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Review of bunq in France

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Open multiple bank accounts and transfer your money easily with bunq.

bunq is a mobile bank account that offers a number of convenient features. You can open multiple bank accounts with unique IBANs, and earn interest accross all your accounts. The bunq app is available in six languages, with all the security features and low fees you expect from a digital bank. While it may not cover all your banking needs, there are plenty of money- and time-saving features to help keep your finances on track.


Monthly fee


Domestic ATM fee


Currency conversion fee


Product Namebunq Premium
Monthly fee€7.99
Card deliveryUp to 10 days
Supported currenciesEUR
Domestic ATM fee€0.99
International ATM fee€0.99
Currency conversion fee0%
Fee-free ATM withdrawal limit10 withdrawals per month
Mobile paymentsApple Pay,Google Pay
Card typeMastercard,Maestro
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How does bunq work in France?

bunq is a Dutch neobank that operates in France and has seen widespread adoption, thanks to its innovative app and approach to banking.

With bunq, everything you do is managed through the mobile app, and there are no physical branches. bunq offers two paid accounts: bunq Premium and bunq Premium SuperGreen, an eco-friendly banking solution. Both accounts allow you to create up to 25 sub-accounts, each with their own IBAN to help better manage your money, and include fee-free spending abroad. In addition to its premium accounts, bunq also offers a fee-free travel card, which can be topped up and used for payments and withdrawals all over the world.

As a neobank, probably can’t meet all your banking needs (there is no overdraft available, no loans or lines of credit, no reglemented savings accounts (Livret A, LDDS) or other savings products (assurance-vie), and no direct debit options for paying bills or a mortgage). However, the bunq app has a number of useful tools for keeping your finances in order, facilitating payments and bookkeeping, and boosting your savings.

What features does bunq offer?

  • Three debit cards included. You can choose to use up to three types of debit card with your bunq account: a Mastercard, a Maestro card and a travel card.
  • MassInterest. bunq lets you earn interest on whatever money you have in your account, not just your savings account. Premium account holders earn 0.27% on any money held in their accounts which is paid monthly.
  • ATM withdrawals. You won’t be charged a fee for up to 10 withdrawals per month.
  • Create multiple accounts. bunq lets you create up to 25 bank accounts with their own unique IBAN. If you need more, you can create 25 more for 19 € per month.
  • Money transfers abroad with TransferWise. bunq’s partnership with money transfer service TransferWise means sending money abroad at competitive rates.
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can pay with bunq using your iPhone or Android.
  • Premium SuperGreen. Upgrade your account to unlock membership of its environmentally-friendly Green Card scheme. For 16.99 € a month you’ll get a metal card, and bunq will plant a tree for every €100 spent.
  • Personalised payment links. You can use to generate a link to send people who owe you money, and they can pay you back easily. They don’t need to be bunq customers.
  • Insights. Gain insights into your spending habits with automatic categorisation, to get a clearer picture on where your money’s going.
  • DualPin, to pay from two different accounts using just one card, depending upon the pin number entered.
  • TransferWise. Thanks to a partnership with the global money transfer company, you can easily and cheaply transer money to friends, family and businesses all over the world.

bunq Premium SuperGreen – An eco-friendly choice

bunq SuperGreen allows you to take advantage of all the great features of bunq Premium, while acting to help save the planet:

  • €100 = one tree planted. You’ll even receive a notification each time a tree is planted in your name and thanks to your payments.
  • A premium metal card, laser-cut from stainless steel, which uses 50% less plastic and lasts 50% longer than a traditional card.
  • Extended warranty and purchase protection on all Metal Card purchases.

Compare bunq with other digital banks in France

Data indicated here is updated regularly
Name Product Monthly fee Card delivery Supported currencies
VIALET Current Account
VIALET Current Account
Up to 7 working days


An IBAN account you can use to manage your money and spend in over 200 countries worldwide, fee-free, with free international transfers.
Monese Simple
Up to 3 working days


No monthly fee and no ATM fees up to€200 per month after which a 2% fee applies with a dual-currency bank account. Includes a Monese Mastercard and multilingual user support.
Revolut Standard
Up to 9 working days


Enjoy no monthly fees, no currency conversion fees up to Up to €1,000 per month, and the ability to hold over 15 currencies in your account.

Compare up to 4 providers

Data indicated here is updated regularly
Name Product Monthly fee Card delivery Supported currencies
bunq Premium
Up to 10 days


Enjoy a premium Visa card and multiple interest-earning bank accounts with unique IBANs at a competitive monthly rate.
N26 You
Up to 10 working days


Benefit from free ATM withdrawals around the world, an insurance package, and a 0% currency conversion fee.
VIABUY Online Account
VIABUY Online Account
Within 24 hours


A prepaid Mastercard card linked to an IBAN, providing simple payments and bank transfers in Europe.
bunq Premium SuperGreen
up to 10 business days


A current account with a premium metal Mastercard. Get all the advantages of a premium card, and help the environment at the same time.

Compare up to 4 providers

Data indicated here is updated regularly
Name Product Monthly fee Card delivery Supported currencies
bunq Travel card
up to 10 days


A no monthly-fee card that lets you travel and spend globally using real exchange rates. Includes security controls and simple payments.

Compare up to 4 providers

What fees and limits apply with bunq?

There are a few different costs and limits to be aware of with bunq. These include:

  • Monthly fees. A bunq Premium account costs 7.99 € per month, while the Premium Supergreen account costs 16.99 € per month.
  • Sending money in Euros is free, while sending money in any other currency is charged at TransferWise rates.
  • Premium and Premium SuperGreen account-holders won’t be charged for withdrawing cash at an ATM up to 10 withdrawals per month. Afterwards, it’s just € 0.99 per transaction.
  • Incoming SEPA transfers are totally free, although incoming non SEPA (outside Europe) bank transfers start at € 5.00.
  • You can share a bank account with a second card-holder for just € 2.99 per month.
  • 25 additional bank accounts are included with the Premium and Premium SuperGreen accounts. If you need more bank accounts, you can get an additional pack of 25 for €19 per month.
  • Accounts with more than € 100 000 are charged € 0.03 per month for each additional € 1 000.

    Is bunq safe?

    Any money you have with bunq is protected up to €100,000 by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme of the Dutch National Bank (DNB). If bunq were to go out of business, your money will still be safe.

    The card is also protected by a PIN which you choose yourself. If your card is lost or stolen, you can block it from the app within seconds and immediately order a replacement card.

    Pros and cons of bunq in France


    • The option of multiple bank accounts
    • 0% foreign currency exchange fee
    • Earn interest across all of your accounts and sub-accounts
    • Cheap international money transfers with TransferWise
    • bunq +1: Share an account or sub-account with another account holder for just € 2.99


    • No free bank account option (Only the fee-free travel card, which has a one-time shipping cost of 9.99 €, plus 0.5% charge on top-ups).
    • Maximum 10 withdrawals per month
    • Not appropriate as a primary bank in France (Dutch IBAN, no automatic withdrawals for rent and bills, no reglemented savings accounts (Livret A, LDDS, etc.)).

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