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UFC NFT collectibles review

Collect your favourite UFC fighters as NFTs on’s NFT marketplace. has taken the sports world by storm, landing major deals like naming rights to the famous Staples Centre in Los Angeles, and becoming a brand partner of the UFC. Not only do you see “” across the chest of every major UFC fighter, you will now see it from the skies of Los Angeles for the next 20 years. Reports came out soon after that this was the largest naming rights deal in sports history, valued at over US$700 million.

As for the UFC, purchased branding rights to fighters’ uniforms in 2021 for a reported 9-figure sum (USD), making the UFC’s official “kit partner”. It’s one of the most lucrative sponsorship deals of all-time and all fighters will have the logo on their walkout and fight gear.

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This, we now know, was just the beginning. As the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace evolves, and the UFC are teaming up to release their own unique collectible line. Image: Supplied

What are UFC NFT collectibles? is getting into the NFT game. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets whose ownership is tracked and recorded on a blockchain.

An obvious entry point for newcomers to the space is the traditional collectibles market, like sports cards. The value of physical sports cards rises over time based on qualities like rarity traits and design. The same is now true of the digital art market, and blockchain technology makes it possible to ensure the quantity and authenticity of digital collectibles via the creation of NFTs. Creators mint X number of unique collectibles of any and every genre, thereby proving their authenticity and originality (that they are “non-fungible” or “one-of-one”).

ufc fig 2 recently unveiled its NFT marketplace, including open markets for everything from collectibles to music.

Sports seems to be a niche market that is quickly cornering, unveiling unique UFC collectibles. Each NFT is a token whose utility is defined based on its unique qualities, like rarity and what action they perform (utility of NFTs is defined and automated using smart contracts).

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NFTs solve many real-world problems, including retaining recurring revenue on secondary sales using the power of smart contracts. In the case of’s exclusive deal with the UFC, this includes royalty earnings for the athletes themselves, something that would be much more difficult in traditional collectible markets.

What are the different kinds of UFC NFTs?

NFTs come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re truly in the innovation stage of NFT utility. Some, like Bored Ape Yacht Club, promise status and virality, where projects like CryptoCollege use their unique NFTs as exclusive access to courses and community.

The UFC itself reports that it will “offer a wide variety of UFC digital collectibles that will include unique fighter collections, fight night artwork, event posters, championship belts, avatars, artist collaborations, mystery boxes, athlete profiles, and more.

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Let’s take a look at the UFC collection and the 3 current types of unique NFTs listed on the marketplace.

Digital Posters

The UFC NFT collection includes a clear analog to the traditional collectible market: fan posters. and the UFC teamed up to create animated posters and a famous quote from the athlete themselves. In the case below, Rose “Thug” Namajunas, the current UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion, says “I’m definitely a scary person to stand across from. I’m the best!”. At the time of writing, 296 editions of this NFT have been minted.

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Event Shards

The second type of unique UFC NFT is an “Event Shard”. The first event that featured this approach to’s UFC NFTs was UFC268: Usman vs Covington, which took place on 6 November 2021. Again, this is a dynamic NFT that has animation and theme music associated with it, which claims to allow you to “Own a piece of UFC268”.

Some will ask, what is the utility of this NFT? In “Additional terms”, associated with the NFT, makes it clear that its NFTs are not meant to be used as speculative investments, but are simply limited edition collectibles. 326 editions of this NFT have been minted and 82 are currently for sale, with the very first edition being listed for as high as US$19,999.

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Event Belts

The third type of UFC NFT is event belts. This is an animated NFT and states the event, the date, the weight class and where the event was held. This is the rarest form of UFC NFT, with only 100 editions of this collectible being minted.

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Where can I buy UFC NFT collectibles?

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To buy these unique UFC NFTs, you will need to go to’s NFT marketplace. If you don’t already have an account, sign up using the function in the top right corner. You will be asked to fill in your information and choose a username.

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Once you’ve registered, you will be prompted to confirm your email, sign in, and enter a one time verification code.

You will also be asked to connect’s NFT marketplace to the app. You can skip that for now if you like, but it does recommend making the connection to unlock the full experience of the marketplace.

How to buy a UFC NFT collectible

Once you’re officially connected and in the NFT marketplace, you can either type “UFC” in the search bar or select it as one of its key brands. From there, you will see the full marketplace of UFC NFTs, and you can even filter based on key metrics such as price.

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Buy from auction

The first way to buy a UFC NFT is via auction. You will see that each item has an auction price and associated timer that tracks the end date of the auction.

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If you are an interested buyer, simply scroll to the bottom of your screen and place your bid.

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You will be prompted with 2 different options for payment. You can either deposit dollars directly to your account, or you can pay with various cryptocurrencies in your wallet.

Buy outright

There is also the option to buy NFTs outright. Each NFT has an associated auction price, or a higher listing price that allows you to skip the auction and buy immediately.

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For example, when you click “82 for Sale”, you will be able to select which edition of the above item you are most interested in. You will see the list price to buy now, and the option to “Make an Offer”. Below is an example of the very first edition.

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UFC collectibles frequently asked questions

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