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Finder’s Travel Index

18% of Kiwis planning travel in the coming three months.

Countries are still restricting movements a year into the global COVID-19 pandemic, with some borders closed and airlines running reduced schedules. Finder originally ran this survey in 19 countries, so far surveying 189,457 people to find out how the restrictions affect residents’ plans to travel domestically or internationally in the following months. From June going forward, the survey is only looking at travel sentiment in 12 of those countries.

Travel sentiments in New Zealand

Interest in travel among Kiwis is falling compared to last month. Finder’s September Travel Index reveals that 18% of New Zealanders say they plan to travel in the next three months, down from 21% in August.


Interest in domestic travel is falling compared to the previous survey, with New Zealanders planning a vacation in the coming three months going from 15% when asked during the August survey and now sits at 14% following the results of the September survey.


In September, 5% of Kiwi adults said they have plans to travel abroad in the coming three months, down from 7% when asked in August.

More Kiwi men than women plan to travel

More men than women say they plan to travel in the coming three months, with 20% of men saying they’re planning a trip compared to 16% of women.

Men domestic travel

Women domestic travel

Men international travel

Women international travel

How the rest of the world compares to New Zealand

Following the September survey, 36% of Indians surveyed say they will travel either domestically or internationally in the coming October, November or December. This percentage is up from 34% in the August survey. When asked in July that number was 38% of Indians saying they had travel plans.

Many Malaysians also have an appetite for travel, with 34% saying they have travel plans in the coming three months. When asked in August, 34% said they were travelling in the coming three months and 30% when asked in July.

A great number of Irish people are also planning a trip in the coming three months, with 30% saying they plan to travel in the coming three months in September, compared to 33% in August and 28% in July.

At the other end of the spectrum are Australians who have the lowest number of people planning trips, with only 15% planning travel in the coming three months, following 16% in August and 15% in July.

% of men and women planning travel in the next three months

As far as the sexes go, the highest percentage of men planning travel in the coming three months is in India (39%), with the highest percentage of women booking travel coming from Malaysia (31%).

Domestic travel in the next three months

Many Indians have plans to see their homeland, with 27% of residents saying they plan to travel in the coming three months following the September survey, up from the 25% who said the same in our August survey.

Planning a trip too far ahead of time may be a thing of the past. In the majority of countries, plans for travel is at its highest in the month immediately following the survey.

International travel in the next three months

Irish people lead the way as far as international travel is concerned, with 16% saying they plan to travel abroad, followed by Singaporeans (13.4%) and Malaysians (13.3%).

International travel still lags across the board with most countries with only an average of 10% planning trips abroad compared to an average of 17% saying they’ll travel domestically.

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