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Prepaid cards in Germany

What you need to know before getting a prepaid card in Germany.

Commerzbank Free current account

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  • 0 € cash withdrawals at Cash Group ATMs
  • Virtual debit card with Apple Pay and Google Pay
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Prepaid cards (also commonly known as prepaid credit cards, or prepaid debit cards) help you with hassle-free money management for your financial needs.

This guide will cover what you need to know about prepaid debit cards in Germany, including how they work and the providers to choose from.

Compare a range of prepaid cards in Germany

Name Product Management Fee Card delivery Supported currencies
Commerzbank Free current account
0 €
3 to 4 business days


Receive €100 starting credit after 3 months of account activity

A current account with 0 € fees and cashback at select Shell petrol stations. Includes a Mastercard Classic credit card.
Nuri Bank Account
0 €
Up to 14 days


A unique bank account and crypto-wallet managed through a user-friendly app with real-time spending notifications. Includes a free digital Mastercard.
N26 Standard
0 €
Up to 10 working days


Benefit from no monthly fee, no currency conversion fees and a raft of in-app budgeting features to help you save.
Vivid Standard
0 €
4-5 days


A free bank account with fee-free payments and transfers globally. Enjoy up to 20€ cashback per month.
1822MOBILE Current Account
1822MOBILE Current Account
0 €


Free account management, €20 when you open an account, up to €100 referral bonus and a free savings bank card: your current account 1822MOBILE offers all of this.
Openbank Free Current Account
0 €


A free current account with free euro transfers within the eurozone. Includes a debit card with free cash withdrawals worldwide.
DKB-Cash: Free current account
0 €
Up to 7 business days


A current account with fees that comes with a free Visa credit card and free cash withdrawals worldwide.
Norisbank Top Current Account
0 €
5 to 7 working days


Benefit from a 0 € account fee, free Maestro card and free cash withdrawals from thousands of locations worldwide.
Commerzbank StartKonto
0 €
3 to 4 business days


A free current account for young people with a free Young Visa credit card. Cashbacks and discounts in more than 2,000 online shops.

Compare up to 4 providers

Name Product Management Fee Card delivery Supported currencies
Comdirect Bank Current Account
4.90 €


A current account with no minimum incoming funds. Includes a free Visa credit card and free cash withdrawals worldwide.
N26 Metal
16.90 €
Up to 10 working days


Receive a stainless steel Metal card available in 3 shades, an insurance package and exclusive offers.
Tomorrow Now
3 €
3-5 business days


A free Visa debit card with free transactions across the globe and N/A for free.
TARGOBANK Online-Account
3.95 €


An online current account that comes with a Visa credit card. Free online transfers and free cash withdrawals at more than 3,000 ATMs.
bunq Easy Green Personal
17.99 €
Up to working 10 days


An account with an exclusive stainless steel card. Help the environment – a tree will be planted for every €100 you spend.
N26 Smart
4.90 €
Up to 10 working days


A mid-tier, premium subscription plan that comes with a range of essential money management features to help you better manage your finances.
Tomorrow Change
7 €
3-5 business days


Manage your shared finances conveniently with Tomorrow’s mid-tier plan. Benefits include multiple sub-account, fee-free monthly cash withdrawals and more.

Compare up to 4 providers

Please note these products are not licenced as banks. Check our product review pages for details.
Name Product Management Fee Card delivery Supported currencies
Revolut Standard
0 €
Up to 9 working days


Enjoy no monthly fee, no currency conversion fees up to 1.000 £ per month, and the ability to hold over 15 currencies in your account.
Wise Multicurrency Account
0 €
Up to 14 working days


Wise (formerly TransferWise) is an international account with over 50 currencies, instant and very convenient money transfers, a card to spend in any currency, bank details to be paid in 30 different countries and multi-currency direct debits.
Revolut Plus
2.99 €
Up to 9 working days


Enjoy purchase, event ticket and returns protection, plus other innovative features with this lower-priced subscription plan.
Wirex Standard
0 €
Up to 4 business days


Get a Welcome Bonus of $15 USD in WXT when you sign up with Wirex through Finder.

Benefit from an array of digital payment features, including a free prepaid Wirex card and unlimited fee-free transfers at interbank rates - with zero monthly subscription fee.

Compare up to 4 providers

How do prepaid cards work in Germany?

A prepaid card, which is also commonly referred to as a prepaid credit card or prepaid debit card, is a card on which money is loaded in advance.

Preloading funds can be done conveniently at most terminals, ATM machines or even through a mobile app. Users can only use the amount of money that has been added to their card, making prepaid debit cards very similar to debit cards.

Prepaid card vs Credit card vs Debit card: What’s the difference?

While all three card types can be used as a convenient way to meet day-to-day spending, they are built differently and each has its own pros and cons.

Here’s how each card type works:

  • Prepaid card. Requires you to load funds into the card in advance. In most cases, you’ll only be allowed to spend up to the amount you’ve preloaded.
  • Credit card. Enables you to borrow now and pay later for goods and services, up to a preapproved limit. However, you’ll be charged interest on what you owe if you’re unable to clear your balance in full each month.
  • Debit card. Make purchases with the funds that are available in the bank account that’s attached to the card. As soon as you make a purchase or withdraw money from an ATM using your debit card, the money will be deducted from your bank account.

A quick overview of these three card types:

Prepaid cardCredit cardDebit card
Payment networkTypically Visa or MastercardVisa, Mastercard, American Express and moreVisa, Mastercard and more
Card feesTypically free, or up to €15/month depending on your subscription plan.Generally €100 or more in annual fees. May be waived for one to two years. Late payment or cash advance fees may apply.Typically free for most banks
Bank account requirementNoNoYes
Preloaded balanceYesNoNo, but limit to the funds you have in your bank account
Interest rateN/AApproximately 6.5% to 20% p.a.N/A
Overdraft facilityN/AYesN/A
Cash withdrawalTypically noYes, including cash advanceNo
Credit check requirementNoYesNo
Rewards and cashbackVaries between card issuers. May come with cashback or member perks, but rewards value are generally less than credit or debit cards.Usually comes with a host of rewards and benefits, including air miles, cashback, rebates and ongoing promotions.Varies between card issuers. May come with cashback or member perks, but rewards value are generally less than credit cards.

What options are there for prepaid cards in Germany?

Here are some popular prepaid cards in Germany for your consideration:

Mastercard Black&White card

The Black&White card is a prepaid debit card offered by Mastercard with no annual or monthly fees. Pay as you go and use your card as soon as you receive it. Sign up online with Mastercard, with no SCHUFA checks or salary statements required.

Mastercard VIABUY

This card offers free card payments within the Eurozone with no interest-rate traps. Registering for Mastercard VIABUY is quick and easy, as the online process does not require a post ident, salary statement or SCHUFA check.

JCB CardDuo

JCB prepaid cards offer free cash withdrawals at any REWE store, and free account changing services. Sign up easily without a SCHUFA or credit check.

Revolut’s Visa Card

Revolut‘s prepaid Visa cards can be fully managed by the Revolut app. Register online easily by simply filling up your personal details and providing a selfie for identification purposes. There are no yearly fees or sign-up fees involved. Some fan-favourite features offered by Revolut are its in-app budgeting features and interbank exchange rates.

Volkswagen Bank’s My First Giro

This prepaid debit card comes with no annual fees, free withdrawals worldwide and zero foreign currency fees. It’s created for minors and is even available to kids, as long as they’re above 10 years old.

DKB prepaid cards

The DKB Cash U18 comes with zero annual fees, free worldwide withdrawals and no foreign currency costs. It can be open at any age, as long as minors have a legal representative with a DKB Checking account.

Commerzbank prepaid cards

Commerzbank’s prepaid cards are targeted especially at minors. They come with no annual fees, free worldwide withdrawals, and no foreign currency costs. They are free for minors above the age of 14 and are available to those above 18 for an annual fee of 39.90€.


This digital bank allows you to open a current account from anywhere in the Europe Economic Area (EEA). Monese gives you three currency options for your account and has a few different account options, including a free account.

How to compare prepaid cards in Germany

Here are some features to keep an eye out for when choosing the best prepaid card for you:

  • Issuance fees. Issue fees consist of purchasing and set-up fees.
  • Ease of registration. Getting a prepaid card shouldn’t be a hassle. Convenient signup options, such as online registration and free card delivery could be a priority if you want a simple, quick registration process.
  • Extraneous card fees. Such fees can be cancellation fees, inactivity fees, ATM withdrawal fees or card replacement fees.
  • Load limits. Load limits restrict the amount of money you can store in your prepaid debit card. Some people find lower load limits a hassle because they have to regularly top up their card. Others may find this a good security measure to reduce losses if your card is stolen/taken advantage of.
  • Customer service. Entrusting a company with your money is a big deal, so you might naturally expect to be able to get in touch with the said company when concerns arise. The quality of customer service is therefore important to people who want greater control over their finances.

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