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Mist game guide

Battle monsters, create dungeons and earn: What we know about the upcoming RPG, Mist.


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Mist is an upcoming crypto, open-world role-playing game (RPG). It's blockchain-based, built on the Binance Smart Chain. It had a closed beta available in Q3 2021, and the official launch date hasn't been announced yet. The game is in development and unavailable for anyone to play at the time of writing, but here's the info we could wrangle up.

Mist game highlights

  • Undetermined launch date
  • Playable on Windows and Mac
  • Will be available on Steam
  • Open-world MMORPG
  • PvP and PvE
  • Player-created dungeons
  • Raids and quests
  • Nine classes and eight races
  • Class upgrades feel pay-to-win
  • Anonymous developers

What is Mist?

Mist is an upcoming blockchain-based MMORPG, being built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It's still in development, with no set launch date. Mist runs on the Mist NFT Game Framework (MNGF), an in-house game engine built using Unity.

When the game launches, it will be available to download from Steam. However, we're not entirely sure how this is supposed to happen, since Steam banned games built on blockchain technology or games that use NFTs and crypto in October 2021 — so we'll have to wait to see what happens with that.

The developers state they don't want to rely on Steamworks for downloads, and plan to make the download available on other platforms.

The closed beta had a minimum account holding requirement, giving access to early investors, specific influencers and partners. To date, there are nearly 30,000 members in its Discord channel — pretty impressive considering the game isn't out yet.

Mist GameImage source: Mist.Game

The game is classified as an action-adventure RPG, where you battle dangerous creatures, immerse yourself in a variety of environments, battle other players or check out player-created dungeons for loot.

Mist will have two factions, eight character races and nine classes.

By fighting and defeating monsters within user-created dungeons or on in-game land, the player and that property's owner receive a share of the loot. Minigames can also be created, allowing players a chance to earn player tokens, with the game owner also receiving a percentage.

In this massive open world, players can undertake many activities with a wide range of difficulty and player interaction. There will be raids, quests with friends or test skills in PvP (Player vs. Player) combat.

Assets within the game such as characters, mounts and pets are all NFTs, and can be traded via the in-game auction house, as well as third-party marketplaces outside of the Mist Metaverse.

Playing Mist

Mist isn't available to play yet, but here's what we know about the gameplay.

As an open-world action RPG, Mist offers players a variety of abilities and strategies to complete quests and defeat enemies in battle.

Much like any other RPG with races and classes, how you build your character decides strengths and weaknesses. The Crusader class is better at melee combat, Ranger is better with long-range attacks, and so on.

Mist GameImage source: Mist.Game

There are eight character races to choose from, each varying in appearance, values and typical roles in the world:

Race Description
Mousekin A mouse race known as pirates, gamblers, tricksters and renowned for their speed and sneak skills. Values intelligence and creativity.
Rhinokin A rhino race that avoids conflict when possible and prefers peace, but are known for high defense and heavy hits. Values peace and independence.
Elf Known for spiritual and shadow arts, cunning, intelligent and highly strategic in combat. Values discipline and success.
Orc Essentially the barbarian race, known as great warriors that wish to be victorious on the battlefield. Values honor and bravery.
Leonin Lion race that lives in prides, known for being protective, respectful and disliking outsiders. Values family and protection.
Fallen Complicated origin, used to be human but were infused with energy that made them in tune with the universe. Values knowledge and truth.
Dwarf Tough, hearty race known for its creativity and persistence. Values honesty and friendship.
Human Known for their ambition, optimism and persistence, and desire to help everyone. Values duty and responsibility.

To play a class, you'll have to buy an accompanying NFT to unlock its role. To play as a Witch Hunter, for example, you'll have to buy the Witch Hunter NFT.

The eight classes that will be available for purchase are:

  • Adventurer
  • Bard
  • Berserker
  • Crusader
  • Enchanter
  • Priest
  • Ranger
  • Shapeshifter
  • Witch Hunter

There are nine classes, and the Adventurer class is free to get, so if you want to start out without any investment that's the route to take.

You're able to upgrade your class, with each upgrade increasing your character's damage by 3%. Classes begin their adventure as a Tier 1, and max out at Tier 5 (Legendary). Fully upgraded, a Tier 5 character will deal 12% more damage than its Tier 1 counterpart.

Upgrade costs will be:

Tier 1 to Tier 2
  • Two of the Tier 1 NFTs
  • 2,000 MIST tokens
Tier 2 to Tier 3
  • Two of the Tier 2 NFTs
  • 8,000 MIST tokens
Tier 3 to Tier 4
  • Two of the Tier 3 NFTs
  • 8,000 MIST tokens
Tier 4 to Legendary Tier
  • Two of the Tier 4 NFTs
  • 16,000 MIST tokens

What is Mist's token?

The native currency to the Mist Metaverse is MIST. It will be used to purchase items and supplies within the game, repair equipment, purchase mounts, swap for NFTs and more.

The MIST token can be staked inside and outside the game to receive rewards. Additionally, you can use MIST to buy farmland, or create shops for players to purchase items from. This allows players to earn rewards in a more immersive, interactive way.

In order to stake MIST outside of the game, CafeSwap must be used for:

  • Going to the Farming pools.
  • Depositing MIST/BNB liquidity pair to earn BREW.
  • Entering staking pools.
  • Depositing BREW to earn MIST.

Staking inside the game, along with staking on other platforms, is slated for later release.

How to buy Mist token

Purchase MIST on a few exchanges, such as and PancakeSwap via the Binance Smart Chain, and then send it to your wallet while on the BNB network.

A simple way to get the MIST token is swapping BNB for MIST tokens on PancakeSwap. You can buy BNB on a variety of crypto exchanges, such as

The game is play-to-earn, so you can earn the token as you kill monsters, complete quests or sell items and NFTs while playing the game.

It looks like MIST may not be available to purchase on an exchange in the US.

You can still purchase MIST by using a decentralized exchange (DEX) instead. decentralized exchanges are web applications that run on blockchains like Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and allow users to trade any asset directly with one another.

Decentralized exchanges (DEX) are unregulated and run using autonomous pieces of code known as smart contracts. To use a DEX you must interact with the blockchain directly, which is not recommended for novice users. Please learn about decentralized exchanges first if you're unfamiliar.

How to purchase MIST using a decentralized exchange.
  1. Find MIST on a decentralized exchange and make sure MIST can be traded for BNB which is the native asset of Binance. The most popular DEX on Binance Smart Chain is PancakeSwap.
  2. Buy BNB to trade for MIST using an exchange like You will need to purchase enough BNB to swap for MIST as well as BNB to pay for transaction fees (known as gas) on the BSC network, which usually costs less than a dollar.
  3. Transfer the BNB into a a web 3.0 wallet like MetaMask to connect to the DEX.
  4. Trade BNB for MIST on PancakeSwap, following the instructions on screen. Make sure to leave enough BNB in your wallet to pay for gas.
  5. Wait for the transaction to finalize and the MIST tokens will arrive in your wallet.
  6. You may now keep the tokens in your web 3.0 wallet or transfer them somewhere more secure like a hardware wallet.

You can follow the same process when you want to sell your tokens, or come back to this page to see if they can now be traded on an exchange in the US.

Fees for trading are competitive, though can be high when withdrawing to an external wallet from the exchange.

There is a detailed knowledge base available on how features work, as well as university that teaches about various assets.

The company prioritizes security, marketing and design, but reviews suggest that customer service is lacking." PROS="Priorities security with a $750 million insurance fund;User-friendly user interface;Long list of features such as lending, borrowing, staking and crypto debit cards" CONS="Poorly rated customer service;Certain cryptocurrency support is geographically restricted;High withdrawal fees"]

How does play-to-earn work with Mist?

There a a few play-to-earn methods with the Mist game and the MIST token:

  • Create dungeons. Create a sandbox dungeon to attract other players, where they fight monsters and earn rewards. A percentage of the reward then goes to you, the dungeon owner. Landowners also receive a share of the loot when renting out their land that contains monsters.
  • Through gameplay. Complete quests, clear dungeons and kill monsters to earn.
  • Trading items. Sell items and NFTs on the in-game marketplace. NFT items and upgrades will be received as rare drops from powerful creatures, or from completing dungeons.
  • Staking. Stake the MIST token in the game through in-game businesses, or stake outside the game with one of Mist's partners.

What are Mist NFTs?

NFTs in Mist are functional and usable, becoming special items that benefit players by powering them up, granting in-game property rights, or making some tasks such as travel more convenient.

To obtain NFTs in Mist, you can defeat monsters, participate in in-game events, or purchase them on the auction house from other players.

Weapons, armor, pets and rare mounts are all examples of NFTs that can help you progress. They can also be farmed and sold to other players for in-game currency, MIST.

Mist GameImage source: Mist.Game

How to buy NFTs on Mist

The Mist NFT Marketplace is up and running, so you can visit it and purchase NFTs now if you wish.

To view the marketplace, go to Mist.Game and select MARKETPLACE from the main navigation menu. You'll see four options: My NFTs, Auctions, Items and Character Classes.

Mist GameImage source: Mist.Game

You need a MetMask wallet for purchases, and the MIST token. If you don't have a wallet, read our MetaMask guide for help in setting one up.

Select the NFT you want to purchase, and confirm the transaction via MetaMask.

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How to sell Mist NFTs

Mint new in-game items and sell them on the marketplace, such as swords, bows or armor.

Since the game isn't out, you can't do this quite yet, but once available, you need specific materials to craft and mint in-game items through skills like woodcutting, mining and more. Very Runescape-y.

For now, you can't sell anything since the game isn't launched, but the peer-to-peer marketplace is where you'll sell your Mist NFTs for MIST tokens.

About the Mist developers

At the time of writing, the Mist development team is anonymous.

However, the creator and lead developer's alias is Scythe — a developer with a background in robotics, artificial intelligence and indie game development. They have around 28.6K followers on Twitter, with the handle @ScytheMistDev.

The Mist FAQs state, "We would really like to be able to use our own names on Mist. It's still an ongoing discussion with the team to reveal ourselves, however some members of our team are in situations where their daily lives could get interrupted if their names become public."

The game originally started as a passion project, and now has multiple developers from around the world.

The Mist site further states, "We can confidently say that you may have played some of the games that our team members were involved in one way or another."

Mist roadmap

Mist was originally slated for full release in Q2 of 2021, but that was turned into a Q3 2021 closed beta.

The Mist developers went through a complete rebrand, with new ideas and project goals, pushing out the launch date.

To keep up with news and updates on Mist's development, it has multiple social media accounts including Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, Discord, Medium and Reddit.

Bottom line

Mist feels like a true MMORPG compared to other action-adventure games we've seen, but since the game isn't done yet, it's hard to judge.

The launch date wasn't only pushed forward, but completely changed to a closed beta. And with no real news on when it'll be released, Mist might lose some hype and engagement.

However, the classes and races are interesting, you can play with friends, create your own dungeons, minigames and more. There appears to be many facets to the game, but it might end up being more pay-to-win in the end.

You have to pay thousands of MIST tokens to upgrade your character for a measly 3% damage increase each tier — and if you want a class other than Adventurer, you must buy a class. That's a little outside the norm for classic RPGs, where choosing a race and class is normally the first thing you do and comes with standard character creation.

Once there are more updates for Mist, we'll update this guide. For now, check out other crypto games available to play.

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