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MyMarble review

Need help with improving your credit score? Sign up with MyMarble to manage your financial health and boost your credit.

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If you need to boost your credit score before applying for a loan but don’t know where to start, MyMarble is here to help. Powered by AI, MyMarble provides personalized recommendations that fit your budget and suit your lifestyle to help you improve your finances and rebuild your credit.

30-second take

Think of MyMarble as your personal financial trainer, credit monitor and budgeting app all in one. With various programs to choose from, here’s a closer look at MyMarble‘s key features:

  • Think of signing up with MyMarble whether you want to gain a better understanding of personal finances, credit and debt management or you need a tailored approach to your finances to help you improve your credit score, reach your financial goals and pay off your consumer proposal.
  • Pick something else if you are looking for a personal loan or a payday loan. You should also consider other products if you’re looking for in-person financial advice.
  • Keep in mind, MyMarble has a range of plans. There is a free plan to start, but Basic, Pro and Premium plans range from $9.99 to $25.49 per month. It all depends on what features you need to help you reach your financial goals.

What types of products does MyMarble offer?

With a series of account plans with various price points to choose from, consumers can decide on which program best suits their needs:

  • Freemium Program. If you’re curious about MyMarble, the free account is a great place to start. The Freemium Plan provides consumers with “beginner recommendations” to help you understand the ins and outs of your spending habits.
  • Basic Plan. At $9.99 per month, Basic Plan members gain access to “intermediate recommendations”, which dig deeper into your finances and provide you with more in-depth recommendations on what your next steps are to improve your financial fitness.
  • Pro Plan. Consumers who want that extra push to reach their goals receive “advanced recommendations” with this account. Synced up with your bank accounts, in this case MyMarble provides prescriptive, detailed recommendations to help you reach your personal finance targets and boost your credit score. The Pro Plan costs $19.99 per month.
  • Premium Plan. MyMarble’s premium plan offers the full range of features, from personalized recommendations to master your finances to access to Score-Up, which helps you reach your target credit score based on your financial plans and existing credit history. Whether you’re looking to get out of debt, improve your credit score or hit a financial milestone, the premium plan, priced at $25.49 per month, can be a great ally.

Regardless of which membership plan you choose, MyMarble provides access to free Maestro Financial Literacy online courses. There are 3 main personal finance topics: debt, credit and budgeting.

MyMarble also has a few more programs for specific situations Canadian consumers may find themselves in:

  • Fast track loan. Marble’s fast-track loans are designed to help you pay off your consumer proposal so you can start rebuilding your credit. These loans cap out at $15,000 unless you have assets or a cosigner. They come with interest rates ranging from 18.99% to 24.99%, and you can typically pay them back over 3-7 years.
  • Score Up. The Score Up program is a software program that helps you to rebuild your credit score using a data-driven strategy. This software will analyze your credit report to develop a fast and clear path to rebuild your score. This is done by looking at your credit data points in real time to identify those that have the biggest impact on your credit score. Score Up is also available to Premium Plan members.
  • Secured Future Credit Plan. This plan helps consumers build up savings while establishing credit. In a nutshell, consumers make payments into a “savings loan”, with each payment reported to the credit bureaus to help build credit. By making monthly payments, consumers are contributing towards building their credit and establishing a savings account for future use.

Compare credit building loans from MyMarble

1 - 1 of 1
Name Product Interest Rate Loan Amount Loan Term Requirements
Marble Fast-Track Loan
18.99% – 24.99%
$5,000 - $15,000
36 - 84 months
Requirements: net cash flow of $150+/month after loan payment, min. credit score 300

Compare up to 4 providers

Compare credit builder products from MyMarble

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Name Product Starting Price Price Per Month Credit Scores Credit Monitoring Credit Reports Update Frequency
$0 - $29.99
MyMarble’s AI technology gives you real-time recommendations to improve your finances. Get actionable steps to improve your finances by paying down your debt faster, adjust your budget and build your credit score. See results in just 30-45 days.

Compare up to 4 providers

Why should I consider MyMarble?

Whether you want a monthly snapshot of your spending habits or you want to clear your debts and improve your credit score, there are a number of benefits to creating a MyMarble account to get a jumpstart on your personal finance journey. The perks include:

  • Convenient online application. You can get started with MyMarble and apply for a program or loan from the comfort of your own home in less than 15 minutes.
  • Improving your credit score. You can start rebuilding your credit score as soon as you sign up, either by paying off your consumer proposal or working on your credit score.
  • Better understanding of your finances. With MyMarble’s tailored recommendations based on your spending habits, you’ll have an in-depth look at how to improve your financial situation.
  • Affordable loans. If you opt for the Fast-Track loan, you’ll be able to negotiate monthly repayments on your consumer proposal loan that suit your unique set of needs, lifestyle and budget. You’ll also exit your consumer proposal early.
  • Easy-to-use software. You can track your credit score in real time and identify problem areas using Marble Financial’s customized software (MyMarble).
  • Top-notch customer service. You’ll work with a dedicated agent to negotiate your loan and get your credit score back up to the desired rate.
  • Bad credit doesn’t matter. You’ll be approved to participate in Marble Financial’s loan and credit rebuilding programs even if you have bad credit.
  • Available across Canada. You can sign up for a MyMarble account regardless of where you are in the country.
  • Various price points. Whether you want to start with a free account or dive into the deep end with a Premium account, you can choose how much you want to invest in your financial future. Regardless of which plan you choose, MyMarble provides access to free personal finance courses.

Where does MyMarble fall short?

Savvy consumers need to do their due diligence before signing up for another account or loan product. Here’s what to keep in mind about MyMarble:

  • High interest rates on loans. If you opt for the Fast-Track Loan to exit your consumer proposal, you’ll pay between 18.99% and 24.99% APR on your loan (while consumer proposals are interest-free). These are interest rates that are on par with credit cards.
  • Monthly membership fees. Depending on your budget, you may not be able to afford membership prices of $9.99 to $25.49 per month.
  • Additional fees. Marble loans come with legal and administrative fees ranging .
  • Costs to participate in “Score-Up”. You’ll have to pay an undisclosed fee to work on your credit report with Marble Financial’s specialized software.
  • No in-person assistance. While MyMarble has a call centre and online messaging, it falls short with a bricks and mortar location for face-to-face customer service.

How much will it cost me to borrow with MyMarble?

It depends on which product you’re interested in. MyMarble accounts start with a free membership to Basic, Pro and Premium memberships that are as much as $25.49 per month. You can save up for 3 months to save 10%, for 6 months to save 15% or yearly to save 25%.

If you want to take out a Fast-Track Loan, you’ll pay interest rates ranging from 18.99% to 24.99%. To help with paying off your consumer proposal via this loan, there are legal and admin fees of and will be added to your total loan amount.

The cost to participate in Marble Financial’s “Score-Up” program isn’t disclosed on its website, so you’ll need to call the company to get more info.

Are MyMarble loans safe?

MyMarble is completely safe to use. The company was established in 2016, with headquarters in Vancouver, B.C. Since it started, it’s helped thousands of Canadians with improving their credit scores and getting them on a bright financial future.

Marble has a Marble Brand Promise: If you don’t see a positive impact on your subprime credit score (670 and under) after following its recommendations and practising good financial habits for 12 months, it will work with you at no cost until you improve your overall credit score by over 100 points.

How to apply for a loan with MyMarble

If you want to move forward with a MyMarble loan, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Head to the MyMarble website and click on “Get Started” to go to the application page to sign up for an account.
  2. Create one login that will apply to all Marble products.
  3. Use the online application to provide personal information like your name, email address, proof of ID and relevant documents.
  4. Review and submit your application.
  5. Get verified and sign up for the program you’re interested in if you meet the eligibility requirements.

Eligibility requirements

To apply for MyMarble’s programs, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old (and 19 in some provinces)
  • Be a citizen or resident of Canada
  • Have an active Canadian bank account and email address

For Marble Financial’s loans program, you may also need to meet these criteria:

  • Have a net income surplus of at least $150 per month after repayment
  • Not owe any money on payday loans

Required documents and information

You may also need to supply the following documents if you want to take out a loan or rebuild your credit with Marble:

  • Government-issued ID. You’ll need to show proof of ID, such as your driver’s licence or passport.
  • Proof of address. You’ll be required to prove where you live using some form of phone, utility or other bill that lists your current address.
  • Proof of income. You may need to hand over documents like pay stubs and letters of employment to verify how much money you make.
  • Bank statements. You may have to give Marble Financial access to your bank statements so that it can assess your current cash flow.
  • Info about your consumer proposal. You may be required to submit details about your consumer proposal, including your payout letter and an updated payment schedule.

More about MyMarble

MyMarble is Marble Financial’s money management tool. MyMarble uses AI technology to help users fix their credit, reduce their debts, budget their money and improve financial literacy. To sign up, enter your basic information and answer a few questions. Your data will then be connected with MyMarble’s software so you can get insights and recommendations in real time. You can sign up for a free account or upgrade to gain access to more advanced features such as Score-Up.

Bottom line

It can be hard to figure out what to do with our finances and get a hold of our cash flow and credit score. This is where budgeting apps and personal finance tools come in handy to help us gain insight into our spending habits.

Whether you want to better understand what you’re doing with your money or you need help with getting out of debt, paying off a consumer proposal or reaching a financial goal, MyMarble has a range of products to help you. It does this via AI technology that studies your accounts to provide you with tailor-made recommendations.

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