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Citi Credit Cards

Enjoy attractive cashback rates and savings as you spend on dining and shopping with a Citi Credit Card.

If you’re in the market for a Citi credit card, you could benefit from a range of rewards while you spend. Citi is a name you can trust: it’s a long-established player in the credit card market, with a global banking presence that serves customers across the globe.

Read on to compare the top Citi credit cards available to Hong Kong residents.

Compare Citi credit cards

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Name Product Annual Fee Fee Waiver Annual Interest Rate Minimum Annual Income
Citi PremierMiles Card
Citi Prestige Card
Citi Rewards Card
Citi Rewards UnionPay Credit Card
Citi Octopus Platinum Credit Card
Citi Cash Back
Citi HKTVmall Credit card

Compare up to 4 providers

Types of Citi credit cards

Citi offers several rewards cards that help you get more out of your everyday spending. Let’s take a closer look at the leading Citi credit cards:

  • Cashback cards. If you are looking to get the most from your credit card rewards, consider the Citi Cash Back Card which offers an attractive 1% rebate on everyday spending, and 2% rebate on global dining and hotels including foreign currency spending.
  • Reward cards. Your points will never expire with the Citi Rewards Card, awarding you up to 10X points throughout the year. Choose between Mastercard and UnionPay when you apply for a Citi Rewards Card. Elsewhere, the Citi HKTVmall Card lets you take advantage of a 5% discount at HKTVmall every Thursday. This card makes it easy to offset your spending directly after you pay by using Citi Pay with Points.
  • Cashback and rewards. If you frequently shop online, consider applying for the Citi Octopus Platinum Card, which earns HK$1 Octopus Cash Rebate for every HK$200 and 15% rebates on public transport fare. This also gives you access to the Octopus Rewards programme, unlocking further benefits at any outlet which displays the Octopus Rewards icon.
  • Premium travel cards. Get an exclusive mileage earnings rate as well as unlimited access to airport lounges around the world with the Citi Prestige Card. This premium credit card also offers complimentary travel insurance, as well as a free fourth night on any hotel booking. This card is also topped up with an annual thank you gift of 240,000 points (equivalent to 20,000 miles).
  • Airline miles cards. When the time comes to start thinking of airline miles again, you may want to apply for the Citi PremierMiles Card. This card earns Asia Miles and Avios which can unlock redemptions with partner airlines.

The benefits of a Citi credit card

  • Supplementary cards. All your supplementary cards participate in the main cardholder’s rewards scheme and you can share the benefits of your credit card with supplementary cardholders.
  • Dining, shopping and travel deals. Citi credit cards are typically eligible for special deals on online shopping, dining out and travelling. Receive complimentary travel insurance on travel bookings and discounts on top restaurants.
  • Easy cash rebates. Many of Citi’s credit cards offer hassle-free rebates. Simply spend as you normally would every day and see a proportion of your monthly spend credited back to your card statement at the end of the month.
  • Convert your credit card balance into cash. You can get cash out of your credit card instantly with Citi’s Cash Conversion Program. Instant cash can be conveniently paid back over a flexible period and there is no handling or early settlement fee.
  • Contactless & mobile payments. Pay easily and conveniently on a contactless terminal via Mastercard PayPass. Link your Citi credit card to your mobile phone with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay for an even more convenient way to pay.

How can I apply for a Citi credit card?

There are a lot of credit card choices with Citi and each card has different features. Think about your monthly spending and choose the credit card which will bring you the highest rewards and most generous discounts.

When you’re ready, head to the Citi Hong Kong website to begin your application.

Eligibility requirements

  • Age. You have to be 18 when you apply for a Citi credit card, but the bank states there is no maximum age limit for applicants.
  • Residential status. Hong Kong resident (permanent or non-permanent).
  • Income requirements. Citi has varying income requirements, depending on the credit card product you are applying for. The Citi Prestige Card required a minimum income of HK$600,000 while the Citi Cash Back Card has a minimum income requirement of HK$120,000 or more. Always check the income requirements for the card product you’re interested in.
  • Other requirements. You must be a full-time degree or diploma student of a Hong Kong Tertiary Institution to be eligible for the Citi Clear Student Card.
  • Credit history. Citi will evaluate your credit file and consider your current obligations to creditors before granting you further credit in the shape of a credit card account.

Necessary documents and information

  • Proof of identification. Once you’ve completed the application form, including your HKID or passport number, you will also be expected to submit a copy of your Hong Kong ID.
  • Evidence of assets or income. Employees can submit their latest payslip, a set of bank statements showing the last three months of salary payments or other proof of assets such as a fixed deposit statement. Self-employed applicants need to supply a Personal Tax Assessment or Profit Record and proof of assets such as a current fixed deposit statement.
  • Change of name. If you’ve changed your name you need to submit sufficient proof, for example, a Deed Poll.
  • Relatives of Citi employees. Applicants who have a relative or spouse that is either a director or employee at Citi Hong Kong are required to declare the name of the Citi employee that is known to them as well as the department where they are employed.
  • Foreign residents. If you are working in Hong Kong but not a permanent resident, you will need to submit additional documents, including your passport showing your full name, nationality and passport number. Foreigners also need to submit a copy of their Hong Kong visa as well as proof of employment which clearly states the duration of their employment.

Bottom line

It’s always a good idea to compare the Citi credit card range with credit cards on offer from other Hong Kong providers before you proceed with an application. Credit card products vary and each individual applicant has different needs and requirements, so, only apply for a Citi credit card once you are sure it’s a good fit for your spending and lifestyle.

Questions you still might have

Do I need to make a minimum monthly payment to my Citi credit card?

If you carry a balance on your Citi credit card, you will likely need to pay back a minimum amount every month. This calculates as a small percentage of your balance plus any interest accrued as well as any other charges and fees you occurred in that month.

How secure is my Citi credit card?

Your Citi credit card is secured on several layers. Citi employs 3D secure at participating merchants to prevent unauthorised use of your card. If your card is lost or stolen Citi can block any further transactions, so call the bank straight away.

Can I apply for a Citi credit card if I’m not a Hong Kong citizen?

Yes, you can apply for a credit card from Citi even if you do not have a permanent Hong Kong ID. However, Citi will typically request proof of your right to employment and your future employment prospects to verify that you have an income with which you can repay your card balance.

How do I register for online banking with Citi?

You can register for Citi Online Banking via your desktop web browser or the Citi Mobile App. Citi will send a one-time password authorisation code to you by SMS which will allow you to sign up for online banking. You can view your balance, payment due date and request online statements through internet banking with Citi.

Can I add supplementary cardholders to my Citi credit card account?

You can share your Citi card benefits with your friends and family by applying for a supplementary credit card on your account. Simply download the online application form and submit it to Citi, including proof of the Hong Kong ID of each supplementary cardholder.

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