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Driver rideshare comparison

Find out which rideshare company you should drive with: Uber, Zoomy or Ola.

Uber dominated New Zealand’s rideshare scene for a long time. It was the only player in the space since 2014, but the global rideshare giant paved the way for others.

In 2016 we saw the launch of New Zealand based Zoomy and in November 2018 we saw the launch of Indian company, Ola.

If you are currently driving with Uber or are looking to sign up as a driver with one or more of these rideshare companies, we’ve done the hard work for you and compared the platforms for drivers.

This is what you need to know.

How does Uber, Zoomy and Ola compare for driver pay?


Uber drivers in New Zealand can expect to take home 72%-75% of their weekly Uber income (depending if a driver is GST-registered). With Uber you can expect to earn up to $30-$35 per hour if you work busy hours. You can use the calculator below to get an idea of how much you will earn minus expenses.


Zoomy takes a commission fee of 15% from the final price per order. It also offers a fairly lucrative bonus program designed to encourage drivers to increase more trips.


Ola offered new drivers that signed up to its platform during its promotional an introductory rate of 9%. Its standard commission rate after the promotion period ends is 18%.

What are the requirements to drive for Uber, Zoomy and Ola?

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Must have a valid full
    New Zealand license for
    at least 12 months
  • Must present supporting
    documents required
  • Vehicle has a model make
    of year 2009 or latest, must
    have at least 4 doors and
    is in good running condition with no distinct exterior damage.
  • Must have a Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • A TSL (Transport Service License) is required
  • Should have a COF (Certificate of Fitness) Certificate
  • Your vehicle must have a Vehicle Insurance Certificate
  • Driver’s license must have a P-Endorsement
  • Must possess a Driver ID Card
  • You should have a Bank Account Number and GST Number
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Driver’s license must have
    a P-Endorsement
  • Must have either an
    Android phone or iPhone
  • Driver is required to go
    through the approval process, including a
    NZTA Driver Check, must have
    COF (Certificate of Fitness)
    on your vehicle and must have a Passenger License.
  • Your vehicle must have a good running condition,
    2008 model or latest, with
    4 doors and at least five seatbelts.
  • Driver training course
    with the Zoomy Driver Team must be completed.

Is it easy to be removed as a driver?

Uber has become notorious for its stringent customer rating system which has seen drivers complain about not being allowed to drive because of difficult customers. Here’s how easy it is to be kicked off the driving platforms:

  • Uber: Uber will start to notice drivers whose ratings slip below 4.6. While it may not automatically block their accounts, they could be called into an Uber centre to discuss any reasons behind the low rating and how they can improve it.
  • Zoomy: Zoomy has not made this information available as of yet.
  • Ola: Ola has not made this information available as of yet. However, in other markets where Ola is operating, such as India, driver incentives are tied to ratings. Anecdotal evidence also indicates that if a driver’s rating falls below 3.5 they are not allowed to access the platform.

How does the service compare for riders?

Fare componentsBooking fee (55c), base fare $1.30, rate per km: $1.35, wait fee (+2min): 60c, cancel fee: $10.Booking fee (50c), base fare $1.20, rate per km: $1.30, wait fee (+2min): 60c, cancel fee: $10.Booking fee (48c), base fare $1.30, rate per km: $1.35, wait fee (+2min): 60c, cancel fee: $10.
Minimum fare




Surge pricingYes


AvailabilityMost major NZ towns and cities.

Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

Most major NZ towns and cities.

Summing up

  • Uber and Ola are the most widely-available platform but all three are available in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.
  • Each calculates the ride cost similarly but costs vary. The minimum fare also varies between platforms.
  • Different incentives are available for drivers on each platform so decide what you want when signing up.
  • You have the option of signing up for multiple rideshare platforms.

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