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For New Zealanders in regional areas out of reach of fixed-line services, satellite internet is often the best way to access a connection.


Where is satellite internet available?

Satellite internet is available throughout the country to those who are not covered by various fixed-line technologies. Anyone in New Zealand not eligible for fixed line Internet will be able to access satellite internet. There are some geographical requirements (like having no overhanging obstructions) that must be met before proceeding with installation, but your provider will discuss any issues at the time of installation.

You can find out if satellite internet is available in your area by entering your address into this example checker.

What to consider when comparing satellite internet plans

Satellite internet is available at a couple of different speed tiers and at different price points, based on included data.


As with fixed-line internet, higher speed packs come at a higher price. In many cases, plans come with a basic connection by default, but can be upgraded to a standard connection for an additional cost per month.


Pricing will vary across different providers, depending on speed and data inclusions but most plans cost anywhere between $99 and $290 per month. Satellite plans break up data allowances into peak and off-peak times, with the cheaper plans all skewed towards having significantly lower peak-time data allowances.

Who provides satellite internet in New Zealand?

You can get satellite internet plans from providers like Gravity, Farmside and Wireless Nation.

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