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Vuhl car insurance rates

How much does car insurance cost for a Vuhl?


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Vuhl is a brand new car manufacturer based out of Mexico, so there isn’t a history of car insurance rates to get averages from. It will release only one model to start out, the 05.

The Vuhl 05 is comparable in style and price to the Lotus 311, which has an average monthly insurance rate of $424, or $5,088 a year. You can expect a similar rate for the Vuhl 05.

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How do I compare insurance for Vuhl?

Insurance costs will be higher for Vuhl cars due to their high speed and performance. In addition to personal factors such as your location, driving history and age, you can expect the following items to help determine rates for Vuhl car models.

  • MSRP. The Vuhl 05 is expected to sell for close to $130,000. This high sticker price means it’s more expensive to replace for an insurer, which drives insurance rates higher.
  • Country of manufacture. Vuhl currently operates a manufacturing facility in Mexico. This will help keep the cost of parts low, since Mexico and Canada avoided the 2018 tariffs imposed on foreign auto manufacturers.
  • Safety features. Since the Vuhl 05 is built for legal racing, it doesn’t come equipped with many of the standard safety features that regular cars have. This lack of safety features will prevent you from getting safety-based discounts on your policy and could result in a higher rate.
  • Safety ratings. Vuhl doesn’t have any official safety ratings yet. It likely won’t either, due to the racing nature of its vehicle. This could also drive insurance rates up.
  • Driving performance. Similar to safety features, Vuhl is largely building for the racetrack. This makes it fun to drive, but will have a negative impact on its insurance rates. The type of vehicle and the nature of how it drives might also force you to buy a specialty insurance policy, since standard companies won’t insure any type of racing vehicle.
  • Maintenance costs. Vuhl hasn’t released any vehicles, so maintenance costs could vary considerably. In general, high-performance racing cars require more maintenance, which also ups insurance rates.
  • Reliability. Time will tell on Vuhl’s reliability. New car manufacturers have very high expectations for reliability, but Vuhl isn’t making it easy on themselves by diving into the legal racing car market. You can expect average reliability factors until more units are driven and sold.
  • Theft rates. Vuhl doesn’t have any official theft rates yet, though it will likely be low because it will be rare at first and will probably be parked in your garage rather than on the street.
  • Repair costs. Repairs for racing cars are typically much more expensive than standard cars due to the high-performance and specialized nature of the mechanical parts. This makes insurance rates more expensive.
  • Fuel economy. The Vuhl 05 gets a surprising 28 mpg on fuel economy when it’s not on the racetrack. Better fuel economy not only saves on gas money but also is a factor in setting car insurance rates.

Bottom line

Vuhl is all about high-performance vehicles that are at home on the racetrack. It will take time for Vuhl to receive official safety and reliability ratings, though high-performance vehicles tend to score low marks on both. You can expect insurance costs to be higher than average for Vuhl cars due to this high-performance nature.

You can find the best deal for insuring Vuhl by comparing different insurance companies. Or if you want to find a different car, you can check other makes and models.

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