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Metamon Island game: How to play and earn

A play-to-earn mini-game where the loot and characters are NFTs.


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  • Free to start playing
  • 4500 UPX signup bonus for Upland property NFTs
  • Buy and sell NFT properties
  • Earn crypto and USD in game

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Metamon Island is a blockchain-based single-player mini-game centered on a play-to-earn model. It features simple gameplay with an overall design that recalls both older flash games and modern mobile games through bright colors and bold, heavy-lined NFT characters.

  • Skill not required
  • Pay to play
  • Open marketplace
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Earn rewards — win or lose

What is Metamon Island?

Metamon Island is a single-player game designed by Radio Caca and launched in October 2021. Radio Caca tweeted a month later that Metamon Island had racked up 10,000 daily users, operating on the play-to-earn model.

The game incorporates nonfungible tokens — or NFTs — in gameplay with characters and items available through an open marketplace that supports trading, selling and collecting.

Metamon Island is built on the Binance Smart Chain, and its native token is RACA. There's another currency, called u-RACA, used to start battles. One RACA is equal to one u-RACA, which you can exchange in the game.

Metamon Island is set to be integrated into the Universal Metaverse (USM), in beta as of January 2022. The USM, also called the United States of Mars, is a 3D world where players can own land, explore art galleries, play games and more.

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Playing Metamon Island

At least one Metamon NFT is required to play the game. You do need a crypto wallet to play, and the two supported wallets are MetaMask and WalletConnect.

Go to Radio Caca's NFT Marketplace, connect your wallet and purchase a Metamon or egg. Note that eggs might hatch to reveal a Metamon, though it's not guaranteed.

Purchase additional Potions or Eggs at the marketplace or earn them through gameplay.

With the Metamon in your wallet, you can open the game. You'll need at least 50 u-RACA in your wallet to enter the Beginner Battlefield.

Battle offers three Battlefield levels, each requiring different levels to enter:

Battlefield Level Metamon Level Requirements Cost to enter
Beginner Levels 1 to 20 50 u-RACA
Intermediate Levels 21 to 40 100 u-RACA
Advanced Levels 41 to 60 200 u-RACA

The u-RACA cost increases when you enter higher-level Battlefields as well.

Once you choose a Battlefield and pay the fee, you can either choose a specific Metamon to battle or opt for a random matchup. Matches are turn-based and play out automatically.

The matches typically last under 30 seconds. You can choose to skip the match and jump to the results, allowing you multiple matches in minutes.

At the time of writing, you can't select the moves that your Metamon uses against the opponent. Because everything plays out for you, your skill level isn't a factor. Your Metamon's stats and your opponent's stats determine the outcome of the battle.

Win or lose, each match earns you Metamon experience points (EXP) and Metamon Fragments — though winning a match earns you more EXP and Fragments than losing.

Collect 1,000 Metamon Fragments, and you can mint them into an Egg, which hatches into either:

  • 1 Metamon
  • 2 Potions
  • 1 yellow Diamond
  • 1 purple Diamond

The EXP that your Metamon earns is used to level it up. Once your Metamon earns enough EXP to level up, you need a Potion to make it happen, which you can either buy at the marketplace or earn by hatching Eggs.

You can sell NFTs earned in-game on the Radio Caca marketplace.

Each Metamon has 20 Energy. One battle costs 1 Energy, so one Metamon can battle up to 20 times in a day.

A Metamon restores all its energy automatically at midnight UTC. There's no other way to restore energy currently.

What is Metamon's token?

RACA is the in-game currency, with a total supply of 432,955,500,084.

RACA is used to buy u-RACA in the game, which you need to enter battles. RACA can also be used to make purchases on the Radio Caca Marketplace.

How to buy Metamon's token

You can exchange USDT, WETH, BUSD and other cryptocurrencies for RACA on multiple crypto exchanges. A few include, KuCoin, Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

The most common trading pair of RACA is RACA/USDT, so buying some Tether (USDT) to swap may be the easiest route. You can buy USDT with fiat on multiple crypto exchanges, such as, then swap that crypto for RACA to play Metamon Island.

Find an exchange to buy, sell and trade RACA by comparing deposit methods, supported fiat currencies and fees. Select Go to site to sign up directly with the provider.

Name Product Deposit methods Fiat Currencies Cryptocurrencies Offer Disclaimer
KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange
Bank transfer, Credit card, Cryptocurrency, Debit card, P2P


Sign up through Finder and get a free 14-day VIP upgrade to reduce your trading fees. T&Cs apply.

How does play-to-earn work with Metamon?

Like most cryptocurrency play-to-earn games, how much you earn depends on how often you play — and how often you can play. It's an investment of time and money. The two main earning methods are:

  1. Battle. Battling your Metamon earns you rewards and experience points, win or lose.
  2. Trading NFTs. You can list your Metamon NFTs for sale on the Radio Caca Marketplace for RACA.

If you have multiple Metamons, you might be able to play all day. But with only two Metamons, you're limited to 40 battles daily.

How much you earn varies too. A low-level Metamon can earn some 3 EXP to 5 EXP per battle, depending on whether you win or lose the match.

The level of your Metamon can also determine the rewards. Earned Fragments also fluctuate by match, but you can typically earn 20 to 60 Fragments in the Beginner Battlefield. What you can earn also depends on the rarity of the Metamon you battle.

If you aim to farm Eggs to sell on the marketplace, then it's a good strategy to focus on winning battles to earn Fragments to mint. You can also attempt to farm Diamonds to sell and upgrade Metamons to list on the marketplace.

The game includes an icon for what appears to be an upcoming Farming mode, though there's little information save for a note that it's coming soon. Farming mode is set to be released soon.

What are the Metamon NFTs?

There are four NFTs in Metamon Island: Metamons, Eggs, Potions and Diamonds.


Metamons vary in design, rarity and features. They also have a scare level, which is its attack power.

The five Metamon features are:

  • Luck
  • Courage
  • Wisdom
  • Size
  • Stealth

Metamons rarity levels are:

  • N (normal)
  • R (rare)
  • SR (super rare)
  • SSR (super-super rare)

The rarer the Metamons, the higher their worth — and battling rarer Metamons can earn you more rewards.


You need at least 1,000 Fragments to mint an Egg. You can hatch Eggs in-game or sell them on the marketplace.


Potions are used to level up your Metamons once they've earned enough EXP. One Potion is required for each level.

When you hatch an Egg, you have the highest probability of getting two Potions.


Diamonds can either be yellow or purple.

Purple Diamonds are rarer than yellow, and are worth more RACA. These are used to upgrade your Metamons.


How to buy NFTs on Metamon

Go to Radio Caca's NFT Marketplace to purchase NFTs. You need a digital wallet, and there are over 500,000 unique Metamons.

There are also Metamon NFT drops available on the marketplace, and you need the currency RACA to make a purchase. Connect a crypto wallet and purchase the required RACA to make the purchase. You can connect one of the following wallets to the marketplace:

  • MetaMask
  • WalletConnect
  • Token Pocket
  • Math Wallet
  • Trust Wallet
  • Binance Wallet
  • Coinbase Wallet

We will say that the Radio Caca marketplace isn't very user-friendly, and selecting anything on the marketplace opens a new tab, filling up your browser super quickly. Even just selecting an NFT on the market opens a completely new tab, and we had many "reload" errors while exploring the market. Some things on the marketplace simply didn't work or load correctly, either.

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How to sell Metamon NFTs

You can also sell your Metamon NFTs on the Radio Caca Marketplace for RACA. Many other players sell Metamons and Eggs, with many Metamons floating around the 200,000 RACA price point (around $100 USD).

To sell an NFT, navigate to My Artworks and select a crypto wallet to connect to the marketplace, then select the NFT you want to list for sale.

About Metamon developers

Radio Caca is a Web3 development company that built the Metamon Island minigame.

The company has some notable partners, including Protocol Labs, an open-source blockchain development company.

You can view the Radio Caca DAO members, but it's just images — no names or biographies are supplied on the site.

The CEO of Radio Caca is Jeff Watney, we think. The LinkedIn profile has no picture, no bio and the only job listed for Watney is CEO of Radio Caca for one year.

Overall, there's not much information on who is really behind Radio Caca, Metamon Island and the other associated projects such as the upcoming metaverse USM.

Metamon roadmap

There isn't too much information on planned updates for Metamon, and the Radio Caca site is mainly showcasing updates for its upcoming metaverse USM. This isn't super surprising, though, as Metamon is classified as a minigame that's set to integrate into the upcoming metaverse project.

The only real update we could locate was a Farming mode for Metamon.

Bottom line

Metamon Island is a fast-paced game that doesn't require skill. But it's fairly new, so expect more updates and information — including a soon released Farming mode — as it's integrated in the USM.

But know that this game is pay-to-play. You're required to purchase Metamons to play, and you must pay u-RACA to start a battle. Rewards come in the form of experience points and Metamon fragments which you use to create new Metamons to sell, so turnover may not be great if you struggle to sell on the marketplace.

Additionally, the Radio Caca Marketplace is far from impressive. It's full of errors and it's difficult to navigate. So if you plan on selling Metamon NFTs for a profit, keep that in mind.

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