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Your driving habits can save you money at Youi Car Insurance. Find out how a policy with Youi can lead to significant savings.

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For a car insurer that is tuned into your personal circumstances take a close look at Youi. Youi evaluates the individual way you use your car to deliver personalised pricing. You won’t pay a full premium if you drive infrequently, if your car is parked securely or if you have no demerit points.

An independent insurer, Youi offers a choice of cover levels and underwrites its own policies. Read on to discover the benefits of getting insured with Youi.

finder NZ does not currently have access to this car insurance brand. Please review the policy details, application criteria and terms and conditions on the brand website if you are considering applying for this policy.

What cover options does Youi offer?

At Youi you can choose how much cover you would like to buy. You can pick a comprehensive policy that protects you against most risks or save on your premiums with a third party policy.

For maximum protection consider a comprehensive car insurance policy from Youi, which protects you even if an accident is your fault.

This level of cover includes the following:

  • Up to $20 million in legal liability cover if you cause an accident resulting in damage to someone else’s property
  • Reimbursement if your car is stolen
  • Cover for accidental damage to your car
  • Cover for natural disasters such as storms, floods or earthquakes
  • Cover if your car is damaged in a fire
  • Cover for additions such as baby seats, tow bars and window tinting
  • Complimentary hire car for up to 14 days, if your car is stolen
  • Up to $750 for items in your car, with a maximum of $150 per item
  • Up to $1,000 for emergency accommodation if you are stranded from home
  • Up to $1,500 for counselling sessions after a claim
  • Costs to tow your car to a safe location
  • Cover of up to $10,000 under Maritime Law if your car is transported by sea between New Zealand ports

Save on your premiums while retaining important cover features.

A third party fire and theft policy at Youi will cover the following:

  • Legal liability cover of up to $20 million if you are in an accident that is your fault and where someone else’s property is damaged
  • Reimbursement in case of theft
  • $5,000 towards repairing accidental damage if the other party was at fault, if you can identify the other party
  • Cover for damage due to earthquakes
  • Cover for fire damage to your car
  • $750 towards the contents of your car, with a $150 per-item limit
  • $1,000 to pay for emergency accommodation if you are stranded from home
  • $1,500 towards counselling sessions after a claim
  • Cover to tow your car back to a place of safety
  • Maritime Law cover of up to $10,000 in case your car is in transit between ports in New Zealand

Youi also offers a third party-only policy, where you are covered for damage to another person’s property plus a few extras.

This level of cover provides:

  • Cover for legal liability of up to $20 million if you are in an accident you cause which results in damage to someone else’s property
  • Up to $1,500 to facilitate counselling sessions after an accident
  • Up to $5,000 if your car is damaged by someone else in an accident, if you can identify this person to Youi
  • $10,000 towards loss under the Maritime Law if your car is transported between ports located in New Zealand

What is generally excluded by Youi?

Under some circumstances, Youi won’t pay a claim. Always carefully read your policy documentation. Circumstances under which Youi may refuse to pay your claim include:

  • Intentional damage by a person living at your address, or by the insured driver
  • Damage due to a person driving your car without your permission unless you report it as stolen
  • If your car is driven by someone who does not have a valid license
  • The driver of your car is under the influence of alcohol or another substance
  • The driver leaves the accident scene without stopping
  • Theft if the keys were left in your car
  • Accessories added to your car other than baby seats, a tow bar, window tinting or personalised plates
  • Repair costs if you use the incorrect fuel
  • Where the loss is covered by another insurance policy
  • Any events occurring outside of New Zealand
  • Your car is used to transport hazardous goods or is used for racing or testing
  • Wear and tear, rust, corrosion, mould or damp
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Damage due to radioactivity including nuclear fuel, or a nuclear weapon
  • Wars, rebellion, terrorism
  • Damage due to looting or rioting

How much excess will I pay?

Your exact excess with Youi will be shown on your policy schedule. For some claims you may be charged a lower excess, while some events will lead to a higher excess:

  • Windscreen claims. Some policyholders can pay an additional premium to reduce the excess charged for windscreen claims.
  • Roadside assistance. With roadside assistance from Youi you won’t be charged an excess for the first two claims per year.
  • Additional excess. Your policy schedule will detail which events will require the payment of an excess over and above the standard excess.
  • Driver excess. Young drivers and drivers not listed on your policy schedule may increase the excess.

How to save on your Youi car insurance policy

There are many ways to save on your Youi premiums. The insurer rewards you for everything from driving a car with a light colour to only commuting to work twice a week or less. We can’t list all your savings options here, but some of the ways to save include:

  • Pay annually. Your insurance will cost less if you pay your entire premium annually in advance, instead of monthly.
  • Parking. Just parking your car securely throughout the day can reduce your premiums.
  • Five-year discount. If you have been with your current insurer for five years or more Youi will give you an additional discount.
  • 15% online discount. Buy your policy online and Youi will reduce your premium by 15%.
  • Your license. You can also get a discount if you obtained your license before you were 19, and if you have no demerit points.

How do I make a claim?

You can start a claim by completing the online form, or by calling the 0800 number for Youi. You need to take a few steps to ensure a successful claim, for example:

  • Take reasonable precautions to prevent further loss or damage to your car after an accident
  • Allow Youi to view your car and inspect the damage
  • File a police report within 24 hours, if required
  • Comply with all reasonable requests from Youi, including a request for the contact details of other parties involved

What makes Youi different?

Youi considers the small differences among drivers and adapts its premiums according to your personal circumstances. There are a few other benefits and perks, including:

  • Complimentary roadside assistance. At the comprehensive cover level, Youi includes roadside assistance at no extra charge.
  • Car hire benefit. Policies with cover for theft also include a 14-day car hire benefit.
  • Excess flexibility. You can choose your excess when you buy your insurance policy. Youi also varies the excess payable according to the circumstances of the accident.
  • Claims advice. Youi provides a single, dedicated claims advisor for all claims so you only speak to one person. The Youi claims line is open 24/7.
  • Optional extras. You can add additional cover for business items in your car or for an unbraked trailer. There is also the option to extend the hire car benefit for incidents other than theft.


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