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Flip broadband deals

Can't get fibre or wireless? Flip offers fast and cheap copper broadband on easy-to-understand plans.


Is Flip broadband right for me?

  • What Flip offers: Flexible naked ADSL and VDSL broadband with an optional home line.
  • The highlights: 12-month or no-term contracts; use your own modem; no data use restrictions and decent speeds.
  • Watch out for: Installation fee applies for all plans, speeds are not guaranteed; not suitable for customers with a medical alarm.

With fibre and wireless taking over the telecommunications market, ADSL and VDSL are being considered by some as old school broadband that doesn’t cut the mustard in today’s fast-paced world. However, for many New Zealanders, ADSL and VDSL may be all that is available at their home, or they are satisfied with what these connection types deliver and their plan affordability.

If you are looking for a new broadband plan, Flip offers only copper connections plans. Its services are available to over 60% of homes in New Zealand using Chorus’s reliable copper access network. This is a company that has invested millions in its infrastructure to give you the same or even better service than other ISPs, and its prices are very competitive.

Flip boasts that it consistently does better in ADSL performance than larger telcos and is a consistent top performer in the TrueNet broadband report. Read on to find out if a Flip broadband plan is right for you.

Compare Flip broadband plans

Types of plans offered by Flip

Flip has three plans – ADSL 150GB, ADSL Unlimited and VDSL Unlimited – and you can choose between a 12-month contract or open term for unlimited plans. If you opt for open term over a longer contract, there are no extra installation fees like other providers sometimes charge and the monthly cost is the same.

Modems are not included in any of Flip’s plans, however, you can use an existing modem if it’s compatible or purchase a new one when you sign up.

For speeds, most customers experience the following:

  • ADSL: 8-16Mbps download, but up to 24Mbps is possible
  • VDSL. 18-50Mbps download, but up to 70Mbps is possible

Heavy internet users can opt for an unlimited plan, but the ADSL 150GB plan should be sufficient for light users. If you do hit the limit before the end of the month, your speed will be slowed down instead of being cut off. You can also purchase additional data to get you through to the next month at the usual speed.

Are there any bundled extras with Flip?

For an extra $5 a month you can add a homeline to your broadband plan. This includes a free pin code so that you don’t need to worry about others making toll calls without your knowledge. If you opt for a home line, you can then select monthly add-ons including:

  • Voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and call divert ($5)
  • National calling packs with either unlimited national calling ($5) or 500 mobile minutes ($15)
  • International calling packs to 10 countries ($10), 20 countries ($15), or 50 countries ($25)

It’s important to note that a Flip homeline will not work with a monitored house alarm.

Product highlights

  • Use your own modem. If you already have a modem, you most likely can use it for your Flip broadband plan. ADSL plans need to have an ADSL2++ capable modem, and VDSL plans need a VDSL capable modem.
  • Flexible plans. Choose a no-term contract if you don’t want to commit to 12 months. You’ll still pay the same standard installation fee.
  • Carryover data. If you are on a 150GB plan and you don’t use all your data, it will carry over to the next month. It will be available for you to use for up to a year.
  • IOU credit. If you need to purchase anything extra like additional data for the ADSL 150GB plan, Flip provides a $30 IOU credit that you can pay back at the end of the billing period.
  • Kiwi-based support. Technical queries are handled by phone or you can contact the Flip Support Centre by live chat, email, on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Bill payments. Pay your monthly bill by credit card or direct debit.
  • Keep your phone number. If you have an existing phone number and are staying in the same house then you don’t need to change numbers when you join Flip.
  • Get connected in one week. The majority of Flip customers get connected within seven days of signing up. You can also line up your connection date to coincide with the end of your existing contract.
  • No data use restrictions. Unlimited plans are not subject to a fair use policy so you can use as much data as you need at any time of day.
  • Safe mode. This filtering service provides protection to your family and can block adult content, illegal sites and malicious sites.

What to be aware of

  • Standard installation is free, but you will need to have a line filter for each active jack point in your home where you have a phone or SKY box plugged in. You can purchase these for $20 or less. Wiring charges may also apply for extra work to get you connected but Flip will advise you of these to get approval.
  • If you are requesting a second broadband service for your home, have more than five phones plugged in or you have a monitored alarm, you will not qualify for standard installation. The cost of the full installation is $327.44.
  • While Flip does indicate possible speeds to expect when using ADSL or VDSL, your experience can be different depending on how far you are from the exchange, how many people are using the internet at the same time, your computer and programmes, plus the quality of wiring at your home.
  • Flip can’t guarantee that medical alarms will always work with its broadband services, so currently will not accept new customers that have a medical alarm.
  • 28-days notice needs to be given if you wish to cancel your contract.
  • If you need to move house, Flip will charge a $25 fee to transfer your connection as long as there is coverage at the new address.

Our verdict

Flip broadband is worth considering if you are not able to get fibre or wireless at your place or you just want to have an internet connection for a low price.

ADSL and VDSL still provide a decent internet experience for light users and smaller households, and Flip provides simple plans with great local support. Even though there is an installation fee, it is small and you are not penalised for choosing open-term over a fixed term. One expense you may have though is purchasing a new modem, but Flip does sell these for a reasonable cost if you don’t want to shop for one yourself.

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