Western Union Deals and Coupons November 2017

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Western Union is the household name for international money transfers. Send money online or in person to overseas bank accounts or to Western Union agents for cash pickup. Funds can be available in just minutes. Our Western Union promo code can get you a discount on Western Union transfer fees.

Western Union discount codes and coupons

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How do I use my Western Union discount code?

Visit the Western Union website to use your promo code.

  1. Create a free account if you’re not a Western Union member.
  2. Select ‘send money’ and enter your transfer details such as the destination, how much you want to send, how you want to send and how you want the receiver to collect the money.
  3. Enter the promotional code from finder.com in the space where you’re asked ‘enter your promo code’.
  4. Press ‘apply’ to activate the promotional code and get your discount.

Western Union Promo Codes

What services does Western Union offer?

The availability of Western Union services depend on where you’re sending the money.

  • Cash pickup. Western Union’s most popular service. You can pay Western Union in person or pay using a debit or credit card and the recipient can collect the funds in person just minutes after the transfer has been completed. Western Union have more than half a million cash collection points all over the world.
  • Bank account transfers. Western Union allow you to carry out bank to bank transfers. You can pay for a transfer using your debit or credit card and transfer the money to the recipient’s bank account.
  • Mobile money. If the recipient has a mobile wallet account, Western Union offer mobile money transfers. This service is available in a limited number of countries and maximum transfer amounts apply.

What currencies can I trade with Western Union

Western Union offer different rates depending on how the recipient receives the money. Western Union offer a slightly better rate if funds are sent to a bank account. For the following examples, the funds are paid using a debit or credit card.

1 AUD = 0.7022 USD (Cash)1 AUD = 0.6908 CHF (Bank account)1 AUD = 0.6815 CHF (Cash)1 AUD = 5.5156 HKD (Cash)
1 AUD = 4.6601 CNY (Bank account)1 AUD = 4.6366 CNY (Cash)1 AUD = 0.4663 GBP (Bank account)1 AUD = 0.4639 GBP (Cash)1 AUD = 0.6314 EUR (Bank account)1 AUD = 0.6162 EUR (Cash)
1 AUD = 48.2445 INR (Bank account)1 AUD = 47.7825 INR (Cash)1 AUD = 25.0918 THB (Bank account)1 AUD = 24.9614 THB (Cash)1 AUD = 4.6601 CNY (Bank account)1 AUD = 4.6366 CNY (Cash)
1 AUD = 33.7301 PHP (Bank account)1 AUD = 33.7645 PHP (Cash)1 AUD = 33.7645 PHP (Mobile Money)1 AUD = 1.0376 NZD (Bank account)1 AUD = 1.0333 NZD (Cash)1 AUD = 2.6996 BRL (cash)
1 AUD = 11.7002 MXN (Cash)1 AUD = 85.0056 JPY (Bank account)1 AUD = 84.4782 JPY (Cash)1 AUD = 1.4921 FJD (Cash)
1 AUD = 0.9838 SGD (Bank account)1 AUD = 0.9838 SGD (Cash)1 AUD = 9945.9081 IDR (Bank account)1 AUD = 9945.9081 IDR (Cash)1 AUD = 2.0511 PGK (Cash)
  • Rates are correct 3.23PM 15/12/15
  • Rates are indicative only and may be different from the rate you get at the time of transfer.
  • Bank account – Money deposited in the recipient’s bank account.
  • Cash – Money is available as a cash collection from a Western Union agent.

Western Union Review | Pros and Cons


  • Collection options. Western Union offer bank account deposits, cash pickup at a Western Union agents and mobile money transfers.
  • Availability. Funds can be available within minutes when you make a Western Union cash transfer.
  • Western Union agents. Western Union has half a million agents world wide. Wherever you are, a Western Union agent is never far away.


  • Transfer fees. Western Union money transfer fees can be higher than other international money transfer providers. Western Union fees vary depending on how the money is sent and received.

How can I get Western Union free transfers?

Western Union charge transfer fees when you send money within Australia and overseas. Use one of our Western Union promo codes to get a discount on your Western Union funds transfer. The fee for your money transfer depends on where the funds are being sent and how the transaction is paid for and collected.

How do Western Union transfers work?

Western Union let you send money to bank accounts in Australia and overseas, and you can send money so funds can be collected in person at a Western Union agent. Western Union let you pay for the transfer using your debit or credit card or you can pay in cash at your nearest Western Union agent. The payment and collection methods vary depending on where you’re sending the money.

What forms of payment does Western Union accept?

You can pay for your Western Union money transfer using the following methods:

  • Cash in person. Pay cash at a Western Union agent to send money in person.
  • Credit or debit card. Enter your card details to make an online payment when you opt to send money from the Western Union website. You can also make a card payment at a Western Union agent.

What is the Western Union refunds policy?

If you send money online, you can cancel your Western Union transfer as long as the money has not been deposited into the receiver’s bank account. Transfers can be instant in some instances, be sure to contact the Western Union customer service team as soon as possible if you wish to cancel an online transfer. Once the funds have been collected you are not eligible for a refund.

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