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Find the right level of cover for you with optional extras and a no claim bonus at Protecta Insurance.



Kiwi owned and operated Protecta Insurance provides car insurance with an extensive range of policy benefits. Obtaining a quote online is easy, with all of the options clearly laid out for you to make an informed decision about the right level of cover for your needs.

Protecta Insurance is underwritten by Virginia Surety Company Inc and is backed by an accident management team that takes all the hassle out of managing repairs so you can get back on the road faster. As well as standard car insurance you can get cover for your motorcycle or classic car.

Finder NZ does not currently have access to this car insurance brand. Please review the policy details, application criteria and terms and conditions on the brand website if you are considering applying for this policy.

What cover options does Protecta car insurance offer?

Protecta Insurance offers three types of cover and the right option for you will depend on how much you’re willing to pay for your policy and the amount of risk that you want to take. Third party insurance is useful if you’re in an accident with another vehicle and you’re liable for the damage to it, while comprehensive insurance also includes damage and theft of your own car.

Name Product Accidental Damage Roadside Assistance New Car Replacement Fire and Theft
Protecta Comprehensive (Full Cover) Car Insurance
New for old replacement for vehicles less than a year old
Protecta Third Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance
Protecta Third Party Car Insurance

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Protecta’s Full Cover insurance policy gives you peace of mind for a range of possible scenarios that could happen to your vehicle.

This policy includes the following:

  • Up to $1,000 for removal of vehicle
  • Repair of damage to your car up to the sum insured
  • New for old replacement for vehicles less than a year old
  • Roadside assistance
  • Legal liability for damage or loss to another person’s vehicle or property – up to $10 million for property damage and $1 million for injury
  • Up to $1,000 for trailers
  • Up to $500 for a rental car when your car is undrivable
  • Costs for completion of journey to return home in the event that your car can not be driven
  • Up to $1,000 for legal costs
  • Key and lock replacement
  • Up to $5,000 death benefit
  • Up to $300 medical expenses

Protecta’s third party fire and theft policy provides coverage if you cause damage to another car or property as well as fire and theft of your own vehicle.

  • Legal liability for damage or loss to another person’s vehicle or property – up to $10 million for property damage and $1 million for injury
  • Damage to your own vehicle from a fire
  • Theft of your vehicle

The most basic insurance policy that Protecta offers is third party. This gives you a minimum standard of cover and can be considered if you’re on a strict budget.

  • Legal liability for damage or loss to another person’s vehicle or property – up to $10 million for property damage and $1 million for injury

What is excluded by Protecta?

All insurers have certain exclusions that they won’t pay out for. Protecta includes the following exclusions on its policies:

  • Loss or damage to tyres unless it is in conjunction with other damage to your car
  • Damage to the engine, transmission and other mechanical parts unless it is a result of another insured event
  • Unlicensed drivers
  • Accidents caused by a driver that is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Loss or damage as a result of war, terrorism or hostilities
  • Any injury or liability covered by ACC
  • Commercial use
  • Motorsports

How much excess will I pay?

Protecta’s standard excess is $400. There are also additional excess amounts to pay if the driver is under 25 or they have not held their full licence for more than 2 years.

How to save on your Protecta car insurance policy

  • Named drivers only. Specifying exactly who will be driving the car will give you a discount on your premium.
  • No under-25s. Discount applies if you state that no one under 25 will be driving your vehicle.
  • Drive carefully. Protecta has a no claim bonus for drivers who have not made claims on their insurance policy.
  • Park your car in a garage. Keeping your car overnight in your garage is much safer than keeping it on the road, so this affects your premium.
  • Get your full licence. Drivers with a full licence for two years or more can enjoy lower premiums.

How do I make a claim?

If your car has been stolen, damaged or in an accident, you should notify Protecta by phone or email as soon as possible and fill in a claim form. You can find claim forms on the website for accidents, stolen or burnt and uninsured third party, which you can download and print to fill in or wait for Protecta to send you one by post. Once you return this form, you will be contacted for further information if required to process your claim.

If you’ve been in an accident, you can call Protecta from the scene for advice on the next steps you need to take.

Other benefits of getting insurance with Protecta

  • Accident management service. Policyholders are able to use the Protecta crash management service, which takes the stress out of managing repairs. This service includes pick up and delivery of your vehicle, a courtesy car if needed, priority repairs that are guaranteed for life and a valet service of your car.
  • No claim bonus protection. If you choose this feature on your policy, you’re able to make one claim per policy period without it affecting your no claim bonus.
  • Roadside assistance 24/7. Adding this benefit to your policy means that you won’t get stuck if you get a flat tyre or lock your keys in your car.
  • Easy claims process. Fast and simple handling of claims from an experienced team.
  • Windscreen cover. No excess to pay and your no claim bonus will not be affected if you add this benefit to your policy.
  • Extensive cover. Policies that provide what Kiwi customers want with a range of cover options to suit different circumstances.


With a number of optional extras and ways to save on your monthly premiums, Protecta car insurance is worth considering. Not only can you be rewarded with a no claim bonus but you can take advantage of the accident management service to take the stress out of managing repairs if you’re in an accident.

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