Best User Experience
Best User Experience
Most Convenient
With so many decisions to make in a day, you don’t always have the time to sort through all of your options when you need to send money fast. We worked to save you time and effort in figuring out who can provide you with the most convenient features based on what you need, including a range of sending and receiving options.


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Best User Experience

We measured and rated features that provide you with the most access. We considered availability in all 50 states, country and territory coverage and minimum and maximum transfer amounts required.The success rates of our live transfers strongly informed how we rated providers in this category. If we had trouble sending money, you likely would too. Providers offering variety of options to send and receive money were graded accordingly. Advantages like being able to send money with a debit or credit card, pick up cash or transfer funds without a Social Security number cater to a greater number of customers. If a provider limits your options or restricts how you can send money, you should know.

Most Convenient Methodology

Most Convenient

MetricScaleWiseWorldRemitXoomSharemoneyWestern UnionRIAMoneyGramWorld FirstPayPalCircleTransfastPangeaSmall World Money Transfer
Country and territory coverage1.0 (0–9); 2.0 (0–19); 3.0 (20–29); 4.0 (30–39); 5.0 (40–49); 6.0 (50–59); 7.0 (60–69); 8.0 (70–79); 9.0 (80–89); 10.0 (90+)
Available in all 50 states0.0 (No); 5.0 (Yes)
Maximum transfer per online transaction every 24 hours1.0 ($0–$1,000); 2.0 ($1,001–$2,000); 3.0 ($2,001–$3,000); 4.0 ($3,001–$4,000); 5.0 ($4,001–$5,000); 6.0 ($5,000+)
Single transfer transaction0.0 (Wire to provider); 1.0 (Digital wallet); 2.0 (single Transaction)
Minimum transfer per transaction0.0 ($100+); 1.0 ($75–$99); 2.0 ($50–$74); 3.0 ($25–$49); 4.0 ($0–$24)
Live transfer success rate0.0 (0% transfer success rate); 2.0 (50% transfer success rate); 4.0 (100% transfer success rate)
Can send funds through credit or debit card0.0 (No); 1.0 (Yes)
Does not require SSN for sign-up0.0 (No); 1.0 (Yes)
Does not require uploaded documentation0.0 (No); 1.0 (Yes)
Instant approval after sign-up (US customers)0.0 (No); 1.0 (Yes)
Can send funds by cash0.0 (No); 1.0 (Yes)
Can send funds over the phone0.0 (No); 1.0 (Yes)
Can schedule money transfer for later times0.0 (No); 1.0 (Yes)
Can set recurring transfer0.0 (No); 1.0 (Yes)
Forward contract (rate lock) available0.0 (No); 1.0 (Yes)
Can set target rate0.0 (No); 1.0 (Yes)
Receiver can pick up cash0.0 (No); 1.0 (Yes)
Can send with recipient’s email address0.0 (No); 1.0 (Yes)
TOTALWinners scored more than 32 points35.
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