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Sun Life Go Simplified Term Life Insurance review

Quick and easy term life insurance with a guaranteed monthly premium, albeit with a limit to total coverage 

Sun Life Go Simplified Term Life Insurance is best for those who don’t mind paying a bit more for basic life insurance with a quick and simple application process.

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Insurance ProductsLife Insurance
Term Lengths10 years
Medical Exam RequiredNo
Province AvailabilityAll of Canada

What is Sun Life Go Simplified Term Life Insurance?

Sun Life’s Simplified Term Life Insurance product is a slight variation on a typical term life insurance policy. Term life insurance offers you coverage for a specific period. The Simplified Term Life product covers you for 10 years, during which time your premiums are guaranteed not to rise. The maximum coverage you can apply for is $100,000. You can apply online after answering some basic questions about your health and medical history. The policy automatically renews after 10 years, at which point your premiums start rising, depending on your age. Canadians between the ages of 18 and 69 are eligible to apply. Policy exclusions, limitations and restrictions are available on the Sun Life website.

What types of life insurance does Sun Life offer?

Sun Life is one of Canada’s Big Three insurance companies. It offers a wide variety of coverage options.

  • Life insurance. Sun Life offers both permanent and term life insurance options.
  • Disability insurance. This provides you with an income if you become injured or sick and can’t work.
  • Critical illness. This provides you with a lump-sum payment upon approval of claim, but claimants need to meet the definition of the covered illness. Not all serious illnesses are covered. Claimants also decide how they will spend the reimbursement of the health insurance benefit. Most health insurance expenses are paid by the plan member up front and then reimbursed by Sun Life.

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What riders can I add to my Sun Life Go Simplified Term Life Insurance policy?

According to Sun Life, you can purchase accidental death insurance coverage of up to $500,000. This provides additional funds to your beneficiaries if you die within 90 days as the direct result of an accident. Exclusions and limitations apply.

How much does Sun Life Go Simplified Term Life Insurance cost?

We applied online for a quote seeking the maximum amount of coverage ($100,000) using a 43-year-old, male non-smoker living in Ontario as our test case. We had no history of any major illness. Sun Life quoted us a premium of $33.60 per month for this product.

Pros and cons of Sun Life Go Simplified Term Life Insurance



  • Simple and quick online application process
  • Premiums guaranteed at a fixed rate for 10 years
  • You only have to answer three questions about your health (e.g. whether you smoke, and whether you have a history of major illness)
  • May be more expensive than comparable term life packages that require you to provide more health information
  • Coverage limit is $100,000
  • Your policy is renewable after the 10-year period is up, but you will almost certainly have to pay more for your premiums

Sun Life insurance reviews and complaints

Sun Life has the highest possible rating, an A+, from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It is not accredited with the organization. Sun Life received an average review of 2.5 out of 5 stars from 11 customer reviews on the BBB site. It’s worth noting Sun Life has millions of customers in Canada, so the sample size of reviews is miniscule.

How do I apply for Sun Life Go Simplified Term Life Insurance?

You can purchase Sun Life Go Simplified Term Life Insurance through a Sun Life advisor or online. Here are some ways to get in touch with Sun Life.

  • Online. Click the green “Go to site” button to be securely redirected to the Sun Life website where you can apply for a quote and buy Sun Life Go Simplified Term Life Insurance.
  • Phone. Call Sun Life to receive a quote.
  • Email. You can email Sun Life to get in touch with your advisor or to ask about your individual insurance products.
  • Find an advisor. Sun Life’s website helps you locate an advisor in your area that can help you with inquiries about Sun Life Financial products.

Bottom line

Sun Life Go Simplified Term Life Insurance can be a good choice for people who don’t need a large amount of coverage. The application process is straightforward and can be done quickly online, and there is no investigation into your medical history. That said, the fewer questions an insurer asks, the more you tend to pay for your coverage.

Frequently asked questions about Sun Life Go Simplified Term Life Insurance

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