How to turn 20 days of annual leave into 55 days of holiday time in Auckland in 2020

Auckland, here’s how to get yourself 55 days of holidays from only 20 days of annual leave.


Planning a trip overseas, but don’t want to use up your entire 20 days of annual leave in one go? Want to take multiple trips during 2020 but don’t know how to fit it all in? Well, we’ve done a bit of hacking and worked out how you can get seven trips out of next year without a single day of unpaid leave.

It sounds too good to be true, but with all the calculations done for you, all you have to decide is where your first destination will be. Will you discover the beautiful Pacific Islands or go further abroad with a trip to Europe or Asia?

When to plan your holidays in 2020

Book in annual leave for the days in italics. The other days are either weekends or public holidays.

Tikehau atoll, Tuamotu archipelago, French Polynesia


Wednesday 1 January (Public holiday: New Year’s Day)

Thursday 2 January (Public holiday: Day after New Year’s Day)

Friday 3 January

Saturday 4 January

Sunday 5 January

  • Holiday length: 5 days
  • Annual leave used: 1 day
  • Holiday suggestion: Cruise the Pacific with Princess Cruises

Saturday 25 January

Sunday 26 January

Monday 27 January (Public holiday: Auckland Anniversary Day)


Thursday 6 February (Public holiday: Waitangi Day)

Friday 7 February

Saturday 8 February

Sunday 9 February

Italy, Puglia, Polognano a Mare, view to historic old town


Friday 10 April (Public holiday: Good Friday)

Saturday 11 April

Sunday 12 April

Monday 13 April (Public holiday: Easter Monday)

Tuesday 14 April

Wednesday 15 April

Thursday 16 April

Friday 17 April

Saturday 18 April

Sunday 19 April

Monday 20 April

Tuesday 21 April

Wednesday 22 April

Thursday 23 April

Friday 24 April

Saturday 25 April

Sunday 26 April

Monday 27 April (Public holiday: Anzac Day)


Saturday 30 May

Sunday 31 May

Monday 1 June (Public holiday: Queen’s Birthday)

Tuesday 2 June

Wednesday 3 June

Thursday 4 June

Friday 5 June

Saturday 6 June

Sunday 7 June


Saturday 24 October

Sunday 25 October

Monday 26 October (Public holiday: Labour Day)

  • Holiday length: 3 days
  • Annual leave used: 0 days
  • Holiday suggestion: Spend the weekend down south with a Rotorua Canopy Tour


Czech Republic, Prague, Christkindlmarkt in Old Town Square

Wednesday 23 December

Thursday 24 December

Friday 25 December (Public holiday: Christmas Day)

Saturday 26 December

Sunday 27 December

Monday 28 December (Public holiday: Boxing Day)

Tuesday 29 December

Wednesday 30 December

Thursday 31 December

Friday 1 January (Public holiday: New Year’s Day)

Saturday 2 January

Sunday 3 January

Monday 4 January (Public holiday: Day after New Year’s Day)


  • Total holiday days: 55 days
  • Total trips away: 7
  • Total annual leave used: 20 days

You better get packing. With all these trips you’ll be a seasoned traveller in no time.

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