to review their car insurance policy to make sure they are adequately covered in the event of an accident or theft.

“Electric cars rely on batteries, charging packs and cables. These may not necessarily be covered in your policy so it’s important to read the product disclosure statement.

“The good news is that electric cars are not necessarily more expensive to insure than petrol-fuelled cars.

“Your premium depends more on the cost of the car, how old it is, where you park it and your driving history.”

You can compare car insurance at Finder.

Would you consider an electric car for your next car?
I’m not sure25%
Source: Finder survey of 2,076 respondents, June 2021

Things to consider before buying an electric vehicle

  • Affordability. In New Zealand, the cost of an electric car can set you back anywhere from $9,000 (second hand) all the way to $400,000. Remember – you’re now eligible for a discount of up to $8,625 as part of the government’s Clean Car Discount scheme.
  • Charging options. Make sure your vehicle is compatible with public charging options near you and comes with a connector compatible with public infrastructure.
  • The battery’s condition and warranty. You may incur a loss of range for your electric vehicle after around 5 years or more. Make sure to go over any warranty clauses with a fine-tooth comb so you know your rights as a consumer.


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