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AWE Cosmeceuticals AWE Cosmeceuticals

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Shop cleansers, toners, serums, masks, moisturisers and more at Awe Cosmeceuticals and enjoy FREE shipping of your orders. T&Cs apply.

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What you need to know about AWE?

AWE is an Australian based natural cosmeceutical skin care company based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda combined with the latest western science.

They provide natural products such as serums, moisturisers, toners, creams, cleanser, oils and exfoliants as well as ayurvedic Kansa wands, tongue scrapers, derma rollers and diffusers.

Providing products that offer solutions for all Ayurvedic doshas (different body types) – Vata, Pitta and Kapha, AWE’s products help with anti-ageing, acne, redness, irritation, pigmentation, skin lightening, combination and sensitive skin.

Using natural sources their items contain traditional Ayurvedic ingredients like Tumeric, sandalwood, honey, coconut water, shea butter and jojoba.

Best selling products from AWE

Marjana Silicone Cleansing Brush

Marjana Silicone Cleansing Brush from AWE Cosmeceuticals

Add dimension to your cleansing routine! The silicone bristles vibrate on your skin, loosening and shifting makeup, dirt and other debris off the surface of your skin.

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iddha 4X Vitamin C booster & Derma Roller | Ayurvedic Anti-Ageing Pack

iddha 4X Vitamin C booster & Derma Roller | Ayurvedic Anti-Ageing Pack from AWE Cosmeceuticals

The perfect tool to help reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, scarring and hyperpigmentation. The Derma roller delivers 40 times better penetration in the skin, allowing for the Vitamin C booster to work for effectively.

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Nirvaata Calming Serum | Irritated & Dry Skin | 30ml / 150ml

Nirvaata Calming Serum | Irritated & Dry Skin | 30ml / 150ml from AWE Cosmeceuticals

For relief for sensitive and irritated skin conditions. Containing natural powerful blends this calming serum is designed for everyday use on the skin to restore skin cells, giving them a healthy barrier that eases redness and inflammation.

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Essential Oil Dosha Blends | 20ml

Essential Oil Dosha Blends | 20ml from AWE Cosmeceuticals

AWE’s 100% essential oil blends are personalised to suit the three Ayurvedic Doshas; Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Choose from VATA, to calm and relax, PITTA, to cool and calm or KAPHA, to energise and motivate.

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Kansa Wand Small & Multi Oil Pack

Kansa Wand Small & Multi Oil Pack from AWE Cosmeceuticals

Use the sacred metal of Kansa to help you create soft, supple skin that is detoxified and glowing! The Kansa wand helps improve your circulation, minimising the signs of ageing and improving lymphatic flow, expelling toxins and restoring energy, promoting restful sleep and relieving muscle aches and pains.

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AWE Review | Pros and Cons


  • Secure. AWE is a protected website meaning that your details are kept safe.
  • Sustainable. AWE supports sustainable ingredients and packaging which are biodegradable, with their formulas also being considered ‘grey water’ safe and should not negatively impact the environment.
  • Ethical. AWE’s products are opposed to animal testing.
  • Reviews. Read reviews and look up star ratings on products so you can make an informed decision on your next AWE purchase.
  • Shipping. Free shipping is available.
  • Blog. Read AWE’s blog posts and found out information on Auryvedic learnings and ingredients and how it benefits the body.


  • Chat. No live chat is available for immediate questions. However, you can contact them HERE.
  • Price. Items are in AUD.
  • Refunds. AWE does not provide refunds if you simply change your mind on an item.

How can I get AWE free shipping?

If your purchase is over $150 AUD you will receive free delivery, with your order taking between 7 – 14 days. If your order is less, a flat rate fee of $20 AUD will be added at checkout.

What forms of payment does AWE accept?

  • American Express
  • Apple Pay
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Visa

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