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DeFi Kingdoms game guide

Explore the charming kingdom, play to earn and mint NFTs.

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DeFi Kingdoms is a play-to-earn, medieval-style RPG featuring nostalgic pixel art. It's charming, easy to navigate and simple to start playing. All transactions use the native coin JEWEL, including buying heroes, summoning heroes, exchanging for xJEWEL and staking.

  • Requires MetaMask wallet
  • Hero marketplace open
  • Send NFTs heroes on quests to earn
  • Staking and pooling

What is DeFi Kingdoms?

DeFi Kingdoms is a crypto play-to-earn blockchain game, centered around NFTs and its native currency JEWEL. (Short for decentralized finance, DeFi means it's fintech based on public ledgers that aren't governed by a single entity.)

It's free to start playing, but you pay gas fees if you interact with the blockchain.

The game is built on the Harmony Protocol blockchain with its native coin One, and all transactions in game are with the native token JEWEL.

DeFi Kingdoms looks like a traditional pixel RPG. Players explore the Tavern, Bank or Garden, talk to the town crier and other wacky NPCs, all while investing and earning. Some compare the art style to Runescape, but our gut is that it's like indie, medieval games made on RPG Maker and the cozy game Stardew Valley.

DeFi Kingdoms is set in Gaia, a fictional world with detailed and captivating lore. The continent of Gaia was once united, but residents destroyed the land from over-farming. Those who stayed true to Gaia were transported to the Inner Grove, and a god separated the once-single continent. Over time, separate kingdoms grew and later reconnected.

Players enter the game in the Age of Heroes, where players farm JEWEL. Using mystical powers, they summon heroes back into the world to defend their JEWEL gardens and destroy corrupted monsters.

Playing DeFi Kingdoms

Get started in five steps:

  1. Sign up for the MetaMask wallet, which is required for gameplay.
  2. Deposit Harmony One tokens into wallet to cover gas fees and swap for in-game currency JEWEL.
  3. Go to the DeFi Kingdom's site and select Start Playing.
  4. Create a character name and select a profile image.
  5. Play by choosing where to invest time, energy and JEWEL.

By creating a character, you're mining an NFT — a transaction that requires paying a gas fee verified through your MetaMask wallet. You can't change your character's appearance (yet!), so choose wisely.

Locations in DeFi Kingdoms

The world of DeFi Kingdoms includes eight locations:

  • Tavern
  • Marketplace
  • Bank
  • Gardens
  • Portal
  • Wishing Well
  • Docks
  • Professions

Tavern: Buy, sell and rent NFT heroes

Go to the Tavern and talk to the NPC Agent Selina to buy, sell or rent heroes. Or talk to Barkeep Kessing to view or send heroes to another player directly.

Hash Rush fig 1Image source: DeFi Kingdoms, Tavern

A player can rent your hero and use its summoning points at the Portal, or rent out your own heroes to other players. When your hero is rented, it's placed on "cooldown" temporarily and its total summoning points decrease by one. You can't sell heroes that are on cooldown.

Talk to Barkeep Kessing to view the hero catalog — all heroes that are summoned so far — and send heroes to other players directly. The View Hero option allows you to type in the exact ID of the hero you're looking for and view it. Send Hero lets you type in the wallet address of someone else and send them heroes directly.

Marketplace: Swap coins, buy items and more

Players can talk to NPCs in the marketplace to complete actions in the game:

  • Crier Milo displays the DeFi Town Crier, a community newsletter. Check him out for the latest news in the kingdom.
  • Druid Lazarus opens options for entering pools. He helps you make seeds — or LP tokens — that represent a share in a liquidity pool. Plant these tokens in Gardens to earn rewards. All pools are subject to gain or loss.
  • Stylist Sandra doesn't offer much at the time of writing. For now, she says, "I'll chop your hair … " and makes your character uncomfortable. Soon, she'll be the one to go to if you want to change your profile picture.
  • Trader Matoya allows you to swap between multiple currencies, including Jewel, UDDC and ETH.
  • Vendor Zada offers items for purchase and can buy items from you that you earned from playing Professions. He will eventually sell Eggs, which can be hatched into NFT pets.

Bank: Stack coins with no risk

The Bank allows you to stake your tokens with no risk of loss through xJEWEL. Tokens in the bank are fully unlocked and claimed without withdrawal fees — aside from the gas fee for interacting with the blockchain.

Garden: Pool tokens

Stake liquidity pool tokens for liquidity mining rewards. Plant them by talking to Druid Lazerus, located in the marketplace. Putting in JEWEL locks it for a period of time, which depends on the speed of the blockchain. Over time, the percentage you can withdraw increases.

Wishing Well: Get Gaia's Tears for summoning and earn EXP

The Wishing Well is where you can get Gaia's Tears, which are used to summon more NFT heroes. Using the Wishing Well or doing the Gold Mining Profession quest are the only ways to get Gaia's Tears.

The Wishing Well is a quest, and each attempt spends five of your hero's stamina. Once the quest is completed, you're guaranteed EXP with a chance of Gaia's Tears.

Portal: Summon NFT heroes from Inner Grove

Visiting the Portal is how you summon new heroes. According to the official lore of the game, the Portal lets you bring back heroes that are sent to the Inner Grove. Heroes have a limited amount of times they can be used to Summon new heroes.

It's like breeding in other games — literally. The genetics of the two heroes you use to summon determines the stats of the new NFT hero.

Image sources: DeFi Kingdoms, Portal (left) and Infused Crystal (right)

Here's what you need to summon a new hero:

  • Two heroes — To summon a new NFT hero, you must own at least one hero. You can rent the other required hero for summoning at the Tavern or use two of the NFT heroes that you already own.
  • Summoning points — Each NFT hero has a limit to how many times it can be used to summon a new hero. The amount of points varies by hero.
  • Gaia's Tears — Determined by the ranks of your heroes you're using to summon a new one.
  • Infused Crystal — Created by the "energies" of the two heroes you're using, Gaia's Tears and Jewels.
  • Optional attachments — You can add more tears or enchanted stones to increase the stats of the soon-to-be-summoned hero.

Summon a hero in three steps:

  1. Talk to theArch Druid at the Portal to select the heroes you want to use to summon.
  2. After you've selected the NFT heroes you want and added tears or enhancement stones, the Arch Druid provides an Infused Crystal.
  3. Take the Infused Crystal to the Summoner to view your new hero.

Bloodlines, stats and class of the heroes you're using determine what hero you get during summoning.

Docks: Bridge assets

Docks provide a way to get to AnySwap, an official partner of DeFi Kingdoms. AnySwap is a cross-chain swap protocol that bridges assets between other chains, helping you to swap assets on different networks.

Send smart contracts, transfer tokens, smart contract events or data between different blockchains.

In a nutshell, the game allows for connectivity between different blockchains using the Dock.

Professions: Mine items and increase NFT hero skills

Send your hero to perform passive, noncombat quests: Gardener, Forager, Fisher and Jewel or Gold Mining.

Each profession comes with an associated skill, and the more a hero works at a specific profession quest, the higher the skill increases.

Heroes that complete profession quests that correlate with their genes can earn more rewards and cost less stamina per quest.

  • Gardeners: wisdom and vitality. Gardening takes place in your own garden primarily and increases the growth of the Jewel plants. Gardening increases the gardening skill, which leads to more rewards and a better chance of finding other resources.
  • Foragers: dexterity and intelligence. This Profession sends the hero out into the woods to see what they can find. There's a stamina cost and minimum time per attempt. A hero with Foraging as a main profession spells less stamina per attempt. Multiple heroes can be sent out to forge at one time.
  • Fishers: agility and luck. Fishing costs stamina, and minimum time per attempt. Increasing your hero's fishing skill results in a higher chance of getting better and more fish per attempt. You can also select fish to make potions.
  • Jewel miners: strength and endurance (in beta). Send characters to Jewel mines to find Jewel, Gold or rarer treasures. You can send up to six heroes at one time. Going to the Jewel mines increases a hero's mining skill, which allows them to mine longer without having to rest. If a hero reaches zero stamina, the quest ends. You're also required to select a Lead Miner, which determines the payout of the quest.
  • Gold miners: strength and endurance. To mine Gold, players can send a group of one to six heroes to get Gold or rarer treasures. If a hero reaches zero stamina, the quest ends. The Gold you get is determined by the hero's strength and endurance stats and whether its main profession is mining. Heroes have a chance of mining Gaia's Tears, Shvās Runes and Yellow Eggs.
Defi gameImage source: DeFi Kingdoms, Professions

What is DeFi Kingdoms' token?

DeFi Kingdoms is built on the Harmony blockchain with its native coin One, and all transactions in the game are with the native token JEWEL.

JEWEL is a governance and ulility token, meaning it's used for voting on the development and evolution of DeFi Kingdoms, can be used for staking, added to liquidity pools, and used to make multiple in-game purchases. The supply is limited to 500 million.

How to buy DeFi Kingdoms' token

JEWEL must be swapped for another cryptocurrency, such as ETH or USDT.

You can get the token by swapping it on MEXC, CoinEX, Hotbit, SushiSwap or a few other exchanges.

To get ETH or another cryptocurrency to swap for JEWEL, you can buy most currencies on mainstream exchanges, such as

Unfortunately, at this time no major exchanges in the US offer this coin. However, you may be able to purchase it with another cryptocurrency, just be sure you're following all legal restrictions and requirements.

Consider buying a different cryptocurrency after comparing popular exchanges.

How does play-to-earn work with DeFi Kingdoms?

DeFi Kingdoms has yet to launch many features, though you can do a lot right now to earn crypto:

  • Swap – Swap tokens in the game with the Trader.
  • Garden – Stake liquidity provider tokens to earn Jewel or other rewards. Some can be harvested right away, and the rest are buried deep underground in the garden, locked for a period of time depending on the speed of the blockchain.
  • Bank – Stake Jewel tokens for rewards. Deposit Jewel for xJewel, and the xJewel grows over time. Withdraw or deposit any time with no fees.
  • Heroes – Buy, sell, rent or breed heroes to sell at the marketplace.
  • Professions – Send your heroes on passive quests to earn rewards.

Land and Building features are set to be released soon, allowing players to buy plots and place buildings on them.

What are the DeFi Kingdoms NFTs?

The main NFTs in DeFi Kingdoms are the heroes.

Heroes in DeFi Kingdom come with multiple stats that are key in the game:

  • Hit points (HP) – A hero's health, which requires rest to restore.
  • Mana points (MP) – Used to cast spells and use skills. If MP reaches zero, the hero can't use more until they have a potion.
  • Stamina – Used to participate in quests. Stamina restores automatically.
  • Strength – Adds a multiplier to attacks and select actions.
  • Dexterity – Modifies attack damages with some weapons.
  • Agility – Relates to evasion and speed.
  • Vitality – Affects HP growth.
  • Endurance – Adds to defense.
  • Intelligence – Adds multipliers to skills, magic and evasion.
  • Wisdom – Adds multiplier to magic skills and attacks and determines how much MP is gained when leveling up.
  • Luck – Helps determine critical hits, increases chance of getting rare items and plays a small role in evasion during combat.

Stats are generated by the hero's class, stat bonus genes, rarity and bonuses applied during the summoning process at the Portal (which we cover later).

Knowing your NFT heroes' stats can help you determine which heroes to send during Profession Quests. Plus, stats help you narrow down what heroes you want to buy, sell and breed while visiting the Tavern and Portal.

How to buy NFTs on DeFi Kingdoms

To buy the Hero NFTs in DeFi Kingdoms, go to the Tavern and talk to the NPC Agent Selina to buy, sell or rent heroes.

Selecting Buy Heroes to view NFT heroes for sale in the in-game marketplace. The characters' information is displayed on the front and back of the cards, including stats, classes, skills, level, gender and more. Filters within the hero marketplace help you narrow your search.

To buy other NFTs available in the game, talk to Trader Zada, located in the Marketplace.

Compare marketplaces to buy game NFTs

Name Product Categories Blockchains Payment methods Platform Genre
Gala Entertainment
Gala Entertainment
Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, GALA
Blockchain games
Blockchain gaming platforms where you can earn Gala and NFTs through playing.
Collectibles, Gaming, Trading cards
Cryptocurrency, PayPal
Browser, mobile
Trading card game (TCG)
Splinterlands is a digital, play-to-earn, collectible card game built on hive blockchain technology.
Browser, mobile
Racing, collectibles
A blockchain-based horse racing game featuring NFT horses, breeding and earning opportunities.
Sports, Collectibles, Gaming, Trading cards
Credit card, Debit card, Cryptocurrency, Bank transfer
Trading card and fantasy sports app
A fantasy football game with collectible NFT cards, officially supported by the biggest soccer leagues in the world.
Binance NFT Marketplace
Sports, Collectibles, Art, Gaming, Music, Trading cards, Domain names, Metaverse (Virtual Worlds), Memes, DeFi, Mixed
Credit card, Debit card, Cryptocurrency, Bank transfer
NFT marketplace
A peer-to-peer marketplace supported by one of the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. Not currently available to U.S. residents.

How to sell DeFi Kingdoms' NFTs

Select Sell Heroes while visiting the Tavern to list your heroes for sale.

Select the amount of JEWEL you want to list it for, and whether to list it on the public marketplace or through a private sale.

The Tavern takes a 3.75% cut of the final sale price.

About DeFi Kingdoms developers

The company behind DeFi Kingdoms is Kingdom Studios (at — very aptly named. The company was formed shortly after the creation of DeFi Kingdoms "to show that the team that brought you DeFi Kingdoms is here for the long term," according to their Medium blog post from March.

On the DeFi Kingdoms main site, you can select Team and view the people behind the game. The team uses nicknames, like "Dragon Tea" (a creative designer), and "Chonk Norris" (API developer). A few of the team members have their social media accounts linked as well.

It's refreshing to see such transparency on who is behind this game — many blockchain games omit the team members.

DeFi Kingdoms roadmap

DeFi is setting itself up for many play-to-earn aspects and creature comforts. We're in Phase 2 of 6, so there's more to come, including:

  • Ability to purchase land with limited plots
  • NFT pets
  • Buildings
  • NFT Equipment
  • PvE and PvP
  • Guilds

Bottom line

DeFi Kingdoms brings out a charming, comfy nostalgia for gameplay. It adds to the medieval RPG staple classic pixel aesthetic that many gamers love, coupled with the ability to earn.

We're only at the beginning of DeFi Kingdoms' features and playable modes. With so much to do already, we're excited to see what more it brings to the table — and hope the developers can handle it!

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