International Money Transfers with Currencies Direct

Use Currencies Direct to get more out of sending cash overseas with solid deals and no hidden costs.

Currencies Direct offers fast and efficient international money transfers through updated exchange rates and great deals. It treats its customers as partners, understanding what’s important and then helping them with transactions on the phone or online.

Currencies Direct believes in beating the fees, rates and hidden costs that banks eat when sending money abroad. Offering a simplified process for transferring money overseas since 1996, it boasts years of testimonials that highlight its service delivery.

Currencies Direct International Money Transfers

Currencies Direct International Money Transfers

Want an easy way to monitor exchange rates and get maximum output for monetary conversion? Currencies Direct might be just what you’re looking for.

  • No fees for 90% of its transactions.
  • Worldwide service.
  • Competitive exchange rates.
  • Low minimum transfer amount.
  • Supports big transactions at a seemingly unlimited max.

    Exchange rates when using Currencies Direct

    Currencies Direct is ideal for both personal and business customers. Its competitive rates promise to beat bank rates to save you up to 5% on international transfers. It keeps a close eye on exchange rates to ensure you get the best deal.

    Its rate watch service allows you to specify your ideal exchange rate range so that you can be notified by email as soon as the rate hits, allowing you to act immediately. And it updates global exchange rates every 15 minutes for reliable, up-to-date data.

    If you have the time and patience, Currencies Direct’s limit orders let you set a specific rate for the amount of money you want to exchange. When that rate finally hits, simply respond to the notification with your authorization, and the exchange will proceed immediately without a hassle. Users speak highly of this service, as well as Currency Direct’s easy-to-use website. An operator will even walk you through the process by phone.

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    What fees can you expect to pay when using Currencies Direct?

    Currencies Direct believe in avoiding hidden fees, or delaying transfers to pocket some additional cash. One of the first steps you will have to take in using Currencies Direct, is to create an online account with them.

    There are no costs or monthly charges in creating or maintaining account, only transparent fees attached to sending money. Currencies Direct do 90% of their transactions for free and tell you upfront about any costs involved when sending money overseas.

    They also have a service for online retailers operating in international marketplaces. Its called the E-tailer account. Below are some screenshots of fees for different marketplace locations around the world.

    USA accounts:

    Type of feeFee cost
    Account setup fee:$0.00*
    Monthly account fee:$0.00
    On-demand electronic payment report:$0.00 up to 12 months old
    Transaction charge/wire fee:$14.00
    Payment investigations fee (per hour):$0.00
    Receiving fee on all credits:$0.01% of the value

    Currencies Direct may charge an additional fee when you forward US dollars from a Currencies Direct receiving account in your own US dollar account without a foreign exchange conversion.

    *Minimum monthly sales are required to qualify for this.

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    What are the minimum transfer amounts and available currencies?

    To get a minimum and maximum transfer amounts for personal use, you will need to fill out the online form on Currencies Direct and get a quote on the transfer you would like to do. Below is listed the supported currencies you can send and receive money with when using Currencies Direct.

    USD (US dollar)HUF (Hungarian Forint)
    AUD (Australian dollar)ILS (Israeli New Sheqel)
    CAD (Canadian dollar)JPY (Japanese Yen)
    EUR (Euro)MXN (Mexican Peso)
    GBP (Pound sterling)NOK (Norwegian Krone)
    NZD (New Zealand dollar)OMR (Omani Rial)
    AED (UAE Dirham)PLN (Polish Zloty)
    BWP (Botswanan Pula)QAR (Qatari Rial)
    CHF (Swiss Franc)RUB (Russian Rouble)
    CZK (Czech Koruna)SAR (Saudi Riyal)
    DKK (Danish Krone)SEK (Swedish Krona)
    HKD (Hong Kong Dollar)SGD (Singapore Dollar)
    HRK (Croatian Kuna)THB (Thai Bhat)
    TND (Tunisian Dinar)TRY (Turkish Lira)
    ZAR (South African Rand)
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    What transfers options do you have with Currencies Direct?

    Currencies Direct offer a couple of options to personal and business users for doing international money transfers. When using these services, you will be able to speak to customer support on the phone or through email if you need help at any time of completing the process. Currencies Direct also has a level 1 safety rating, and are authorized by all necessary legal entities for the services they provide. Personal services include the following:

    • Spot contracts.
    • Forward contracts.
    • Regular transfers.
    • Limit orders.
    • Rate watch.
    • Buying or selling overseas property.
    • Online money transfers.
    • Emigration (sending money ahead without worry).
    • Travel money and international study travel money.

    Businesses services when using Currencies Direct include the above, as well as:

    • Stop orders.
    • E-tailers.
    • Suppliers payroll.
    • Multiple payments.
    • Risk management.
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    How can you send and receive money using Currencies Direct?

    Before carrying out any transfers with Currencies Direct, you will need to register an online account with them. There’s no need to worry about costs, as each account is free and has no maintenance cost involved. The only charges you will experience will be for certain transfers, but most of these will be free as well.  You can send currency or make payments to more than one recipient with your account. It will work as follows to register an account:

    1. Specify the transfer options you are interested in along with your email.
    2. Enter your personal details for your personal account.
    3. Confirm and activate your account.

    How will it work for you to send money overseas?

    1. You will need to complete the process above, whether you will be sending money through your online account or whether it will be over the phone.
    2. Specify the currency, amount and location to where you want to send an amount.
    3. Make your payment to Currencies Direct.
    4. The funds are sent as soon as they are received, without unnecessary delay. Times to popular locations range from 24 to 48 hours.
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    What are the benefits and drawbacks of using Currencies Direct?


    • Send and receive funds from abroad.
    • Create an account and send money from supported locations and currencies.
    • Interbank rates that are updated every few seconds.
    • No fees for 90% of transactions.
    • International transfer services for businesses.
    • Book rates in advance.
    • Competitive exchange rates that save money.
    • Excellent customer support history.
    • Supports big transactions like property sales.


    • Not all global currencies are supported.
    • No cash pickup options specified.
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    Currencies Direct offer more than just international money transfers

    Currencies Direct are concerned about more than just personal money transfers overseas. They offer the following services as well:

    • Overseas property. Remove the complications with currencies exchanges when dealing with overseas property.
    • Emigration. Eliminate the worries of foreign exchange when using the Currencies Direct Emigration service.
    • E-tailers. This is a Currencies Direct product that helps online retailers with their international transfers.
    • Business Services. Currencies Direct offers businesses services that include market views, cash management, risk management, deal executions, making payments internationally and also has premier business accounts available through various location zones.
    Rates last updated January 20th, 2017

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    Save money on your personal or business international money transfer today. Fill in the form and you’ll be contacted by a foreign exchange expert to have an obligation-free discussion about your options.

    With over 17 years of foreign exchange expertise and over $100 billion transferred, OFX can help with all your currency exchange needs, including:

    • Buying property abroad
    • Emigrating
    • Regular overseas payments
    • Risk management
    • Forecasting

    Min. Transfer Amount Transfer Speed Services Online Transfer Fee Rate Amount Received
    USD 100 2 days Online, Phone Go to site More
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    Have more questions about Currencies Direct?

    Why do you need to register with Currencies Direct to do a transfer?

    When you register you get access to the Currencies Direct online system that allows you to easily send and receive international funds. This also gives you access to an account manager that who can give you some live market quotes of the phone. Registration is free and has no maintenance or hidden fees.

    Can you trust Currencies Direct with your money?

    They are registered with the FCA which means your money is protected by their code of ethics. The money is kept in a segregated account so that your money is not used to run the business.

    How long do transfers take?

    This depends on where you are sending funds and the time it takes for you to settle on a quote with Currencies Direct. Sending money to Europe, for example, has taken only a day in the past, but can generally be expected to take between 24 and 48 hours.

    Can you receive money from overseas?

    Yes you can, you only need to specify the amount you will receive and where the foreign money needs to be allocated.

    How are exchange rates calculated?

    Exchange rates are bought at a wholesale rate and these savings go to making customer’s transfers possible. The rates change every few seconds but the agreed upon rate will remain once it is decided.

    What fees will you need to pay when using Currencies Direct?

    The majority of the transactions, about 90%, are done for free.

    Currencies Direct has years of experience in the international money transfer game and with their promise to beat the banks and save up to 5% on overseas transfers, it’s a strong contender to consider for your next personal currency exchange.

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