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Fastest Transfer

Sometimes getting your money where it needs to go as soon as possible is the most important factor. We developed the Fastest Transfer Award to identify providers you can count on to get your transfer there on time. Because your time is valuable, we’ve also factored in the time in takes to set up your account and input transfer information.


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Fastest Transfer
Most providers claim they can get your money where it needs to go quickly. But “fast” is an imprecise measure. In an emergency, who can you rely on? And when will your transfer actually arrive to your recipient?
The only way for to discover who’s fastest is to actually send money to various countries and see what happens. We tracked a complete transfer — from the time it took to sign up and get approved by a provider to how long it took for the money to show up in our receiving account.For a few providers, a transaction occurs in several steps, affecting how soon the money is deposited in an account. For instance, with a mobile wallet like PayPal or Circle, you may receive funds in your mobile wallet immediately, but you still need to cash them out to your bank account. Other services, like Wise and World First, require you to wire money to their accounts before making the transfer.Take a look at our scorecard and see if “fast” is fast enough.

Fastest Transfer

MetricScaleWiseWorldRemitXoomSharemoneyWestern UnionRIAMoneyGramWorld FirstPayPalCircleTransfastPangeaSmall World Money Transfer
Shortest time to receive funds in bank account1.0 (>10 days);
20.0 (<24 hours)
Time to complete sign-up and input transfer details1.0 (5+ minutes);
6.0 (less than 1 minute)
Instant approval after sign-up (US customers)0.0 (No);
1.0 (Yes)
Single transfer transaction0.0 (Wire to provider);
2.0 (Digital wallet);
4.0 (single Transaction)
TOTALWinners scored more than 25 points21.
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