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The complete list of movies on Shudder Canada

Shudder's horror-heavy streaming service offers its fair share of scares when it comes to freaky flicks.

Movies on Shudder Canada

This table was last updated on 24 Jul 2021. There are 338 movies in Shudder library.
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TitleYear of releaseRuntime (mins)GenresWatch it
0.0 MHz2019101InternationalWatch now
3 From Hell2019115KillersWatch now
30 Miles From Nowhere202083KillersWatch now
32 Malasana Street2020104SupernaturalWatch now
A Bay of Blood197184KillersWatch now
A Blade in the Dark1983108KillersWatch now
A Bluebird in My Heart201889InternationalWatch now
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night2015101InternationalWatch now
A Good Woman is Hard to Find202097RevengeWatch now
Amityville 1992: It's About Time199295SupernaturalWatch now
Among the Living201488InternationalWatch now
Amsterdamned1988113InternationalWatch now
An Unquiet Grave202079SupernaturalWatch now
Angst198387CultWatch now
Another Evil201790ComedyWatch now
Atrocious201175KillersWatch now
Attack of the Demons202075ComedyWatch now
Autopsy of Jane Doe201686SupernaturalWatch now
Before I Wake201897SupernaturalWatch now
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon200690ComedyWatch now
Belzebuth2019114InternationalWatch now
Better Watch Out201790ComedyWatch now
Beyond the Door197594SupernaturalWatch now
Beyond the Door III199094CultWatch now
Black Christmas197498KillersWatch now
Black Sabbath196392SupernaturalWatch now
Black Sunday196086SupernaturalWatch now
Blind Sun201688InternationalWatch now
Bliss201980SupernaturalWatch now
Blood & Flesh: The Reel Life and Ghastly Death of Al Adamson2019101DocumentaryWatch now
Blood Beat198887CultWatch now
Body Bags199391ComedyWatch now
Border2018110SupernaturalWatch now
Boys From County Hell202090ComedyWatch now
Bride of Re-Animator199096ComedyWatch now
Burn, Witch, Burn!196290SupernaturalWatch now
Burnt Offerings1976116SupernaturalWatch now
Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker198294CultWatch now
Can't Take It Back201789SupernaturalWatch now
Cannibal Holocaust198096CultWatch now
Carnival of Souls196278SupernaturalWatch now
Catcalls20209ShortsWatch now
Caveat202088SupernaturalWatch now
Cherry Tree201686SupernaturalWatch now
Chopping Mall198677KillersWatch now
Christmas Presence201885SupernaturalWatch now
City of the Dead196276SupernaturalWatch now
City of the Living Dead198092CultWatch now
Class of 1984198298CultWatch now
Coherence201488Sci-fiWatch now
Cold Hell201790InternationalWatch now
Creepshow 2198792SupernaturalWatch now
Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th2013400DocumentaryWatch now
Daniel Isn't Real201996SupernaturalWatch now
Day of the Beast1998104ComedyWatch now
Dead Heat198883ComedyWatch now
Dead Shack201885ComedyWatch now
Dead and Buried198193SupernaturalWatch now
DeadTectives201992ComedyWatch now
Deadly Games (aka Dial Code Santa Claus)199087KillersWatch now
Dearest Sister2016101InternationalWatch now
Death Weekend197689KillersWatch now
Deathgasm201586ComedyWatch now
Deep Murder201985ComedyWatch now
Def By Temptation199091SupernaturalWatch now
Demon201694InternationalWatch now
Demons198688SupernaturalWatch now
Demons 2198791SupernaturalWatch now
Dig Two Graves201784SupernaturalWatch now
Dogs Don't Wear Pants2019105InternationalWatch now
Dogtooth200994InternationalWatch now
Don't Leave Home201886SupernaturalWatch now
Don't Panic198990InternationalWatch now
Downrange201790KillersWatch now
Eden Lake200891KillersWatch now
Edge of the Axe198891CultWatch now
El Gigante201514KillersWatch now
Elvira: Mistress of the Dark198896ComedyWatch now
Emelie201682KillersWatch now
Empathy, Inc201997Sci-fiWatch now
Evilspeak198297CultWatch now
Ex Machina2015108Sci-fiWatch now
Fade to Black1980102KillersWatch now
Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion197287RevengeWatch now
Female Prisoner Scorpion: #701's Grudge Song197389RevengeWatch now
Female Prisoner Scorpion: Beast Stable197387RevengeWatch now
Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41197290RevengeWatch now
Fingers201984ComedyWatch now
Found2012103KillersWatch now
Found Footage 3D (2D VERSION)2017101SupernaturalWatch now
Four Hands201794InternationalWatch now
Fried Barry202199CultWatch now
Game of Death201773ComedyWatch now
Get My Gun201890RevengeWatch now
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers198888KillersWatch now
Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers198996KillersWatch now
Hands of the Ripper197285KillersWatch now
Haunt201992KillersWatch now
Haunters: The Art of the Scare201788DocumentaryWatch now
Head Count201990SupernaturalWatch now
Heathers1989106ComedyWatch now
Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel201890SupernaturalWatch now
Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire201986SupernaturalWatch now
Hell Night1981101KillersWatch now
Hellbound: Hellraiser II198899SupernaturalWatch now
Hellraiser198793SupernaturalWatch now
Here Comes Hell201974ComedyWatch now
Homewrecker202076ComedyWatch now
Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror201983DocumentaryWatch now
Host202056SupernaturalWatch now
Hosts202089SupernaturalWatch now
House on Haunted Hill195975SupernaturalWatch now
Housebound2014107ComedyWatch now
Housewife201882SupernaturalWatch now
Hunted202087KillersWatch now
Ichi the Killer2001129CultWatch now
Impetigore2019106InternationalWatch now
In Search of Darkness: A Journey Into Iconic 80s Horror2019265DocumentaryWatch now
In Search of Darkness: Part II2020253DocumentaryWatch now
Incident in a Ghostland201891KillersWatch now
Inner Demon201784KillersWatch now
It Cuts Deep202077ComedyWatch now
It Follows2015100SupernaturalWatch now
Jack Frost199789ComedyWatch now
Jessica Forever201997InternationalWatch now
Jodorowsky's Dune201488DocumentaryWatch now
Kandisha202085SupernaturalWatch now
Kill Baby Kill196683SupernaturalWatch now
Knife + Heart2019102InternationalWatch now
Koko-Di Koko-Da202085InternationalWatch now
Kuso2017105ComedyWatch now
La Llorona202097InternationalWatch now
Lake Bodom201790InternationalWatch now
Lake of Death201994InternationalWatch now
Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh201280SupernaturalWatch now
Leap of Faith: William Friedkin on The Exorcist2020104DocumentaryWatch now
Let Us Prey201492SupernaturalWatch now
Lingering2020101InternationalWatch now
Lisa and the Devil197395SupernaturalWatch now
Little Shop of Horrors196072ComedyWatch now
Lost Soul201498DocumentaryWatch now
Luciferina2018111InternationalWatch now
Lucky202083KillersWatch now
Luz201971InternationalWatch now
Mandy2018121RevengeWatch now
Maniac198087KillersWatch now
Maniac Cop198885KillersWatch now
Maniac Cop 2199090KillersWatch now
Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence199285KillersWatch now
Mass Hysteria202066ComedyWatch now
Mausoleum198396CultWatch now
May The Devil Take You Too2020110SupernaturalWatch now
Mayhem201786ComedyWatch now
Messiah of Evil197390SupernaturalWatch now
Metamorphosis2019113InternationalWatch now
Monster Party201889KillersWatch now
Monstrum2018105InternationalWatch now
Mortuary198394KillersWatch now
Mother's Day198090KillersWatch now
Nekrotronic201996ComedyWatch now
Nightmare Cinema2019119SupernaturalWatch now
Nina Forever201599ComedyWatch now
Noroi: The Curse2005115InternationalWatch now
Nosferatu192295SupernaturalWatch now
One Cut of the Dead201996ComedyWatch now
One Dark Night198389SupernaturalWatch now
One Missed Call2004112SupernaturalWatch now
Open 24 Hours202095KillersWatch now
Outcast201094SupernaturalWatch now
PG: Psycho Goreman202195ComedyWatch now
Party Hard, Die Young201899InternationalWatch now
Patchwork201786ComedyWatch now
Patrick197896SupernaturalWatch now
Perdita Durango1997130CultWatch now
Perfect201987Sci-fiWatch now
Phenomena1985110SupernaturalWatch now
Pledge Night199086KillersWatch now
Pod201576Sci-fiWatch now
Porno202098ComedyWatch now
Prevenge201688ComedyWatch now
Primal Screen201727DocumentaryWatch now
Prom Night198092KillersWatch now
Prom Night 2: Hello Mary Lou198797SupernaturalWatch now
Psychomania197485SupernaturalWatch now
Psychotic!201687ComedyWatch now
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale201084SupernaturalWatch now
Re-Animator198585ComedyWatch now
Re:Born2016115InternationalWatch now
Replace2019101Sci-fiWatch now
Revenge2018108KillersWatch now
Rift2017101InternationalWatch now
Ring199895InternationalWatch now
Ring 0200095InternationalWatch now
Ring 2199995InternationalWatch now
Rituals197799KillersWatch now
Rot202093SupernaturalWatch now
Ruin Me201887KillersWatch now
SUPERDEEP2020115SupernaturalWatch now
Sadako vs. Kayako201698ComedyWatch now
Satan's Slave198292SupernaturalWatch now
Satan's Slaves2017110InternationalWatch now
Satanic Panic201985ComedyWatch now
Sator202186SupernaturalWatch now
Saturday the 14th198175ComedyWatch now
Scare Me2020104ComedyWatch now
Scare Package2020107ComedyWatch now
Scream1996111ComedyWatch now
Scream 21997119ComedyWatch now
Scream 32000117KillersWatch now
Scream 42011111KillersWatch now
Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street202099DocumentaryWatch now
Season of the Witch197390SupernaturalWatch now
Seoul Station201692InternationalWatch now
Separation20206ShortsWatch now
Sequence Break201780Sci-fiWatch now
Shakma1990101CultWatch now
She's Allergic to Cats202075CultWatch now
Sheitan200687KillersWatch now
Shock197795SupernaturalWatch now
Shook202184KillersWatch now
Shrew's Nest201491InternationalWatch now
Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2198788ComedyWatch now
Sinister2012110SupernaturalWatch now
Skull: The Mask202090KillersWatch now
Sledgehammer198387CultWatch now
Sleepaway Camp198384KillersWatch now
Slumber Party Massacre 2198777KillersWatch now
Small Town Killers201786ComedyWatch now
Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini201991DocumentaryWatch now
Some Kind of Hate201583KillersWatch now
Son202197SupernaturalWatch now
Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama198879ComedyWatch now
Sorority House Massacre198674KillersWatch now
Southbound201689SupernaturalWatch now
Spookers2017101DocumentaryWatch now
StageFright198790KillersWatch now
Starfish2018100Sci-fiWatch now
Starry Eyes201496SupernaturalWatch now
Stay Out of the F**king Attic202182KillersWatch now
Still/Born201884SupernaturalWatch now
Storm Warning200786KillersWatch now
Straight Edge Kegger201979KillersWatch now
Summer of 842018105KillersWatch now
Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl201776SupernaturalWatch now
Tammy and the T-Rex199490ComedyWatch now
Tenebrae1982110KillersWatch now
Terrified201887InternationalWatch now
Terror Train198097KillersWatch now
The Banishing202197SupernaturalWatch now
The Beach House202087SupernaturalWatch now
The Beyond198187SupernaturalWatch now
The Blackcoat's Daughter201693ParanormalWatch now
The Bone Box202087SupernaturalWatch now
The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Resurrection2020123DocumentaryWatch now
The Call202097SupernaturalWatch now
The Canal201490SupernaturalWatch now
The Cleansing Hour202094SupernaturalWatch now
The Dark and the Wicked202095SupernaturalWatch now
The Evil197889SupernaturalWatch now
The Flesh and the Fiends196097KillersWatch now
The Funeral Home202186SupernaturalWatch now
The Furies201982KillersWatch now
The Golden Glove2019110KillersWatch now
The Hills Have Eyes197790KillersWatch now
The House at the End of Time2014101KillersWatch now
The House by the Cemetery198186SupernaturalWatch now
The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane197791KillersWatch now
The Lords of Salem2013101SupernaturalWatch now
The Love Witch2017120ComedyWatch now
The Machine201392Sci-fiWatch now
The Marshes202085KillersWatch now
The McPherson Tape198963SupernaturalWatch now
The Mortuary Collection2020112SupernaturalWatch now
The New York Ripper198293CultWatch now
The Nightingale2019136RevengeWatch now
The Nightshifter2018110InternationalWatch now
The Noonday Witch201690InternationalWatch now
The Pale Door202096SupernaturalWatch now
The Pool201990InternationalWatch now
The Power202193SupernaturalWatch now
The Queen of Black Magic202099SupernaturalWatch now
The Queen of Black Magic (1981)198190SupernaturalWatch now
The Quiet Room201928ShortsWatch now
The Ranger201880KillersWatch now
The Shed201998SupernaturalWatch now
The Siren201980SupernaturalWatch now
The Slumber Party Massacre198277KillersWatch now
The Soul Collector2020100SupernaturalWatch now
The Stepfather198789KillersWatch now
The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh1971100KillersWatch now
The Strangers200885KillersWatch now
The Untamed201798InternationalWatch now
The Untold Story199393KillersWatch now
The Void201790SupernaturalWatch now
The Wailing2016157SupernaturalWatch now
The Whip and The Body196386SupernaturalWatch now
The Whistler201911ShortsWatch now
The Wind201986SupernaturalWatch now
The Windmill201685KillersWatch now
The Witch in the Window201877SupernaturalWatch now
The Wrath201893InternationalWatch now
Therapy201695KillersWatch now
Things198985CultWatch now
Tigers Are Not Afraid201983InternationalWatch now
Torso197392KillersWatch now
Tourist Trap197991KillersWatch now
Train to Busan2016118InternationalWatch now
Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula2020116InternationalWatch now
Turkey Shoot198280Sci-fiWatch now
Twins of Evil197287SupernaturalWatch now
V/H/S 2201396SupernaturalWatch now
V/H/S Viral201481SupernaturalWatch now
Vampire Circus197287SupernaturalWatch now
Vampyres197487SupernaturalWatch now
Verotika201990CultWatch now
Vicious Fun2020101ComedyWatch now
Vigilante198390RevengeWatch now
Violation2021107RevengeWatch now
WNUF Halloween Special201383ComedyWatch now
Warning: Do Not Play201986InternationalWatch now
Wax Mask199798KillersWatch now
We Are Still Here201583SupernaturalWatch now
We Go On201689SupernaturalWatch now
Wendigo200191SupernaturalWatch now
Werewolf202088InternationalWatch now
When Animals Dream201484SupernaturalWatch now
White Girl201913ShortsWatch now
White Zombie193267SupernaturalWatch now
White of the Eye1987111KillersWatch now
Wish Upon201790SupernaturalWatch now
Wolfcop201479ComedyWatch now
Yummy201996ComedyWatch now
Z201983SupernaturalWatch now
Zombi Child2020103SupernaturalWatch now
Zombie197991SupernaturalWatch now
Zombie For Sale2019112ComedyWatch now
eXistenZ199997Sci-fiWatch now
mon mon mon MONSTERS2017112InternationalWatch now

Horror buffs are some of the most resilient folks in pop culture fandom. Not only will they gleefully sit through some of the scariest scenes ever put to screen but they will also happily devour the very worst the genre has to offer.

Fans of the macabre can find the most delightfully disgusting and downright rotten movies the horror world has to offer with Shudder, a streaming service dedicated to delivering horror movies on demand. Not only is Shudder serving a buffet of classic and cult horror movies but the service has also taken a leaf from Netflix’s book and begun producing its own original content.

On top of movies Shudder also has TV series. You can see the full list of Shudder TV shows here.

Didn’t get your fill of frights? Compare streaming services below

Name Product Price p/month or equivalent Free trial? Service Simultaneous streams 4K/UHD?
Disney+ [CA]
7 Days
On-demand streaming
Prime Video
Prime Video [CA]
1 month
On-demand streaming
Residents of Quebec aren't eligible for a free trial of Amazon Prime
Fubo TV Canadian Basic
Fubo TV [CA]
7 days
On-demand streaming
fuboTV offers sports streaming for Canadians as well as Cloud DVR recording for live events and options for additional packages.
Shudder [CA]
7 days
On-demand streaming
Shudder is a screaming service dedicated totally to contemporary and classic horror flicks.
CuriosityStream [CA]
On-demand streaming

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