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TekSavvy Internet plans, features and how to sign up

Get customized Internet packages for low prices with this reputable Canada-wide telecom company. 


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Are you looking to switch Internet providers or lower your monthly bills? You might like to check out TekSavvy Internet. This telecom company offers high-speed Internet options for low-budget prices in most provinces across Canada. You can get speeds up to 150Mbps on a month-to-month contract, and all plans come with unlimited data so you won’t need to worry about restricting your Internet use.

Find out more about how you can benefit from TekSavvy Internet plans and learn what you need to do to sign up for an account today.

Product details

  • Speed. Ranges from 5Mbps to 150Mbps.
  • Starting price. Starts from $33.95 per month plus taxes, depending on where you live.
  • Minimum contract. You’ll only be able to pay on a month-to-month contract.
  • Offers. TekSavvy doesn’t seem to offer any promotions, but you will get unlimited data on all of its plans.

What is TekSavvy?

TekSavvy is an innovative telecom company that offers low-cost Internet services across Canada. It has several month-to-month plans to choose from with speeds ranging from 5Mbps to 150Mbps. TekSavvy Internet plans are delivered by cable or DSL, depending on your preferences. You’ll have to pay around $33.95 per month (plus taxes) for the most basic options.

What plans does TekSavvy offer?

TekSavvy offers a variety of Internet plans with speeds up to 150Mbps. Prices and plans may vary depending on where you live and not all are available at every Canadian address. Just keep in mind that plans don’t include taxes, so you’ll need to factor that in when you calculate your total costs.

Cable plans

  • Cable 5.This plan costs around $34 per month and comes with unlimited data. It's a good fit for light Internet users who use the web primarily for email and social media.

  • Cable 30.You'll get faster download speeds with this plan. It costs around $44 per month and lets you stream and game seamlessly on multiple devices.

  • Cable 60.For even faster download speeds Cable 60 costs around $55 per month and works well for those with multiple devices.

  • Cable 75.This plan is a good fit for large households or heavy Internet use. It costs upwards of $60 per month and comes with faster upload and download speeds.

  • Cable 150.This is the fastest TekSavvy Internet plan on offer. It costs around $68 per month and lets you stream and play games in high definition.

DSL plans

DSL plans. DSL plans are usually on the lower end of the speed spectrum (typically 10Mbps or less). Many of TekSavvy’s low-speed DSL plans cost less than $50 per month and require you to have a home phone connection.

Does TekSavvy allow bundling?

TekSavvy doesn’t seem to offer any opportunities to bundle your TekSavvy Internet with other services like your TV or home phone. That said, it does offer some of the best prices on the market for month-to-month services already. This could be why it doesn’t advertise additional discounts or promotional offers.

What other features should I know about?

There are a number of features that you can take advantage of when you sign up for TekSavvy Internet:

  • No long-term contracts. There’s no need to sign on to a long-term contract, which means you can cancel your TekSavvy Internet at any time without penalty.
  • Unlimited data. Most TekSavvy Internet plans come with the option of unlimited data so you won’t have to worry about overage charges.
  • Transparent fees. TekSavvy clearly states the additional fees you’ll need to pay to activate your service and rent your modem on its website.
  • No transfer fees. You won’t have to pay a transfer or activation fee if you move your Internet from another provider over to TekSavvy.
  • Online account. You can easily track your bill payments and monitor your Internet use using the MySavvy online portal.
  • Canada-wide service. TekSavvy Internet plans are available in most provinces across Canada unlike some other providers.

What to watch out for


  • Taxes are extra. Advertised prices don’t include taxes, so you’ll need to factor them into your monthly bill.
  • Fees to activate your service.You’ll have to pay a fee of $49.95 to activate your service unless you transfer from another Internet provider.
  • Overage charges. You’ll be on the hook to pay overage fees if you go over your allowable amount of data usage on capped plans.
  • Shipping costs. You’ll need to pay 10 for shipping if you want to get your modem delivered to your home address.
  • Limited extras. There are limited options for extras like wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage or security packages with TekSavvy Internet plans.

How do I sign up with TekSavvy?

  1. Go to the TekSavvy Internet sign-up page.
  2. Fill in your address to find out what services TekSavvy offers in your location.
  3. Complete your application with personal details that include your name, email address and birth date.
  4. Review and submit your application and wait to hear from TekSavvy about your eligibility.
  5. Once you’re approved, sign up for a MySavvy account to manage your bills online and pay for your TekSavvy Internet.

Bottom line

TekSavvy is a Canada-wide telecom company that offers budget Internet plans for as low as $33.95 per month. You won’t need to sign on to a contract to get started, and any additional fees you need to pay will be clearly communicated to you before you sign up. Find out more about how you can benefit from TekSavvy Internet and get connected today.

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