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25 NFT examples: See the variety and history

From music and memes to avatars and sports, NFTs come in many forms.

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NFT transactions are tracked on the blockchain and can never be altered. It’s a type of digital certificate that proves ownership and allows creators to receive royalties through smart contracts.

Each NFT is unique and, when traded, can mean a loss or gain in value. Most NFTs are on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-20 tokens, which are typically purchased with Ether (ETH), Ethereum’s native asset.

An NFT can be anything, but all NFTs are the same thing: a digital file on a blockchain.

1. Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days”

New York Times
Image source: New York Times

Mike Winkelmann — or Beeple — is an artist now known as one of the top-selling artists of all time, thanks to this NFT that sold for over $69M at auction at Christie’s.

Beeple is a big name in the NFT game, with multiple NFTs selling for millions of dollars. Another NFT called “HUMAN ONE” sold for nearly $30M.

2. CryptoPunk collection: the trailblazer

Larva Labs
Image source: Larva Labs

This is one of 10,000 unique, randomly generated pixel-punk NFT avatars, named CryptoPunk 4548, created by LarvaLabs. Each CryptoPunk has unique attributes, changing their value based on attribute rarities.

At the time of writing, the most expensive CryptoPunk was sold for 8K ETH, or $23.7 million. CryptoPunks is known as one of the first collections that pushed NFTs into the public eye.

3. Jack Dorsey’s first tweet

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s cofounder and former CEO, sold his first tweet as an NFT for over $2.9 million.

4. Pak: “The Fungible”

Larva Labs
Image source: Nifty Gateway

“The Fungible,” by artist Pak, is a collection of MP4s NFTs that sold for a grand total of $16,825,999 USD. The one above is called “The Switch,” an MP4 that’s 20 seconds long that sold for a whopping $1,444,444 as listed on Nifty Gateway.

5. “Clock” by Pak and Julian Assange Clock
Image source: “Clock”

This NFT was created by Pak and Julian Assange — the founder of WikiLeaks – which counts down the number of days Assange has been imprisoned. It last sold for 16,593.05878 ETH at auction, which is over $46 million at the time of writing, making it one of the most expensive NFTs sold to date.

6. “Bored Ape #2087”

Image source: OpenSea

Bored Ape Yacht Club, or BAYC, is a renowned NFT collection of 10,000 varied ape avatars. The “Bored Ape #2087” has been sold for 769 ETH, which is $2.1M at the time of writing.

Right now, it’s listed on OpenSea with a current bid of 6.64 ETH, which is around $18K.

7. Kings of Leon album: “NFT Yourself”

Opensea Kings of Leon
Image source: OpenSea

NFTs aren’t only limited to static art pieces — they can also be music files or even audiovisual pieces with real-life perks attached to them.

Kings of Leon created a project named “NFT Yourself” in collaboration with the marketplace Yellowheart, making them one of the first bands to release an album as an NFT. This collection features the album art and songs, plus the real-life perk of entry in a raffle where buyers could win front-row Kings of Leon concert tickets for life.

8. CryptoKitties: “Founder Cat #40”

Image source: CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties is a play-to-earn collectible card game built on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can buy, sell and breed virtual cats.

In 2017, the creators of CryptoKitties hatched the first Kitties, known as Gen 0, and cats in this first batch are also called Founder Cats. Founder Cat #40 has an estimated value of over $1,064,022.75, according to NFT Street.

9. Grimes: “Death of the Old”

Death of the Old
Image source: OpenSea

Grimes releases a lot of NFTs, and music is no exception. One of the audiovisual NFTs is called “Death of the Old,” featuring her original music, and it sold for over $300,000.

10. Eminem: “Shady Con”

Shady Con
Image source: Nifty Gateway

Eminem released an action figure NFT collection called “Shady Con,” featuring characters from his music videos and his original music. Some of the NFTs also came with physical items, like a rare pair of Eminem’s Carhartt Air Jordan trainer collaboration, according to NME. The “EMINEM” action figure sold for $313 on Nifty Gateway at auction.

11. Elon Musk’s NFT song about NFTs

Elon Musk created a music NFT that was a full two-minute song about NFTs. He didn’t release it, though, later tweeting that selling it didn’t feel quite right.

12. Splinterland trading cards

Image source: Splinterlands marketplace

Splinterlands is a collectible card game where players use NFT trading cards to battle other players. The cards can be sold on marketplaces, used to build powerful decks to win tournaments and earn cryptocurrency.

With over 300K users and 2.39 million transactions to date, according to DappRadar, Splinterlands is a top play-to-earn NFT game.

13. Axie Infinity: “Angel”

Image source: Axie Infinity

The Axie “Angel,” a mystic type, is valued at 1,580 ETH — a whopping $4.4M at the time of writing. It’s one of the most expensive Axies to date.

Axie Infinity is one of the first crypto games, where players collect axolotl-type NFT characters called Axies. Axies can battle, breed and be sold on marketplaces. Other in-game NFTs include Smooth Love Potions (SLP) used to breed and NFT trading cards to boost an Axie’s power in battle.

14. NBA Top Shot: “Derrick Rose Layup” clip

NBA Top Shot
Image source: NBA Top Shot

NFTs aren’t limited to trading cards or game characters — they can also be sport highlight clips. One of the highest valued clips is “Derrick Rose Layup,” valued at around $1,000,000 right now, listed on NBA Top Shot.

NBA Top Shot is a renowned marketplace that’s officially licensed by the NBA. This marketplace sells NFT video clips, trading cards and other official NBA digital collectibles. In a way, sport NFTs carry the same spirit as baseball cards, and many holders are avid fans and collectors.

15. Lionel Messi: “The Golden One” trading card

Image source: ONE37pm
To date, one of the most expensive soccer trading cards is “The Golden One” from Lionel Messi’s collection Messiverse. The card sold for over $1.2 million.

Sorare is one NFT marketplace that sells NFT trading cards of soccer players from over 200 officially licensed teams. These cards can be used to create fantasy teams to play in tournaments. Many sport NFTs are officially verified by clubs or teams and allow fans of a team or club to buy official merch and video clips.

16. Virtual real estate: Upland

Image source:

Upland is a real estate simulator game, where players can buy and sell NFT properties mapped according to the real world. With multiple cities up and running, including newly released Detroit, players roam the world to build property collections, build 3D structures on their land and hope to earn cryptocurrency.

There are many blockchain games based on virtual real estate — like Decentraland and Spatial.

17. Kyle Craven: “Bad Luck Brian” NFT

Bad Luck Brian
Image source: “Bad Luck Brian”

The famous meme’s subject Kyle Craven, who dressed up as corny as possible for yearbook day, rubbed his face with the sweater to make his face red and put on a goofy smile. The original image was posted on Reddit in 2012, where the image was quickly turned into a meme format and coined “Bad Luck Brian” as a way to describe unlucky or unfortunate events.

Craven minted the image, and it sold for $36,000, as reported by Business Insider.

18. Quentin Tarantino: “Royale with Cheese” screenplay

Tarantino NFTs
Image source: Tarantino NFTs

Infamous director Quentin Tarantino listed the handwritten screenplay of the “Royale with Cheese” scene from the movie Pulp Fiction as an NFT. It was sold to a fan for $1.1M in January 2022.

Tarantino’s NFTs are Secret NFTs, which means they have enhanced privacy and access features. This allows the NFTs to have hidden content in them. For example, the “Royale With Cheese” NFT’s hidden content is the scene’s original script.

The metadata, ownership history, access control and randomness are all secret with these special NFTs.

However, Miramax filed a suit against Tarantino, stating that the movie and script NFTs violate copyright laws, according to The Verge.

19. Louis Vuitton NFTs

Image source: Instagram @Highsnobiety

Louis Vuitton released a mobile game, “Louis the Game,” to commemorate its 200th birthday. In the game, the player has to collect 200 birthday candles. There are 30 NFTs in the game designed by Beeple. However, they can only be collected, not sold.

20. Burberry NFTs

Image source: Burberry

Burberry partnered with Mythical Games to create an NFT collection and game, “Blankos Block Party.” In the game are vinyl toys — Blankos — that have been minted on a blockchain.

When these NFTs went on sale, they were $299.99 each in the 750 Blanko collection on the Blankos Block Party marketplace.

21. Digital perfume

Image source: Fragrantica

Yes, it’s an image of a perfume bottle titled “Cyber Eau de Parfum.” No, you can’t smell it. Created by German studio Look Labs, it’s a unisex “fragrance” and was sold as an NFT for $18,000, as reported by Token Information.

22. Digital racehorses

Burberry Blessings
Image source: OpenSea: “Burberry Blessings” NFT for ZED RUN

ZED RUN is a horse racing play-to-earn game built on a blockchain. Players can race digital horses, buy and sell them on the marketplace and even breed them.

Prices for these digital horses vary. The example above has a current offer of 0.0071 ETH ($19.97) on OpenSea. However, special edition horses can run your pockets dry.

A limited collection in collaboration with The Preakness released 17 unique horses. The highest-value horse in that collection was sold for 47.25 ETH ($132,199.36), as reported by DappRadar.

23. AI-generated NFTs

AI Art House
Image source: OpenSea: “AI Art House #0728”

Artificial intelligence (AI), can also take part in NFTs. You could buy an AI that’s an NFT itself or buy an NFT that’s AI-generated.

A notable mention is the verified collection “Artificial Intelligence Art” on OpenSea. It features 1,000 unique, collectible NFTs — all created by an AI.

24. Doda: 3D body part NFTs
Image source:

Polish singer Dorota Rabczewska — aka Doda — took a 3D scan of her entire body, divided 406 parts into NFTs and put them up for sale. You can buy them on, which states: “You can now become an owner of part of my left foot, a chunk of my beautiful mind, unbanded index finger,” and other body parts.

25. Oleksandra Oliynykova: Partial elbow NFT
Image source:

Croatian tennis player Oleksandra Oliynykova sold an NFT that was a 15-centimeter section of her elbow on OpenSea for 3 ETH, which is over $8,000 at the time of writing. If you’re the owner of the NFT, you could place a tattoo on the NFT and Oliynykova would tattoo it on her body.

Bottom line

An NFT can be pretty much anything: as long as it’s an accepted digital format so it can be minted on a blockchain. Our list is only the tip of the iceberg in describing what NFTs can be. To be frank, there’s really no limit. Photography, avatars, memes, art, game characters, body parts — this is only the beginning.

NFTs have been around since 2014 but recently exploded in popularity. Most are speculating that the pandemic is responsible for the surge since many people were indoors and exploring more online spaces.

No matter the reason, it looks like NFTs are here to stay. However, it’s a volatile market. The value of any given NFT is largely driven by consumer interest, historical significance and accessibility.

If you’re interested in investing in or creating NFTs, remember it isn’t a guaranteed gain: Only put in as much as you’re willing to lose.

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