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Sezzle financing review

Buy now, pay over the next six weeks — and forget about interest and hidden fees.

With Sezzle, you can pay for everyday items in smaller chunks, rather than in one lump sum. This financing solution partners with hundreds of online stores, letting customers divvy up payments over a six-week period instead of paying all at once. You won’t pay interest, and Sezzle doesn’t affect your credit score.

But, you’ll need to make a down payment — 25% of the total cost — and pay off the rest within six weeks.

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How does Sezzle work?

Sezzle is financing option that some online stores offer at checkout. Sezzle’s website lists its partners, so you can easily search to see if your favorite vendor offers this option.

However you choose to use Sezzle, you’ll be prompted to create an account before making a purchase. An approval decision will be made instantly — no hard credit check required. If you’re approved, you make the required down payment, then three equal payments are scheduled over the next six weeks.

You get one free reschedule option per order, and two $5 reschedules after that. So if you don’t have the money to make an on time payment, you can reschedule the Sezzle payment to avoid a late fee.

However, you’re charged $10 if your payment doesn’t go through — for example, if your bank account balance is too low or your card is declined. But Sezzle will waive the $10 fee if you make the payment within 48 hours.

Features of shopping with Sezzle

  • Added security. Sezzle doesn’t require you to enter your credit card information when you checkout, making the checkout process even more secure.
  • Soft credit check. Applying for financing through Sezzle won’t affect your credit score.
  • No prepayment penalties. Have some extra cash this month? Pay off your Sezzle balance early without incurring any penalties or fees.
  • 48-hour grace period. Missed a payment? Pay it within 48 hours of moment the payment first failed and Sezzle will waive the $10 late fee.
  • Payment reminders. Sezzle will notify you when a payment is about to process so you’re never caught off guard.
  • No set credit limit. Sezzle doesn’t use traditional credit limits. Instead, it considers, how often you use Sezzle, payment history and your open orders.
  • Shop and manage your account on-the-go. Download the Sezzle app to quickly and easily access your account, make payments and shop.

How much does Sezzle cost?

Sezzle is free as long as you make your payments on time. There are just two scenarios in which you’d have to pay a fee:

  • Late payments. Each late payment comes with a $10 fee. But pay it off within 48 hours, and Sezzle will waive the fee.
  • Rescheduling a payment more than once. If you need to reschedule a payment more than once, you’ll be charged $5. You can reschedule a total of three times — but only the first one’s free.

Is Sezzle safe?

Yes, Sezzle takes your security seriously. The company has quarterly scans and yearly audits to make sure it is compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) to ensure your private information is safe. Sezzle is currently certified at PCI Level 1, the highest level of compliance.

Should I use Sezzle?

Sezzle can be a convenient payment option in a variety of situations, but it might not be the best choice for everyone.

Consider Sezzle if:

  • You’re looking for a no-interest financing option. Sezzle never charges interest — as long as you’re approved and make payments on time, you won’t be charged for this service.
  • You’re making a relatively small purchase. You’ll have to pay for your purchase in full within six weeks, so Sezzle is ideal for smaller purchases that you can pay off quickly.
  • You don’t want your credit score to be affected. Sezzle uses a soft credit pull, so your application won’t show up on your credit report.

Look elsewhere if:

  • You won’t be able to pay back your total within six weeks. Unlike other financing options, you have to pay your Sezzle balance in a fairly short amount of time. So don’t use this option if you won’t be able to pay it back quickly.
  • You’re trying to improve your credit score. Sezzle doesn’t report to any major credit bureaus, so paying off your balance won’t help to boost your credit.
  • You can’t afford the down payment. Sezzle requires a down payment of 25% or more at the time of checkout. If you can’t afford to pay this amount, consider other financing options.

How to sign up for Sezzle

To use Sezzle, you need to:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid Canadian or US mobile number and email address

If you meet those criteria, you can apply for Sezzle financing on the checkout page of any store that accepts it. Or, go to Sezzle’s website directly to create an account and start shopping.

To create an account directly with Sezzle:

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