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Best Canada tours

Top adventures and experiences from coast to coast.

From Atlantic to Pacific shores, a guided tour can help ensure you don’t miss a thing along the way — whether you’re hoping to see the northern lights, take a dog sled ride, wander the streets of world-class cities or all of the above.

Our favorite Canada tour companies


1. Trafalgar

Trafalgar leads its guests on award-winning tours around the world to discover hidden gems and learn about culture through VIP experiences. Its aim is to live “the Good Life” — mingling with local folks to deliver authentic connections and lifelong memories.

  • Best for: Middle-aged travelers, seniors, families, luxury
  • Our favorite itinerary: Forge a new (to you) frontier from east to west by road and rail, stopping in Toronto, Jasper, Banff, Vernon and Vancouver as part of the Great Trans-Canadian Journey.
    • Duration: 13 days
    • Cost: $5,152.50

2. Contiki

A tour company built for travelers ages 18 to 35, Contiki’s #noregrets motto encompasses what Contiki is all about: living in the moment, pushing past boundaries and discovering just how small the world really is.

Contiki offers destination options across six continents, earning its rep as a well-established and trusted tour company for millennials and Gen Z.

  • Best for: Young, solo travelers and backpackers
  • Our favorite itinerary: We love the Grand Canadian tour because it takes you from Vancouver to Toronto — so you can experience just how vast and different the country is. Plus, it tacks on Niagara Falls and Boston as a grand finale.
    • Duration: 20 days
    • Cost: $4,125
GAdventures Solo Travel

3. G Adventures

G Adventures is all about getting closer to nature, working with communities and being a responsible traveler. Go a step further into Canada’s natural landscapes on a small group tour.

  • Best for: Eco and active travelers of all ages.
  • Our favorite itinerary: Immerse yourself in British Columbia and Alberta, gazing at jaw-dropping vistas, glacial fjords and sparkling Lake Louise on Canadian Rockies Encompassed. Just don’t forget your hiking boots.
    • Duration: 19 days
    • Cost: $5,199

You can find G Adventures tours over at TourRadar:


4. Intrepid

Intrepid focuses on responsible travel, connecting travelers to authentic experiences. It aims to provide a balance between group travel and solo time for thorough enjoyment of a new destination.

  • Best for: Adventure travelers, solo, groups, all ages
  • Our favorite itinerary: Seek out the elusive glow of the northern lights in Alberta’s night skies, and spot arctic creatures on a journey through the wilderness with the Canadian Rockies and Northern Lights tour.
    • Duration: 11 days
    • Cost: $4,305

You can find Intrepid tours over at TourRadar:

Moose Travel Network

5. Moose Travel Network

Moose aims to shows travelers the real Canada via bus. It brings visitors not only to Canada’s western shores but also to explore often overlooked Atlantic provinces — with options for quick day tours if you don’t want to stay overnight.

  • Best for: Adventure and solo travelers
  • Our favorite itinerary: Only got two days for a trip? The Roadrunner tour takes you up from Vancouver to Banff, through the Rocky Mountains and along the beaches of Okanagan Lake, with a quick paddleboarding stint on Skaha Lake.
    • Duration: 2 days
    • Cost: $329

You can find Moose Travel Network tours over at TourRadar:


6. Tours4Fun

Tours4Fun offers budget-friendly bus tours, with hand-picked activities along the way to help you experience a brand new region without spending a ton.

  • Best for: Middle-aged travelers, seniors, families, solo travelers
  • Our favorite itinerary: Hit up essential Canadian cities and see top tourist sites on the 5-Days Bus Tour to Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, Quebec City, Niagara Falls and Thousand Islands.
    • Duration: 5 days
    • Cost: $391.75
Discover Canada Tours

7. Discover Canada Tours

Its motto — “Live the Adventure!” — rings true, as Discover Canada offers an array of sightseeing tours through Canada’s natural wonders. Discover Canada connects travelers from all cultural backgrounds with shared experiences.

It’s also got ski and snowboard trips designed for outdoor adventurists.

  • Best for: Seniors, families, solo travelers
  • Our favorite itinerary: Hikers will be in raptures on the Rockies Western Canada Tour to Whistler, Sun Peaks, Jasper, Banff and Sutton Place at Revelstoke mountain. Tour includes a gondola ride around Sulphur Mountain and winery tour and tasting.
    • Duration: 7 days
    • Cost: From $2,299 for adults and $1,999 for kids

You can find Discover Canada Tours tours over at TourRadar:

APT Tours

8. APT Tours

APT Tours is all about luxury journeys that you can tailor to your personal tastes, with flexible sightseeing and dining options. Local guides share insights into the history and traditions of their towns, and signature experiences unique to APT take you deeper into the local culture.

  • Best for: Seniors, families
  • Our favorite itinerary: From an interactive lobster cruise to a viking feast that takes you back in time and an excursion down Newfoundland’s Iceberg Alley, enjoy luxury dining and accommodations on the Atlantic Canada Exploration Tour.
    • Duration: 19 days
    • Cost: N/A online, must request a quote to book.

You can find APT Tours over at TourRadar:

Browse APT Tours on TourRadar

Cosmos Tours

9. Cosmos Tours

Whether you’re a hardy traveler or a first-timer, Cosmos puts travel dreams within reach with wallet-friendly tours. Packages can include the essentials, main sights, scenes and transport — or you can start with a blank canvas and add in what’s most important to you.

  • Best for: All ages, solo travelers, families
  • Our favorite itinerary: Discover Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island on the Atlantic Canada's Coastal Wonders tour. You’ll find charming fishing villages, picturesque lighthouses and some of the most stunning scenery Canada has to offer.
    • Duration: 8 days
    • Cost: $1,311

You can find Cosmos over at TourRadar:

How did we choose these tour companies?

When choosing tour companies for this list, we looked at consumer reviews, itinerary, range of options and price point in addition to sustainability and overall reputation.

Other companies that offer Canada tour packages

Best Canada tour companies by type

APT Tours

Canada arctic tours

  • Cosmos: Discover Western Canada by rail and Alaskan highlights by cruising.
  • Globus: Explore British Columbia and beyond in Canada plus kick back on an Alaska cruise.
  • Arctic Range Adventure: See the northern lights, ride with husky sled dogs, go snowmobiling and more.
APT Tours

Canada and USA tours

  • Trafalgar: Trafalgar offers tours in both Canada and the US across both coasts.
  • Contiki: Contiki’s nailed the North American-style road trip with highlights in Canada and the US.
  • Insight Vacations: Insight offers luxury travel across Canada and the US for must-see destinations from coast to coast.
APT Tours

Train and rail tours

  • Rocky Mountaineer: Arguably the most iconic train ride in all of Canada, the Rocky Mountaineer curates moving packages that take you across Western Canada’s most dazzling destinations, including Vancouver, Whistler, Banff, Calgary and Lake Louise.
  • Trafalgar: Trafalgar offers tours in both Canada and the US across both coasts.
  • Insight Vacations: Insight offers luxury travel across Canada and the US for must-see destinations from coast to coast.
APT Tours

Small groups

  • Moose Travel Network: Moose offers immersive and adventurous small-group tours.
  • G Adventures: Book from several travel styles for adventure travelers of all ages.
  • Intrepid: The largest small-group tour company in the world, Intrepid delivers tours led by locals.
APT Tours


  • Trafalgar: Trafalgar offers VIP experiences and tours designed to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace.
  • Insight Vacations: Insight offers luxury travel tours and customized group choices with easy pace options available for slower, relaxed travel.
  • Senior Discovery Tours: This Canadian tour company offers tours specifically for seniors with “stay-put” options that involve less moving from accommodation to accommodation.
APT Tours

Ski tours

  • Contiki: Visit the best ski spots in Western Canada for nine days of epic mountains.
  • Powder Hounds: It offers adventure ski tours and packages around the world with heli, cat and regular ski safaris available.
  • Fresh Adventures: Fresh offers adventure tours across British Columbia and Alberta for those who either want a fast-paced action trip or to enjoy the outdoors at a more relaxed pace.
APT Tours

Hiking tours

  • Great Canadian Trails: This company specializes in active holidays with options for self-guided and guided tours across some of Canada’s best trails.
  • Exodus Travels: Exodus is dedicated to exploring Canada on adventure tours with hiking, biking and wildlife, and self-guided or guided tours available.
  • G Adventures: Explore Canada in a small group with an adventure travel company that supports local communities too.
APT Tours


  • Rocky Mountaineer: The name says it all, and the journey is unparalleled. Take a ride through the Rockies region via train for an up close and personal view of mother nature and all her majesty.
  • Moose Travel Network: See the Rockies on a budget-friendly adventure for any age.
  • Globus: Choose how you want to see the Canadian Rockies — Globus offers both relaxed and active-paced trips.
APT Tours

Luxury tours

  • Trafalgar: Trafalgar offers mid-range tours that have an added level of luxury compared to other mid-range tour operators.
  • Luxury Gold: Cruises, train rides and more are available across Canada via Luxury Gold, with VIP service, luxury hotels and 100 years of experience.
  • Insight Vacations: Travel in style with one of the world’s most renowned premium and luxury escorted tour operators.
APT Tours

18 to 39-year-olds

  • Moose Travel Network: Moose offers budget-friendly tours to unique destinations across Canada for group and solo travelers.
  • Topdeck: Topdeck only offers tours for travelers 18 to 39, with itineraries designed to include free time and group activities.
  • Contiki: Contiki is the number-one youth travel company with tours of different styles for a range of budgets.
APT Tours


  • Evergreen Tours: Find offers for solo explorers looking for a deluxe travel experience including no single supplements and fly free deals.
  • Contiki: Over half of Contiki’s travelers are solo, so if you’re young and adventurous, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people.
  • Intrepid: You can choose from solo-only adventures or join a regular tour where more than 50% of travelers usually go it alone.
APT Tours

Northern Lights

  • Intrepid: You can get away from it all at an Arctic Watch lodge in the east or cover some ground around the Rockies in the west.
  • Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours: Head deep into the famed Yukon for late-night opportunities to see the lights.
  • Great Canadian Trails: Take in the Northern Lights from your room, the viewing deck or the hot tub during your tour in Yellowknife.

Canadian Rockies

The Rocky Mountains — and surrounding scenery — is one of Canada’s main attractions.

Tours of the Canadian Rockies are for adventure and leisure travelers alike, where common experiences include Lake Louise, hiking and one of the most famous drives in the country and the Icefields Parkway.

APT Tours

Majestic Rockies tour

Get to experience the highlights of Canada’s west coast by starting in Vancouver and working your way through the scenic Rocky Mountains with stops in Whistler, Jasper before driving across the Icefields Parkway to Banff and then to your ending point in Calgary.

  • Tour company: Globus
  • Best for: Sightseeing, nature and culture
  • Length of tour: 11 days
Check availability

Ontario and French Canada

These two neighboring provinces lend themselves as an excellent route for traveling through to some of the major sites: Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and the most popular tourist attraction in the country, Niagara Falls. It’s an excellent route for foodies and those looking to learn about Canadian history.

APT Tours

Ontario and French Canada tour

Start in Toronto and enjoy an excursion to Niagara Falls before heading off to Canada’s capital, Ottawa, with a stop in Kingston to see a national park. Next up, visitors get to explore the charming and historic Quebec City and then the trendy Montreal for Quebec highlights.

  • Tour company: Globus
  • Best for: Sightseeing, nature and culture
  • Length of tour: 11 days
Check availability

How long do I need in Canada?

An entire cross-country trip could realistically be done in one month. Remember that Canada’s huge, and travel alone can add days to your itinerary.
Since Canada is so large, it’s easier to break it down into three sections:

  • Western Canada: British Columbia and the Rocky Mountains in Alberta
  • Eastern Canada: Ontario and Quebec
  • Atlantic Canada: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland

Reserve about five to 10 days to explore the highlights of each area and two to three weeks each if you wish to travel at a slower pace.

APT Tours

8-day Western Canada tour

Hit each of the top destinations in western Canada for unbeatable views and ample time to explore the surface of each destination.

  • Tour company: Moose Travel Network
  • Best for: Western Canada on a budget with limited time
  • Places visited: Vancouver, Kelowna, Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper
Check availability
APT Tours

9 day Eastern Canada tour

Explore the top cities in Ontario and Quebec that are renowned across the world and which hold some of the country’s most famous attractions – and plenty of history.

  • Tour company: Trafalgar
  • Best for: Eastern Canada with limited time, and city sites
  • Places visited: Toronto, Niagara Falls, Kingston, Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal
Check availability
Traveling during COVID-19
The CDC continues to advise caution when traveling within or outside the US, However, it no longer requires self-quarantine or a COVID-19 test for fully vaccinated domestic travelers as of April 2021. International travelers need to get tested three days prior to flying out of the US and within three days after returning, even if you are fully vaccinated. It recommends that you delay travel if you’re not fully vaccinated to protect yourself and your family from getting or spreading the virus.

If you’re planning a trip outside the US, bear in mind that many countries have placed restrictions on US tourists. Check the US embassy website for updates before booking international travel.

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Bottom line

Whether you’re crazy about seeing nature, wandering northern metropolises or just want to try a plate of poutine, Canada’s got so many attractions to see that you could benefit from joining a tour. Next, scout flights that can get you to the starting point for less.

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