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AA Car Insurance

Need car insurance? Take a look at the car insurance options available from the New Zealand Automobile Association.

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With more than 1.7 million members, the New Zealand Automobile Association (AA) knows something about car ownership. Both members and non-members can apply for any one of the AA’s car insurance options.

AA Insurance – key facts

  • AA Insurance is the underwriter of its own policies and has a financial strength rating of A+ (Strong).
  • AA Insurance was launched in 1994 and is part of the Suncorp Group, a large Australian insurer.
  • There are AA Centres in most major New Zealand cities for face to face service. It also has a Call Centre open 8am to 8pm weekdays and 8am to 6pm on weekends.
  • You can get a quote for AA car insurance online plus manage claims and other account details through an online self-service portal called My AA Insurance.
  • AA Insurance offers a range of other insurance products, including house and contents, travel, motorcycle, motorhome, and more.
Finder NZ does not currently have access to this car insurance brand. Please review the policy details, application criteria and terms and conditions on the brand website if you are considering applying for this policy.

What cover options does AA car insurance offer?

You can buy as much or as little cover as you need when you insure your car with the AA. Comprehensive insurance covers most car risks, but at a higher price, so you can consider third-party insurance if you’re on a strict budget.

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Name Product Legal Liability Agreed or Market Value Accidental Damage Roadside Assistance
AA Comprehensive Car Insurance
Save with multi-policy discounts and exclusive discounts for AA members. Lifetime repair guarantee for parts and workmanship.
AA Third Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance
Save with multi-policy discounts and exclusive discounts for AA members. Lifetime repair guarantee for parts and workmanship.
AA Third Party Car Insurance
Save with multi-policy discounts and exclusive discounts for AA members. Lifetime repair guarantee for parts and workmanship.

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AA’s comprehensive car insurance policy covers you for fire and theft as well as for accidents, even if your driving was at fault. You get plenty of extras too.

Here is a summary of the benefits:

  • Cover for damage in case of an accident where an uninsured driver is at fault
  • Cover for the agreed value of your car in case of theft
  • Cover for the agreed value of your car if it is written off after an accident
  • Cover to repair or replace your car if it is damaged in a fire
  • Liability cover of up to $20 million in case you are in an accident, where you are liable for damage to another person’s property
  • If you are court-ordered to pay for injuries caused to a person, the AA will pay up to $250,000
  • Cover to transport your car to a place of safety if it cannot be driven
  • Cover to get you and your passengers home if you cannot use your car after an accident
  • Up to $500 for temporary accommodation if you cannot drive home
  • Optional rental cover, so you can get a rental car if your car is under repair
  • Up to $1,000 to pay for the replacement of keys and locks, with no excess
  • Up to $1,000 for damage to your trailer

This policy covers you for damage caused to another party’s property due to your driving and for reimbursement if your car is stolen or damaged in a fire.

This level of cover includes the following:

  • Up to $4,000 for repairs if you are in an accident caused by an uninsured driver, whom you can identify
  • Up to $20 million if you cause an accident that results in damage to another party’s property
  • Cover for the agreed value of your car if it is stolen or written off after an accident
  • Cover to repair or replace your car if it is damaged in a fire
  • Option to purchase windscreen and window cover, with no excess payable

A third-party policy from the AA ensures you’re covered if you are liable for damage to another person’s property, including their car.

Your cover includes the following:

  • A maximum of $4,000 if you are in an accident that is the fault of an uninsured driver, whom you can identify
  • $20 million in legal liability cover, which pays out if you are at fault in an accident that causes damage to another party’s property

What does AA car insurance generally exclude?

The AA’s list of exclusions is similar to those of most car insurance providers. These are the main points that the AA excludes:

  • Modifications to your vehicle that the AA has not specifically agreed to cover
  • Use of your car to transport business merchandise, stock or hazardous materials
  • Intentional damage to your car
  • Damage to your car that existed before you took out insurance
  • If the driver of the car is not in compliance with New Zealand law, for example, driving without a licence
  • Use of your car to carry passengers that pay a fare
  • If your vehicle is overloaded or otherwise operated in an unsafe way
  • If your vehicle is used for racing, off-roading, tests or trials
  • Accidents where the driver is under the influence of drugs or over the legal alcohol limit
  • Drivers advised to avoid driving by a medical practitioner
  • If the driver of your car leaves the scene of the accident
  • Defence of criminal charges against you
  • Damage resulting from a mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Gradual wear and tear of your vehicle, e.g. rust
  • Claims resulting from war, terrorism or a nuclear incident
  • Tyre damage not due to malicious damage
  • Consequential losses, e.g. loss of income

How much excess will I pay?

Your excess is specified in your policy schedule. An excess is an amount you need to pay towards each individual claim, the AA pays the remainder of the costs. There is an exception for the glass damage policy option, which carries zero excess.

Under certain circumstances, the AA will reimburse the excess to you. You qualify for zero excess if an accident is the fault of another person whom you can identify and if this person admits their involvement in the accident.

How to save on your AA car insurance policy

  • AA membership. You save on your premiums if you are a member of the New Zealand AA, with higher discounts the longer you have been an AA member. Each Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire and Theft or Third Party insurance policy qualifies for an annual dollar discount.
  • Policy discounts. Save when you take out any two or more policies at the same time. The discount is automatically applied on renewal too.
  • Limit your cover. Opting for a third party policy reduces your premium but beware that you aren’t covered if your car is stolen or if you are at fault in an accident.
  • Reduce options. The AA offers valuable options, including rental car cover and excess-free glass damage, but adding these options increases your premium.
  • Increase your excess. Pick a higher excess at the quotation stage to reduce your premium.

How do I make a claim?

You can submit a claim request online or by phone for the AA to start your claim. If you live in Hamilton or Auckland you can report a claim in person at a Customer Service Centre. The AA requires that you take the following steps:

  • Inform the police of the accident
  • Provide full details of the accident.
  • Provide full details of all parties involved. Ensure you have the correct vehicle registration number for the other party, plus the correct name, telephone number and address.
  • Ensure your vehicle is available for inspection by the AA
  • For repairs, if you can drive the car, you can drop it off at an AA Insurance Quality Repairers. Otherwise, the AA covers reasonable costs for transporting the vehicle to the repairers. People living in Hamilton or Auckland, need to use an AA Customer Service Centre.

What makes AA car insurance different?

Every car insurer has a unique set of benefits. You may want to consider the AA for car insurance to gain access to the following benefits:

  • Repair guarantee. Repairs made as a consequence of a claim are guaranteed for the lifetime of your vehicle. Both parts and workmanship are guaranteed, and the guarantee is valid for future owners too.
  • Drivers under 25. You can allow a younger driver who is not on your policy to drive your car and still file a claim in case of an accident. There is a separate excess payable if the driver under 25 is not named on your policy.
  • Excess-free glass damage. Available as an add-on option to policies, excluding third party cover. Any damage to your windscreen and windows will be covered, and you won’t be charged an excess.


Car insurance from the AA can comprehensively cover you for many of the most common risks associated with car ownership and driving. Alternatively, you can trim your cover and in turn, pay a lower premium.

There are other ways to save too, including paying for your premium on an annual basis, taking out AA membership and buying multiple insurance policies from the AA.

Though the AA’s car insurance policies offer comprehensive cover, you should always compare the coverage, benefits and premiums from a range of other providers in New Zealand to ensure you get the best deal.

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