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VIF Internet Review

Get unlimited data plans and no contracts with this budget cable and DSL Internet provider. 


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Are you looking for an Internet provider in Quebec or Ontario? You might like to check out VIF. This reputable company offers cable and DSL plans for affordable prices designed to fit every budget. Cable plans are only available in Quebec while DSL plans are available in both provinces.

You can choose from a variety of packages based on how fast you want your Internet to be. You’ll typically pay different prices for the service you want depending on where you’re located. You may be able to get promotional pricing or 25% off your first month’s invoice when you sign up.

Product details

  • Speed. Cable plans range from 15Mbps to 400Mbps while DSL plans range from 15Mbps to 50Mbps.
  • Starting price. This depends on the province. That said, prices typically start from $34.95.
  • Minimum contract. You’ll be able to sign up for a month-to-month plan or pay a flat one-time payment for an annual plan.
  • Offers. You may be able to get promotional pricing or 25% off your first month’s invoice when you sign up.

What is VIF?

VIF is a reputable Internet provider that provides cable and DSL Internet to residents of Ontario and Quebec. It offers average prices for Internet plans reaching up to 400Mbps in Quebec and 50Mbps in Ontario. The plan you’ll be eligible for will typically depend on where you’re located.

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer many additional benefits such as free installation. It also doesn’t offer free hardware with many of its plans. This means that you could end up paying several hundred dollars to get your Internet up and running. You’ll want to make sure to keep these costs in mind before you get started.

What plans does VIF offer?

VIF offers different speeds for its Internet plans based on where you live and what type of Internet you want.

Cable plans (Quebec only)

  • 15Mbps plan. This plan costs $34.95 per month and comes with a free modem rental. It's a slower connection that will perform best for households of one to two people.

  • 30Mbps plan. You'll pay $39.95 per month as a promo price for this plan. It's a good speed for a household of one to two people with moderate to heavy Internet use.

  • 60Mbps plan. You'll pay $44.95 per month for this plan (regularly $59.95). You'll probably get the most out of 60Mbps if you have three to four users with moderate Internet use.

  • 100Mbps plan. This plan costs $49.95 per month on promo. It's a high-speed Internet connection designed for households of three to four people.

  • 200Mbps plan. You'll pay $69.95 per month for this plan. In return, you'll get instant downloads and uninterrupted streaming for multiple users.

  • 400Mbps plan. This plan costs $79.95 per month and comes with a $200 modem fee. It's best for large households with heavy Internet use.

DSL plans (Quebec and Ontario)

  • 15Mbps plan. You'll pay $34.95 per month for this dial-up plan. It's a good fit for small households with limited Internet use.

  • 25Mbps plan. This plan costs $39.95 per month and comes with a one-time $80 modem fee. It's a good fit for smaller households with moderate Internet use.

  • 50Mbps plan. This plan comes with a promotional rate of $39.95 and a one-time $80 modem fee. It's a good fit for households of three to four people with moderate Internet use.

Does VIF allow bundling?

VIF lets you bundle your Internet with your TV and digital phone to save money. You can choose a customized package based on the speed of the Internet plan you want and what other services you’re interested in.

What other features should I know about?

You can take advantage of a number of different features when you sign up for an Internet plan with VIF.

  • Low prices. You’ll pay less for Internet with VIF than you will with several of Canada’s major telecom providers.
  • Special discounts. You can bundle your services to save money on your Internet, TV and digital phone services.
  • Unlimited data. You’ll be able to use as much data as you want each month with no overage charges.
  • Month-to-month plans. It’s possible to sign up for a month-to-month plan, though you’ll get one month free if you sign up for a yearly subscription.
  • Free installation on yearly plans. You’ll get your service installed free of charge on one-year plans.
  • No contracts. You can choose to not sign up for a contract to avoid paying cancellation fees if you want to stop your service.
  • Free modems on some plans. You’ll qualify to get your hardware for free on select plans, which will save you money on set-up.
  • Transparent pricing. VIF lists all of its fees on its website so you’ll be able to budget for your total expenses.

What to watch out for

  • Limited to Quebec and Ontario. You’ll only be able to access VIF Internet plans if you live in Ontario or Quebec.
  • Only DSL in Ontario. You’ll only be able to get DSL services if you live in Ontario, which means your max speed will be 50Mbps.
  • Installation fees. You’ll have to pay an installation fee of $60 to get your service set up.
  • Transfer fees. You’ll have to pay $30 to transfer your service from another provider.
  • Modem fees. Your modem fees can cost anywhere from $50 to $200, depending on what type of hardware you want.
  • Shipping costs. You’ll need to pay a fee to get your router and other supplies shipped out to you.

How do I sign up with VIF?

  1. Visit VIF‘s website and fill in your address to find out what plans are offered in your area.
  2. Sign up for the plan of your choice online or call in to customer service to get more details about what’s available.
  3. Register for an account with VIF‘s online portal to manage your bills and Internet use.

Bottom line

VIF offers affordable Internet cable/DSL plans in Quebec and DSL-only plans in Ontario. You can bundle your TV and digital phone services with your Internet to save money. You’ll also get a free modem and special discounts with certain plans. Just be aware that many of VIF‘s advertised prices are promotional, so you may be subject to rate hikes over time.

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