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Netspeed broadband plans

From wireless to fibre to rural broadband, Netspeed may have an option to get you connected.

Is Netspeed right for me?

Netspeed offers fibre, wireless and rural broadband plans.

  • The highlights: Soft data caps, 5 free email accounts, phone plans, no contract for some plans
  • Watch out for: Some plans are not available in all locations

Offering broadband plans, web design and hosting services to Kiwis since 2003, Netspeed is all about providing simple solutions and fast and effective products. This provider is now one of the leading rural broadband companies and has also added fibre broadband to its list of services.

If you’ve found that getting connected has been challenging, or fibre isn’t an option where you live, Netspeed may be able to help with its wireless and rural broadband plans.

Types of plans offered by Netspeed and pricing

Netspeed offers fibre, wireless and rural broadband plans in certain parts of New Zealand.


Netspeed has three fibre plans with download speeds ranging from 50Mbps to 950Mbps. All standard fibre broadband plans have a no fixed-term contract option.

(per month)
DataMaximum Download
Speed (Mbps)
Fibre Mini$69.95Unlimited50Mbps
Fibre Boost$84.95Unlimited300Mbps
Fibre Max$99.95Unlimited1000Mbps

If you don’t have your own compatible modem, you can purchase one from Netspeed from $85. Payment can be upfront or you can enquire about a term payment package.

Standard installations are free, but if assisted setup is required, there will be an additional charge of $100.

Wireless broadband

Netspeed wireless broadband is an option for people who don’t have access to other types of broadband. It’s available in city and rural areas of Canterbury, Dunedin, Oamaru, Southland and Wanaka. You can connect to the 5GHz wireless network if you have a clear line of sight to one of the Netspeed transmitters. There are no fixed-term contracts so you can leave at any time.

(per month)
Data peakBonus data
Maximum download
speed (Mbps)
Standard installation
NS 20/20$39.9520GB20GB50From $250
NS 80/UL$59.9580GBUnlimited50From $250
NS 200/UL$99.95200GBUnlimited50From $250
NS 300/UL$119.95300GBUnlimited50From $250
NS Unlimited$179.95UnlimitedUnlimited50From $250

Antenna and wireless router kits can be purchased outright from $400 or you can ask about spreading payments out over a period of time.

Rural broadband

For rural customers who do not have access to other broadband services, Netspeed provides rural broadband to Northland, Manawatu, Hawkes Bay, Canterbury, Central Otago and Southland. You don’t need a clear line of sight to the transmitter like you do with wireless broadband and you don’t need a phone line. It’s a step up from ADSL, VDSL and satellite broadband, operating on either the 3G or 4G network.

Data is split into peak and off-peak, with off-peak hours being between 12am and 5pm.

(per month)
Data peakBonus data
Excess data
RBI 30/100$79.9530GB100GB$2 per GB
RBI 120/100$99.95120GB100GB$2 per GB
RBI 200/100$169.95200GB100GB$2 per GB
RBI 250/UL$239.95250GBUnlimited$2 per GB

Netspeed wireless routers are available for purchase for $350, but if you live further away from the transmitter then you will need to get an antenna as well. These cost from $150 and the installation cost is from $250.

If you don’t need an antenna or are able to fit it yourself, you will not need to pay an installation fee.

Are there any bundled extras with Netspeed broadband?

When you sign up for a Netspeed broadband plan, there are optional extras to complete your package:

  • Phone plan. If you need a phone line, you can add one a VoIP local phone number for $8.50 per month on any Netspeed broadband plan.
  • Phone extras. Depending on the type of broadband plan that you have, you may be able to add features such as call waiting, call forwarding and voicemail. There are also New Zealand and international calling packs.

Product Highlights

  • No fixed-term contracts. If you opt for fibre, rural or wireless broadband, you won’t be tied into a contract.
  • Free email accounts. Each Netspeed customer can have up to five email addresses for free. These include spam and virus filters.
  • Static IP address. While other providers charge to have a static IP address, Netspeed provides this for free with all plans.
  • Soft data caps. If you have a plan with a data cap and you are almost at your limit, Netspeed will let you know. You can then choose to reduce your speeds, buy a data pack, or pay excess data charges depending on the type of broadband and plan you are on.
  • No network cables. Netspeed’s routers are wireless so you don’t need to use a network cable to connect your tablet, computer or laptop to the internet.
  • No phone line required. None of Netspeed’s plans require a phone line to work. If you need a landline, you can add a phone plan to your broadband service.
  • Options for when other broadband isn’t available. Living rurally or in smaller towns can mean not having the same access to some broadband services as those in more populated areas. Netspeed provides rural and wireless broadband as a solution.
  • Fast and friendly service. Netspeed has a strong focus on customer service and its staff are on hand to support you whenever you need it.

Watch out for

  • Netspeed has an Acceptable Use Policy for its unlimited data plans. This means that usage can be deemed excessive or unreasonable if it is inconsistent with normal usage or exceeds estimated use patterns in a given time. You may be asked to alter your usage, and if you don’t comply, charges will be applied to your account or your access withdrawn.
  • If you join Netspeed broadband on a fibre plan and decide to terminate your contract before the end of the term, you’ll be charged a fee equivalent to monthly plan price until the contract end date.
  • Fibre is not available in all parts of New Zealand, but you can contact Netspeed to check availability. If it’s not available where you are, you may be able to get wireless or rural broadband.
  • Netspeed wireless broadband is currently only available in some parts of the South Island. The network is expanding, so you may have access to this service in the future.

Our verdict

Netspeed is worth considering if you are looking for a simple broadband plan. Since it offers rural, wireless and fibre broadband, there could be an option to get you online if you live in the service areas, but these seem to be limited at the moment. However, if Netspeed does cover your area, you can enjoy no-contract plans at competitive prices.

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