Xumo free streaming review : Channels, features and more

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Get more out of free TV with 180+ channels, movies and viral videos to choose from.

Xumo is a curated streaming service that tailors your viewing experience with original TV channels specifically created for the digital world. Though you have an endless supply of content to watch with Xumo, you’ll still have a commercial or five to sift through.


Service typeOn-demand streaming
Free trialNo
Pricing starts atVaries
Lock-in contractNo

Pros and cons


  • 180+ channels
  • Free
  • Access to on-demand libraries


  • Commercials

What features does Xumo offer?

Aside from offering a completely free streaming service, Xumo offers a few other features that enhance your viewing experience.

AirPlay casting

If you already have a mobile device that Xumo is compatible with, but you want to watch from a larger screen, then you can use Airplay to cast whatever you’re watching with Xumo onto the closest smart TV.

Original channel lineup

From its main page, Xumo allows anybody who creates videos the ability to become a channel partner. That kind of leniency can explain the abundance of original TV channels provided by Xumo.

Tailored recommendations

Xumo collects viewing data to create a tailored viewing experience for you. It will build your library with recommended TV shows and movies based on your previous searches and viewing selections.

What devices is Xumo compatible with?

Xumo is a streaming service that is compatible with well-known devices from the likes of iOS, Android and Google as well as other lesser-known devices to cater to an international audience.
Here is a list of your device options for streaming with Xumo.
  • Smart TV devices
    • LG TV
    • Hisense TV
    • Panasonic TV
    • VIZIO TV
    • Sanyo TV
  • Mobile devices
    • iOS
    • Android
  • Desktop and laptop devices
    • Windows
    • Mac
  • Other devices
    • Roku
    • Chromecast
    • Amazon Fire TV Stick
    • Screencast

Special device note:
Any LG Smart TV has free access to a Xumo app called Channel Plus or LG Channels. It gives you remote-free control over your viewing experience on a smart TV you already have.

How much does Xumo cost?

Xumo is a free streaming service that you have access to across multiple devices. It’s also available internationally.

What can I watch with Xumo?

When you stream with Xumo, there are 180+ channels for you to choose from including live TV events, stand-up comedy and reality TV.

A few channels you can expect to find on Xumo include:

  • Fuse
  • The Asylum
  • Family Feud
  • Vanity Fair
    • Wired
    • ABC News
    • Adventure Sports Network
    • PGA Tour

What Internet speed does Xumo recommend?

In order to watch your favorite content at optimal quality, Xumo recommends using an Internet speed of at least 10Mbps.

How much data does Xumo use?

You will need an Internet connection to watch Xumo from any device other than an LG smart TV, so streaming won’t chew into your data. Unless your Internet plan has some kind of data cap, you are able to stream as much free HD content with Xumo as you want.

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Expert review

If you’re interested in an alternative to traditional cable and don’t feel like committing to a monthly fee, then Xumo might be your way out. Since its creation, it’s become a beloved platform to watch free content from your favorite TV shows and movies to viral videos and live sports events. It’s free, so keep that in mind when the lack of fresh content gets you down.

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