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Gold Fever game guide

A survival RPG built on blockchain technology with combat, mining and more.

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Gold Fever is an ambitious project. It's an upcoming survival RPG, set in a fictional world with Adventurers and Tribals. You can either explore and mine for gold, or fight the invaders and reclaim your gold. Here's what we know so far.


  • Upcoming survival RPG
  • Built on Ethereum
  • Two factions

  • Multiple earning methods
  • Partial release planned for late 2022
  • Crafting, mining, combat and more

What is Gold Fever?

Gold Fever is an upcoming free-to-play NFT game, calling itself a survival RPG hybrid. In a nutshell, your goal is to find gold and survive in the harsh wilderness. Truth be told, it reminds us a lot of the game Rust.

Gold FeverImage source: Gold Fever

The game is set in a fictional jungle world during a gold rush, with surrounding islands and two factions: Adventurers and Tribals. The Adventurers want to find gold while defending themselves against Tribal attacks. The Tribals' goal is to kill the Adventurers to get their gold back and return it to the ancestral lands.

Within the Tribal faction, there are Forager, Sorcerer and Warrior roles. The Adventurer faction roles are Prospector, Medic and Hunter.

Each role is optimized for specific actions. For example, Prospectors are better at extracting gold whereas Hunters and Warriors are better at combat and physical pursuits. When you play, you earn Experience points and find items to develop and improve your character.

There are also threats outside of combat — starvation, wild animals, harsh weather and disease — that also affect you. From the looks of it, Gold Fever might be a hardcore survial game with actual earning opportunities. However, the game's partial release isn't planned until Q4 of 2022.

As of July 2022, there are over 26,000 members in the Gold Fever Discord, and over 65,000 Twitter followers. Pretty good for a game that's not yet released. Many up-and-running crypto games have a Discord following between 50,000 and 200,000.

Playing Gold Fever

Gold Fever isn't out yet, but the "Game of Diggers" launch is set for Q3 of 2022. The game's Twitter has frequently posted about the release in the last month.

At the time of writing, there's nothing for players to do. You can create an account, which will eventually function as your in-game wallet. Account creation simply requires a unique username, email address and a password.

You can't use the Gold Fever wallet right now, as it's in testing.

My accountImage source: Gold Fever

While much of the game is in development, here's what we know about the gameplay so far.

Gold Fever is a survival game at its core. It's also set to be an MMORPG, since you'll be able to play with other characters, run shops, mine for gold or attack villages. You'll need to seek shelter, craft items, defend yourself against wild animals and possibly engage in combat.

Your character will have five "elements" to maintain: Health, Energy, Food, Hydration and Conditions.

To keep your Health up, you need to eat, drink, sleep, and so on. Energy is your stamina, Food boosts your Health and Energy, and Hydration is required for Health and can give you an Energy boost when food is scarce. Conditions include poisoned, drunk and bleeding, and they affect your Health and Energy depending on the condition.

In addition to the game's aspects, there's gold — aka NGL, the game's fungible native currency — released across the whole map.

My accountImage source: Gold Fever, beta footage

If you're an Adventurer, you can create "Mining Claims" to earn gold, and owning a mine lets you create the combat rules for that area between the two factions. Whoever owns the Mining Claim receives the amount of NGL the Adventurers successfully mined.

You can also incentivize other Adventurers to mine in your area by offering them a portion of the successfully mined NGL. This creates a micro economy within the game itself.

If you're a Tribal member, your goal is to stop the Adventurers from mining more gold, and the Adventurers must defend themselves against you.

Aside from the gold mining and combat, there will be other main ways to play, depending on the faction you choose.

There are also planned functional structures, such as:

  • Landing strips
  • Donkey stables
  • Boat piers
  • Merchant shops
  • Repair shops

  • Banks
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels

What is the Gold Fever token?

The native token of Gold fever is NGL, or Native Gold. It's an ERC-20 token. This is the most important token for the in-game mechanics.

NGL is at the heart of the game and what players compete for. Adventurers unlock it through mining in the game, and Tribals get access by killing the Adventurers and destroying their equipment.

You can lock your NGL for temporary rights and privileges, or burn NGL for permanent benefits including discounts, exclusive items and events, Mining Claims and starting guilds. Additionally, you can rent items and equipment from other players if you don't have enough NGL.

My accountImage source: Gold Fever

Gold Fever's in-game economy is divided into a few different tokens, each providing a different function.


This is the traditional in-game currency — not a cryptocurrency — that one would expect to find in most games today. Buy it with local currency to use for microtransactions. It provides the game with a core layer of financial stability, and enables players to access Gold Fever through Steam.

Julius's Brain (JBR)

This is the governance token that is periodically airdropped to players. The airdrop is based on an algorithm that reads player reputation and game involvement, and more.

JBR will be used for decision-making and influences how the game will progress. It is also an ERC-20 token.

How to buy Gold Fever token?

Find an exchange to buy, sell and trade NGL by comparing deposit methods, supported fiat currencies and fees. Select Go to site to sign up directly with the provider.

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KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange
Bank transfer, Credit card, Cryptocurrency, Debit card, P2P


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Huobi Cryptocurrency Exchange
AdvCash, Cryptocurrency, Wire transfer, SWIFT



How does play-to-earn work with Gold Fever?

The main play-to-earn method in Gold Fever is by mining or getting NGL, aka gold. Here are the different ways you can try to earn in the game:

  • Exploring. You can head out into the wilderness alone or with friends to find gold and place Mining Claims.
  • Owning mining claims. When owning Mining Claims, you can set rules for battles between the Adventures and Tribal factions and earn gold that comes out of the mining claims.
  • Defend your land. If you join the Tribal faction, you can fight the Adventurers, get bonuses for killing them and destroying their equipment, or by taking back the gold they've mined.
  • Merchant. You can earn by crafting items and selling them, creating and leading guilds and investing in infrastructure.

Of course, you could combine many of these earning methods together. However, remember that what you're permitted to do and your earning methods depend on whether you choose to be in the Adventurer or Tribal faction.

Faction rolesImage source: Gold Fever

What are Gold Fever NFTs?

Gold Fever's NFTs are ERC-1155 tokens. These NFTs can range from your character (Adventurer or Tribal), artifacts and other rare items in the game.

Right now, there are only two items for sale on the item exchange. Seeing as you can't use your Gold Fever wallet right now, these appear to be test items. One item for "sale" is a horse, but is labeled as "Whiskey," and the other item is listed as "unknown item" and is clearly a boat.

We'll likely need to give the developer more time to flesh out the marketplace — a partial release of the full game isn't planned until the end of the year, and there are planned NFT drop sales in Q3 2022.

ExchangeImage source: Exchange

About the Gold Fever developers

Bitter Cherry Productions is developing Gold Fever. A newer crypto game studio, there isn't much information about it. Emilian Ciocanea is the founder and CEO, and Jan Szymański is the art director.

Ciocanea is a serial entrepreneur, with over 20 years experience in business development and management. He's been investing in crypto since 2016. Szymański has over 15 years of experience in game development, primarily working as a freelancer in designing graphical user interface, illustration, game assets, pixel art and other game development-related skills.

More information about Ciocanea and Szymański is available on The transparency of the people behind the game is always appreciated in this wild west of crypto gaming, but we do wish there was a tad more information about the history of Bitter Cherry Productions.

Gold Fever roadmap

The official Gold Fever roadmap is up for all to see on its main site. We're still waiting on the game's official release, but it also looks as if token holders will get early beta access.

Gold Fever's roadmap notes updates until the end of the year, which include:

  • Beta access for token holders in Q3
  • Multiple NFT sales in Q3 and Q4
  • Partial game release in Q4

Bottom line

Gold Fever looks promising. From the beta gameplay footage to the multiple features planned, it looks to be a hardcore survial game with earning opporitunities. However, there's still a lot to come.

Most of the NFT sales for the game are set to release later this year, before the official release. We'll update this page as new information is available.

For now, check out other crypto games to play right now.

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