Streaming TV Comparison

Your guide to streaming Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and more with IPTV services in New Zealand.

If you don’t know your Netflix from Quickflix, let us give you the low-down on streaming and downloading TV shows and movies in New Zealand.

The arrival of Netflix on Kiwi shores has inspired competition from local competitors like Neon and Lightbox, which is great news for Kiwi consumers as competition breeds better value and stronger offerings. As they say, variety is the spice of life. However, the sudden torrent of on-demand streaming services means you’re flooded with choices. With the likes of Disney plus launching last year, and Warner Bros. likely heading to New Zealand in the near future, you’ll be up to your knees in streaming services before you know it.

How to compare services

  • The price of the service
  • The content on offer
  • The streaming quality supplied
  • The devices that are supported

Whether you’re looking to watch the latest television shows on a budget, willing to pay the price for premium content or you’re more than happy sticking with free-to-air, we’ve compared every online TV streaming video-on-demand (SVOD) service side-by-side below.

We’ll show you where to watch re-runs Game of Thrones without the ads, how to binge the entire Breaking Bad collection in high-definition and how much you’ll pay for each service.

Compare TV streaming services

Disney+ Disney+

Get a 7 day free trial of Disney+

Watch new and classic TV and Movies from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic and 21st Century Fox from one streaming service.

Last verified

Updated March 28th, 2020
Name Product Service 4K/UHD? Simultaneous streams Price Subscription length Min. cost
On-demand streaming
Neon TV and Movies
Neon TV and Movies
On-demand streaming
Prime Video
Prime Video
On-demand streaming
Prime Video is currently available to New Zealanders at $2.99 per month for the first six months. Price reverts to $5.99 per month after the first 6 months.
Lightbox Standard
Lightbox Standard
On-demand streaming
Digital Movie Store
Lightbox Premium
Lightbox Premium
On-demand streaming
Digital Movie Store
Netflix Basic
Netflix Basic
On-demand streaming
Netflix Standard
Netflix Standard
On-demand streaming
Netflix Premium
Netflix Premium
On-demand streaming
TVNZ On Demand
TVNZ On Demand
On-demand streaming
No subscription
Sky Sport Now Week Pass
Sky Sport Now Week Pass
On-demand streaming
No subscription
Sky Sport Now Month Pass
Sky Sport Now Month Pass
Sky Sport Now 12 Month Pass
Sky Sport Now 12 Month Pass
Acorn TV
Acorn TV
On-demand streaming
Acorn TV offers British TV shows on-demand.

Compare up to 4 providers

What is Internet TV and streaming exactly?

Internet Television is televised content that is delivered to all sorts of connected devices, from personal computers to smartphones to video game consoles.

Also referred to as “Internet Protocol Television” (IPTV) or “streaming”, this technology enables viewers to watch television shows, movies, news and sports online.

The streamed content is viewed through a website or native application that gives the viewer access to a live stream or library of television shows and movies.

With a steady Internet connection and a compatible device, there is little difference to what traditional broadcast options offer.

Why is streaming taking over? Convenience. While you can live stream TV shows and movies as they happen, the main draw of streaming television is the thousands and thousands of classic movies and recent blockbusters available with the press of a button.

The wide selection of compatible devices also means you don’t have to wait until you’re home on the couch to catch up with the latest news and premium TV shows. Streaming and Internet TV can be accessed from your office computer or from your smartphone on the commute home. When you finally put your feet up of an evening, you can continue what you were watching on your Smart TV without missing a beat.

Understanding your streaming options

For a long time, Kiwis had to rely on Sky for their television and entertainment needs, but services like Netflix are shaking up the entertainment landscape. Services like Netflix and Prime Video peddle convenience and flexible streaming plans (a language not spoken by traditional cable providers).

These services also produce their own high-quality content (Stranger Things, House of Cards and Jack Ryan just to name a few), meaning you don’t have to fork out full-price for high-quality entertainment. Thankfully, services like New Zealand’s own Lightbox are playing catch-up and fast (Lightbox released its first original productions in 2018), so the on-demand loungeroom invasion has inspired local content providers to do better.

There are many reasons to compare on-demand streaming services. For instance, Neon offers primo television like Game of Thrones and Westworld but comes at a pretty penny, Disney+ gives you the Marvel and Star Wars Universes and a bunch more, whereas catch-up services like ThreeNow and TVNZ OnDemand offer smaller on-demand libraries but won’t cost you a cent.

What are my options for streaming?

There are various ways you can view content over the Internet. Some are convenient but take a toll on your data while others take longer but allow offline viewing. Let us break down the differences.

What can I stream?

Well, just about anything your heart desires. finder keep complete and up-to-date lists of what each provider is streaming and we’re always adding more.

Every TV show streaming in New Zealand

This table was last updated on 29 Mar 2020. 509 TV shows available for comparison.
Loading Titles...
TitleYear of releaseOn LightboxOn NeonOn Prime
100 Day Renovation: S1
A Day in the Life of Earth: S1
A Million Little Things: S12018
A Million Little Things: S22019
ADOS Addicted to Fishing: S52018
Absentia: S12017
Absentia: S22019
Age of Big Cats: S12018
Amazing Dinoworld: S1
Ancient Earth: S1
Ancient Earth: S2
Andy's Wild Adventures: S12012
Anthems: New Zealand's Iconic Hits: S12019
Atlanta: S12016
Avenue 5: S12020
Baby Jake: S12011
Ballers: S12015
Ballers: S22016
Ballers: S32017
Ballers: S42018
Ballers: S52019
Band of Brothers: S12001
Barry: S12018
Barry: S22019
Beneath New Zealand: S22019
Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: S12008
Big Little Lies: S12017
Big Little Lies: S22019
Big Love: S12006
Big Love: S22007
Big Love: S32009
Big Love: S42010
Big Love: S52011
Black Monday: S12019
Black Monday: S22020
Blaze and the Monster Machines: S12014
Boardwalk Empire: S12010
Boardwalk Empire: S22011
Boardwalk Empire: S32012
Boardwalk Empire: S42013
Boardwalk Empire: S52014
Bob the Builder: S192015
Breeders: S12020
Britannia: S12018
Britannia: S22019
Bubble Guppies: S12011
C.B. Strike: S12017
Californication: S12007
Californication: S22008
Californication: S32009
Californication: S42011
Californication: S52012
Californication: S62013
Californication: S72014
Carnivale: S12003
Carnivale: S22005
Catastrophe: S12015
Catastrophe: S22015
Catastrophe: S32017
Catastrophe: S42019
Catie's Amazing Machines: S12018
Celebs Go Dating: S12016
Celebs Go Dating: S22017
Charmed: S12018
Charmed: S22019
Chernobyl: S12019
City on a Hill: S12019
Classic Cars: S1
Clever Brenda: S12017
Counterpart: S12018
Counterpart: S22019
Curb Your Enthusiasm: S12000
Curb Your Enthusiasm: S102020
Curb Your Enthusiasm: S22001
Curb Your Enthusiasm: S32002
Curb Your Enthusiasm: S42004
Curb Your Enthusiasm: S52005
Curb Your Enthusiasm: S62007
Curb Your Enthusiasm: S72009
Curb Your Enthusiasm: S82011
Curb Your Enthusiasm: S92017
DC's Legends of Tomorrow: S12016
DC's Legends of Tomorrow: S22016
DC's Legends of Tomorrow: S32017
DC's Legends of Tomorrow: S42018
DC's Legends of Tomorrow: S52020
Dave: S12020
Deadly Class: S12019
Deadwood: S12004
Deadwood: S22005
Deadwood: S32006
Decades in Colour: S12016
Decades in Colour: S22017
Deep Ocean: S1
Deep Time History: S1
Demolition NZ: S12019
Devs: S12020
Dexter: S12006
Dexter: S22007
Dexter: S32008
Dexter: S42009
Dexter: S52010
Dexter: S62011
Dexter: S72012
Dexter: S82013
Digits: S1
Divorce: S12016
Divorce: S22018
Divorce: S32019
Dora the Explorer: S12000
Dora the Explorer: S22002
Dream the Future: S12016
Eastbound & Down: S12009
Eastbound & Down: S22010
Eastbound & Down: S32012
Eastbound & Down: S42013
Entourage: S12004
Entourage: S22005
Entourage: S32006
Entourage: S42007
Entourage: S52008
Entourage: S62009
Entourage: S72010
Entourage: S82011
Euphoria: S12019
Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love: S42019
Fargo: S32017
Fear the Walking Dead: S12015
Fear the Walking Dead: S22016
Fear the Walking Dead: S32017
Fear the Walking Dead: S42018
Fear the Walking Dead: S52019
Fireman Sam: S62011
Five Bedrooms: S12019
Forensics NZ: S12016
Forensics NZ: S22018
Fosse/Verdon: S12019
Four Weddings and a Funeral: S12019
Game of Thrones: S12011
Game of Thrones: S22012
Game of Thrones: S32013
Game of Thrones: S42014
Game of Thrones: S52015
Game of Thrones: S62016
Game of Thrones: S72017
Game of Thrones: S82019
Geordie Shore: S20
Girls: S12012
Girls: S22013
Girls: S32014
Girls: S42015
Girls: S52016
Girls: S62017
Go Girls: S12009
Go Girls: S22010
Go Girls: S32011
Go Girls: S42012
Go Girls: S52013
Go Jetters: S12015
Go, Diego, Go!: S12005
Go, Diego, Go!: S22006
Goodnight: S1
Grey's Anatomy: S12005
Grey's Anatomy: S102013
Grey's Anatomy: S112014
Grey's Anatomy: S122015
Grey's Anatomy: S132016
Grey's Anatomy: S142017
Grey's Anatomy: S22005
Grey's Anatomy: S32006
Grey's Anatomy: S42007
Grey's Anatomy: S52008
Grey's Anatomy: S62009
Grey's Anatomy: S72010
Grey's Anatomy: S82011
Grey's Anatomy: S92012
Griff's Great Kiwi Road Trip: S12019
Happyish: S12015
Hard Sun: S12018
Hey Duggee: S12015
His Dark Materials: S12019
Hopster Jam: S12017
House of Lies: S12012
House of Lies: S22013
House of Lies: S32014
House of Lies: S42015
House of Lies: S52016
Hungry Bear Tales: S1
I Am the Night: S12019
I Love You, Now Die: S12019
Insecure: S12016
Insecure: S22017
Insecure: S32018
Jett: S12019
Keeping The Faith- 25 Years With The Warriors: S2019
Kidding: S12018
Kidding: S22020
Lambs of God: S12019
Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: S62019
Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: S72020
Legion: S12017
Legion: S22018
Legion: S32019
Looking for Alaska: S12019
Los Espookys: S12019
Love After Lockup: S12018
Love After Lockup: S22018
Love Is Love: S12019
Love Island UK: Aftersun: S62020
Love Island UK: S62020
Making New Zealand: S22018
Making New Zealand: S32019
Marvel's Runaways: S12017
Marvel's Runaways: S22018
Marvel's Runaways: S32019
Mary Kills People: S12017
Mary Kills People: S22018
Mary Kills People: S32019
Mayans M.C.: S12018
Mayans M.C.: S22019
McMillion$: S12020
Model Squad: S12018
Molang: S1
Murder for Hire: S12019
My Pet and Me: S12014
My Pet and Me: S22015
My World Kitchen: S12018
Mystery Road: S12018
Naked Attraction: S12016
Naked Attraction: S22017
Naked Attraction: S32018
Nancy Drew: S12019
Nashville: S12012
Nashville: S22013
Nashville: S32014
Nashville: S42015
Nashville: S52016
Nashville: S62018
New Amsterdam: S12018
New Amsterdam: S22019
Octonauts: S22012
Olive Kitteridge: S12014
On the Edge: S1
Once Upon a Time: S12011
Once Upon a Time: S22012
Once Upon a Time: S32013
Once Upon a Time: S42014
Once Upon a Time: S52015
Once Upon a Time: S62016
Once Upon a Time: S72017
Our Cartoon President: S12018
Our Cartoon President: S22019
Our Cartoon President: S32020
PAW Patrol: S12013
PAW Patrol: S22014
PAW Patrol: S32015
PAW Patrol: S42017
PEN15: S12019
Penny Dreadful: S12014
Penny Dreadful: S22015
Penny Dreadful: S32016
Picnic at Hanging Rock: S12018
Pose: S12018
Pose: S22019
Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists: S12019
Racing Wives: S12018
Rainbow Stories: S12019
Ray Donovan: S12013
Ray Donovan: S22014
Ray Donovan: S32015
Ray Donovan: S42016
Ray Donovan: S52017
Ray Donovan: S62018
Ray Donovan: S72019
Real Time With Bill Maher: S182020
Rita and Crocodile: S12017
Rizzoli & Isles: S12010
Rizzoli & Isles: S22011
Rizzoli & Isles: S32012
Rizzoli & Isles: S42013
Rizzoli & Isles: S52014
Rizzoli & Isles: S62015
Rizzoli & Isles: S72016
Rusty Rivets: S12016
SEAL Team: S22018
Sacred Spaces: S1
Sally4Ever: S12018
Salvation: S12017
Salvation: S22018
Sarah & Duck: S12013
Saturday Club: S12019
Save Me: S12018
Scandal: S12012
Scandal: S22012
Scandal: S32013
Scandal: S42014
Scandal: S52015
Scandal: S62017
Scandal: S72017
SciShow Kids: S12015
Secret Migrations: S1
Sesame Book: We Are Amazing 1,2,3: S1
Shameless USA: S12011
Shameless USA: S102019
Shameless USA: S22012
Shameless USA: S32013
Shameless USA: S42014
Shameless USA: S52015
Shameless USA: S62016
Shameless USA: S72016
Shameless USA: S82017
Shameless USA: S92018
Sharp Objects: S12018
Shimmer and Shine: S12015
Shipmates: S12019
Silicon Valley: S12014
Silicon Valley: S22015
Silicon Valley: S32016
Silicon Valley: S42017
Silicon Valley: S52018
Silicon Valley: S62019
Slutever: S12018
Slutever: S22019
Smashed Palace: S12015
Snowfall: S12017
Snowfall: S22018
Snowfall: S32019
Sons of Anarchy: S12008
Sons of Anarchy: S22009
Sons of Anarchy: S32010
Sons of Anarchy: S42011
Sons of Anarchy: S52012
Sons of Anarchy: S62013
Sons of Anarchy: S72014
Speed: S12019
Step Dave: S12014
Step Dave: S22015
Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places: S1
Strike Back: S22011
Strike Back: S32012
Strike Back: S42013
Strike Back: S52015
Strike Back: S62017
Strike Back: S72019
Strike Back: S82020
Succession: S12018
Succession: S22019
Suits: Jessica Pearson: S12019
Supergirl: S12015
Supergirl: S22016
Supergirl: S32017
Supergirl: S42018
Supergirl: S52019
Supernatural: S102014
Supernatural: S112015
Supernatural: S122016
Supernatural: S132017
Supernatural: S142018
Supernatural: S152019
Supernatural: S92013
Swashbuckle: S12013
Swashbuckle: S22014
Sweetbitter: S12018
Sweetbitter: S22019
Taboo: S12017
Tell Me You Love Me: S12007
The Affair: S12014
The Affair: S22015
The Affair: S32016
The Affair: S42018
The Affair: S52019
The Almighty Johnsons: S12012
The Almighty Johnsons: S22012
The Almighty Johnsons: S32013
The Body: S1
The Bold Type: S12017
The Bold Type: S22018
The Bold Type: S32019
The Bold Type: S42020
The Borgias: S12011
The Borgias: S22012
The Borgias: S32013
The Brokenwood Mysteries: S3
The Brokenwood Mysteries: S42014
The Brokenwood Mysteries: S52018
The Brokenwood Mysteries: S6
The City and The City: S12018
The Cult of the Family: S12019
The Deuce: S12017
The Deuce: S22018
The Deuce: S32019
The First: S12018
The Flash: S12014
The Flash: S22015
The Flash: S32016
The Flash: S42017
The Flash: S52018
The Flash: S62019
The Furchester Hotel: S32016
The Hills: New Beginnings: S12019
The Hills: S12006
The Hills: S22007
The Hills: S32007
The Hills: S42008
The Hills: S52009
The Hills: S62010
The History of Food: S1
The History of Weapons: S12019
The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst: S12015
The Knick: S12014
The Knick: S22015
The L Word: Generation Q: S12019
The Last Ship: S22015
The Last Ship: S32016
The Last Ship: S42017
The Last Ship: S52018
The Leftovers: S12014
The Leftovers: S22015
The Leftovers: S32017
The Loggers: S12018
The Loudest Voice: S12019
The New Pope: S12020
The Night Of: S12016
The Outsider: S12020
The Pacific: S12010
The Plot Against America: S12020
The Righteous Gemstones: S12019
The Rook: S12019
The Secret History of Our Evolution: S1
The Secret Lives of Big Cats: S1
The Sopranos: S11999
The Sopranos: S22000
The Sopranos: S32001
The Sopranos: S42002
The Sopranos: S52004
The Sopranos: S62006
The Walking Dead: S12010
The Walking Dead: S22011
The Walking Dead: S32012
The Walking Dead: S42013
The Walking Dead: S52014
The Walking Dead: S62015
The Walking Dead: S72016
The Walking Dead: S82017
The Wiggles: Ready, Steady, Wiggle!: S12013
The Wire: S12002
The Wire: S22003
The Wire: S32004
The Wire: S42006
The Wire: S52008
Thomas & Friends: S152011
Thomas and Friends Karaoke: S12019
Togetherness: S12015
Togetherness: S22016
Total Divas: S12013
Total Divas: S22014
Total Divas: S32014
Total Divas: S42015
Total Divas: S52016
Tradezone Addicted to Fishing: S62019
True Blood: S12008
True Blood: S22009
True Blood: S32010
True Blood: S42011
True Blood: S52012
True Blood: S62013
True Blood: S72014
True Detective: S12014
True Detective: S22015
True Detective: S32019
Two Minute Tales: S12017
Two Minute Tales: S22019
Uncharted with Sam Neill: S12018
Veep: S12012
Veep: S22013
Veep: S32014
Veep: S42015
Veep: S52016
Veep: S62017
Veep: S72019
Versailles: S12015
Versailles: S22017
Versailles: S32018
Vida: S12018
Vida: S22019
Walks with My Dog: S12017
Watchmen: S12019
Westworld: S12016
Westworld: S22018
Westworld: S32020
What We Do in the Shadows: S12019
Why are We Fat?: S12017
Wild Chile: S1
Wild Galapagos: S1
Wild Italy: S12014
Yakka Dee: S12017
Year of the Rabbit: S12019
Years and Years: S12019
Younger: S12015
Younger: S22016
Younger: S32016
Younger: S42017
Younger: S52018
Younger: S62019
iZombie: S12015
iZombie: S22015
iZombie: S32017
iZombie: S42018

What devices can I stream video on?

You can stream most services through just about any device with a display and an Internet connection. Below is a list of common devices used to stream Internet TV.

Smart TV

Smart TV

Smart TVs connect to your home Wi-Fi and come with various in-built apps. From weather to apps like Netflix and Stan, Smart TVs allow you to access video streaming services without any extra equipment. When shopping for a Smart TV it’s important to consider which services are available on the television’s operating system.



If you have a PC or Mac desktop or laptop computer, you’re already halfway to streaming most major streaming services.

Smartphone and tablet

Smartphone and tablet

One of the more popular devices to stream video on, smartphones and tablets allow you to binge TV shows, movies and news on the go. Most major streaming services are compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phones and even offer offline viewing options so you don’t chew through your data.

Game console

Game console

Why fork out for a new television when you probably own a streaming-enabled device already? Game consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have native apps for Netflix and more. The 4K-ready PS4 Pro and Xbox One X also allow you to stream 4K/UHD content (when connected to a 4K TV).

And more…

If you’re not looking to fork out for a Smart TV, there is a huge selection of affordable streaming hardware options, like Google Chromecast, Apple TV and Fetch TV that essentially transform your standard television into a Smart TV.


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