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Learn how these two finance apps stack up against each other.


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Finance apps provide a convenient alternative to their brick and mortar counterparts, especially thanks to a host of clever online tools and services to make saving and spending easier than ever. Revolut and Monese are money apps which provide customers with a simple signup process, quick and easy management of funds, and up to the minute spending & saving insights to make managing your money a whole lot easier. Both leverage advances in fintech to reduce costs, especially when spending or sending money overseas. We compare the features, costs and limitations of each to help you save time and choose the account that’s right for you.

Quick review: Revolut and Monese

Revolut is a global digital money app designed for travellers, students, or those that want a convenient, online account. With Revolut you are able to hold multiple currencies in one account and spend them globally with low or no fees. You can also manage your money with innovative budgeting features, take control of your spending with features such as card controls and more.

Monese is a finance app that allows anyone in the UK or European Economic Area (EEA) to have a UK account. You aren’t required to have a UK address to sign up. The account itself is a convenient dual currency account that lets you manage both Euros and GBP, offers multilingual support and budgeting features. There are three account tiers available: Monese Simple, which is the free account, Monese Classic and Monese Premium. The higher the tier, the more features you unlock.

Revolut vs Monese in Germany

Monthly fees
  • Standard: €0
  • Premium: €7.99
  • Metal: €13.99
  • Simple: €0
  • Classic: €5.95
  • Premium: €14.95
Joint account available?No. Although two cards can be issued for a single account.Yes
ATM withdrawals
  • Standard: Free up to €200 per month
  • Premium: Free up to €400 per month
  • Metal: Free up to €800 per month
  • Monese Simple: €200 per month after which a 2% fee applies
  • Monese Classic: €900 per month
  • Monese Premium: Unlimited
Card options
  • Debit card issued free. Can have more than one card per account.
  • Debit card with a one-off delivery fee of €4.95
Card deliveryUp to 9 working days for the Standard account and Up to 3 working days for Premium and Metal.Up to 3 working days
Global spending
  • Hold up to 16 currencies in a single account.
  • Transfer 30 currencies using the interbank exchange rate. Fair use policy varies by account type, with a Standard account offering up to €1,000 per month, after which a 0.5% fee is charged
  • Use your account to pay in 150 currencies using the interbank exchange rate.
  • Dual-currency accounts available as standard for Euros and GBP
  • Fee-free spending of foreign currencies up to a limit.
  • Send money to 30 countries in 18 different currencies
  • App available in 23 languages: English, French, Greek, German, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Latvian, Norwegian, Slovakian, Slovenian and Swedish.
  • Customer support available in English or Polish, with plans to include German, Spanish, Japanese, French, Portuguese and Lithuanian.
  • App available in 14 languages: English, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Bulgarian, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Estonian and Lithuanian.
  • Multilingual customer support.
Insurance optionsPremium includes overseas medical insurance, Metal adds baggage and flight insurance to the package.None
Insights & money management
  • Use Vaults to silo money in specific accounts for things such as various bills, daily spending, saving, holidays etc.
  • Roundup card transactions into a specified Vault
  • Spending analytics and categorisation for a breakdown of expenditure by type (ie, food, travel, bills etc).
  • Set monthly budgets.
  • Monese provides several ways to analyse your spending, outgoings and savings each month through its Spending Overview.
  • Roundup card transactions to the nearest Euro or GBP for easy saving.
  • Set monthly budgets.
Account top-upSeveral options are available including bank transfers via SEPA or SWIFT, using a bank card, digitally via Apple Pay or Google Pay, Cash or Cheque, and via in-app request money features.Various options allow top-ups via a linked debit card, SEPA or SWIFT payments. Physical top-ups are also available at participating post offices.
  • Lock and unlock card via the app
  • Customisable security settings for the card
  • Freeze your card instantly via the app
  • Passcode and local app access required to access funds at all times
AlertsSet price alerts for select cryptocurrenciesAny time you spend or recieve money
Interest earning accountsNoNo
Card deliveryUp to 9 working days for the Standard account and Up to 3 working days for Premium and Metal.Within 14 days
Banking licenseNo – instead deposits are held with partner banks in segregated accounts.No – instead deposits are held with partner banks in segregated accounts.
Extra features
  • Built-in cryptocurrency exchange & wallet
  • Cashback with Metal
  • Business account available
  • Can open both a UK and European account and switch instantly.
  • No proof of residence or credit check required for sign-up.
  • Business account available
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Whether you choose Revolut or Monese should really come down to your needs.

Revolut is a pioneer in travel money, enabling easy management of multiple currencies, relatively low-cost ways of spending them, and efficient international payments. It also comes with enough features that it can serve as a standard account too, for receiving money, budgeting and spending. And if you’re interested in the world of cryptocurrency, Revolut has you covered.

Monese, on the other hand, is looking to bring the advantages of online money management to everyone. The relatively low requirement for sign-up documentation makes it an excellent option to those new to the Eurozone and UK looking to get setup. It makes the basics of banking – receiving money, spending and saving it – incredibly easy while also including innovative features for those who want to take it a step further. If you are looking for a money account native to the digital age, but without all the complexity of legacy finance, then Monese could be the right fit for you.

Regardless of which you choose, you will get to benefit the latest advances in fintech that finance apps are becoming renowned for. In addition to the accounting tools mentioned so far, you are also likely to enjoy easy to use visual interfaces combined with familiar app functionality and design which makes for a smooth experience.

Keep in mind that despite their clever features and insights, both platforms offer relatively simple money management features. If you are in the market for a high interest-earning savings account, borrowing or perhaps are working towards a mortgage, then you may want to consider other options, such as a standard current account.

Compare a range of digital banks in Germany

Data indicated here is updated regularly
Name Product Monthly fee Card delivery Supported currencies
Comdirect Bank Current Account
A free current account with no minimum incoming funds. Includes a free Visa credit card and free cash withdrawals worldwide.
Norisbank free current account
5-7 working days

Receive €100 starting credit for a limited time*

Benefit from a €0 account fee, free Maestro card and free cash withdrawals from thousands of locations worldwide.
Openbank Kostenloses Girokonto
A free current account with free euro transfers within the eurozone. Includes a debit card with free cash withdrawals worldwide.
Commerzbank Kostenloses Girokonto
3 to 4 business days

Receive €100 starting credit after 3 months of account activity

A current account with €0 fees and cashback at select Shell petrol stations. Includes a Mastercard Classic credit card.

Compare up to 4 providers

Data indicated here is updated regularly
Name Product Monthly fee Card delivery Supported currencies
Fidor Smart Current Account
A mobile current account with real-time notifications on your transactions. Includes a digital Mastercard with mobile payment and a Smart Banking app.
N26 You
Up to 10 working days
A smart IBAN account with no currency conversion fees, complimentary insurances and no ATM fees here or abroad.
Tomorrow Zero
3-5 business days
A free Visa debit card with free transactions across the globe and unlimited free ATM withdrawals per month
TARGOBANK Online-Account
An online current account that comes with a Visa credit card. Free online transfers and free cash withdrawals at more than 3,000 ATMs.

Compare up to 4 providers

Data indicated here is updated regularly
Name Product Monthly fee Card delivery Supported currencies
bunq Travel card
Up to working 10 days
A no monthly-fee card that lets you travel and spend globally using the real exchange rate. Security controls and simple payments.

Compare up to 4 providers

Please note these products are not licenced as banks. Check our product review pages for details.
Data indicated here is updated regularly
Name Product Monthly fee Card delivery Supported currencies
Holvi Starter
Up to 10 business days
An online account ideal for new businesses with €0 monthly fees and unlimited SEPA transfers. Includes a Holvi Business debit Mastercard.
VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard
VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard
3-5 business days
VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard comes with no line of credit and it does not require credit checks.
Holvi Grower
Up to 10 business days
A full online business account with unlimited SEPA transfers, unlimited invoicing and up to three Holvi Business Debit Mastercards.
Revolut Standard
Up to 9 working days
Enjoy no monthly fee, no currency conversion fees up to €1,000 per month and the ability to hold over 15 currencies in your account.

Compare up to 4 providers

*You must transfer at least 3 salary payments (wages, salary, pension, salary, BAföG) of at least 1,000 € per month by 31 March 2021.

Frequently asked questions about Monese and Revolut

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