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How to get a title loan with no proof of income

It's possible get a title loan without money coming in — but is it your best option?

Like other types of short-term loans, how auto title loans work varies by province. Some might require you to show you have a job or receive benefits, while others might allow lenders to not consider your income at all. But taking out a title loan without income is risky — it’s expensive and you could lose your car.

Can I get a title loan with no income?

Yes, it’s possible to get a title loan without proof of income. This is because some lenders are satisfied with your vehicle acting as collateral if you can’t pay back your loan. Some lenders, however, still require proof of income and may limit how much you can borrow to a percentage of your income. Make sure you qualify before you apply.

How to get a title loan with no income in 4 steps

When you’ve considered the alternatives and decided a title loan is the best option for you — even without verifiable income — follow these steps to find financing:

Step 1: Consider all possible sources of income

Unemployed? Don’t have a verifiable salary? You still might have income. Title lenders often consider any regular money coming in as income, including:

  • Pensions
  • Alimony
  • Child support
  • Disability benefits
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Other welfare benefits

As long as you receive money each month and have the receipts to prove it, you have income.

Step 2: Check your province’s laws

Title loans aren’t regulated by the federal government. Each province has it’s on rules regarding title loans. Make sure you are dealing with a licensed, reputable lender and know what they are allowed to charge and rules their loan offerings must follow.

Step 3: Compare lenders

Look for lenders that don’t require employment or income before comparing APRs and loan terms. If it’s unclear whether or not you can qualify, reach out to customer service.

Step 4: Apply for the loan

While you can often get started on your title loan application online, most lenders require you to drive your vehicle to a storefront to have it inspected and sign your loan documents. Once you get to your local branch, you can typically get your money in around 30 minutes.

Compare auto title loans

Check that you meet the minimum requirements of the lender before applying.

Name Product Loan Interest Rate Max. Loan Amount Loan Term Min. Credit Score Requirements
Loans Canada Vehicle Title Loan
Loans Canada Vehicle Title Loan
0% to 29.99%
3 - 96 months
Min. income of $1,800 /month, 3+ months employed
Get access to financing from multiple lenders across Canada through a single application with Loans Canada. Bad credit, CERB and EI borrowers are considered.

Compare up to 4 providers

3 risks to consider before you apply

Applying for a title loan when you don’t have proof of income can be risky for a few reasons:

  • Sky-high rates. Lenders that have few or no requirements tend to offer higher rates and fees than lenders that are more difficult to qualify with.
  • Could lose your car. If you can’t pay back your loan within a certain amount of time, your lender has the right to repossess your car.
  • Cycle of debt. Most provinces have laws against lenders rolling over or renewing short-term loans but make sure you can afford your loan repayments to avoid the cycle of borrowing.

4 alternatives to title loans if you have no income

Don’t have money coming in? Consider these alternatives first before taking out a title loan:

  • Take on a side gig. There are some unexpected ways to make extra cash that take minimal time or effort — like selling your photos instead of posting them on Instagram.
  • Consider credit counseling. Credit counseling agencies can help you get back on track by offering free one-on-one sessions and financial well-being workshops. Call Credit Counselling Canada if you need help or advice.
  • Apply for a job. Some lenders are willing to work with borrowers that have a job offer or a contract showing that they’ll have a steady income in the near future.
  • Consider local resources. If you’re struggling to cover basic expenses, consider these other loan alternatives.

Bottom line

While you could get a title loan when you don’t have verifiable income, it’s not always the best idea. Before comparing lenders, make sure you’ve considered all possible sources of income — and the alternatives.

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