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Hanmer Springs accommodation | Where to stay near the hot springs

Find the perfect Hanmer Springs accommodation for your stay in the Canterbury resort town.


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After relaxing and unwinding in Hanmer Springs’ hot pools and spas, tuck into one of the area’s many accommodation options. Hotels, apartments, cabins and hostels – compare them all here before you book to get the latest deals and free cancellation options.

Today’s available deals in Hanmer Springs

Up to 20% off New Zealand stays



Up to 60% off worldwide hotels


New Zealand stays from $14/night


New Zealand stays from $14 per night

Compare Hanmer Springs hotels

Where to book Hanmer Springs hotels

Compare features of popular booking sites, including which have free cancellation options and which let you use coupon codes for your Hanmer Springs accommodation.

Data indicated here is updated regularly
Name Product Are there free cancellations? When do you pay? Can you use a coupon code? Book a hotel with... - Hanmer Springs
Pay when you book,Pay when you arrive at the property
Wotif - Hanmer Springs
Select hotels
Pay when you arrive at the property,Pay in advance to use a coupon code
Expedia - Hanmer Springs
Payment due date varies by hotel
Hostelworld - Hanmer Springs
Payment due date varies by hotel,Pay when you book

Compare up to 4 providers

Which sites let you book Hanmer Springs accommodation with free cancellation?

These sites will note before you book what the free cancellation policy is and how long you have before your stay to cancel without penalty.

Which sites let you use a coupon code to book Hanmer Springs accommodation?

See the latest coupon codes

Which sites let you book Hanmer Springs hotels without a credit card?

Which Hanmer Springs accommodation booking sites have rewards programs?

Earn points on your Hanmer Springs hotel stay that you can later redeem for discounts or complimentary nights.

  • Agoda: PointsMAX lets you earn up to 6,000 points for your stay that you can put toward a preferred loyalty or frequent flyer program, including KrisFlyer and Velocity.
  • Best Western: Earn 10 points per dollar and receive discounts and special offers every time you stay with Best Western.
  • IHG Hotels: IHG Rewards Club gives you the opportunity to enjoy a range of rewards and exclusive benefits when you stay at participating hotels located in nearly 100 countries and territories across the globe. Earn 10 points per US$1 with most InterContinental Hotels Group properties.
  • Priceline Reward lets you earn 1 reward point on every purchase and can be redeemed toward a statement credit for eligible travel purchases of $25 or more.
  • Trip Coins is rewards program where you can earn $1 to every 100 Trip Coins and it is free to join the program. Membership tier from Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond have different perks to enjoy.
  • Wotif: Part of the same family, Wotif lets you access the same benefits as the Expedia Rewards program. You'll get access to lower rates and earn points, which can be used toward discounted stays in the future. Depending on how often you make bookings, you'll be able to get bigger discounts and earn more perks like breakfast.

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