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Empire Life is a life insurance provider that offers a great selection of life insurance packages to fit all types of lifestyles.

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Empire Life

Empire Life is a Canadian company that has been offering a bevy of financial services to Canadians since 1923. It currently services over 400,000 customers and has a network of over 33,000 licensed financial advisers across Canada. Empire Life has a great reputation and is known as one of Canada’s top 10 life insurance providers.

What is Empire Life insurance?

Empire Life insurance is a Canadian company that is known for its array of financial services including insurance, wealth management and group benefits. Its corporate headquarters are in Kingston, Ontario and it is publicly traded on the TSE.

Empire Life ensures that it will be there for you every step of the way in life and this is reflected in the different life insurance options it has made available. Depending on your needs, Empire Life has four distinct life insurance packages:

  • Term life insurance. Determine your coverage needs to find the right term life insurance that fits your lifestyle.
  • Permanent life insurance. A specialized solution that provides guaranteed lifetime insurance protection at a guaranteed rate.
  • Permanent participating life insurance. This plan is designed for estate protection or wealth accumulation, with a potential for dividends.
  • Guaranteed issue life insurance. Provides coverage for life and as long as premiums are paid on time, your coverage will never decrease.

What other insurance coverage options does Empire Life offer?

Empire Life’s main insurance offerings are its life insurance packages. On top of life insurance, Empire Life also offers critical illness insurance plans that are for those who are suffering from a serious illness.

  • Critical illness insurance. For those coping with a critical illness and medical treatments, the financial impact of these burdens can be offset with this insurance plan.

Empire Life insurance bundles

Empire Life offers a life and critical illness insurance bundle for those seeking the protections of both plans. In terms of a discount, customers wishing to purchase the bundle package may be eligible to pay just one policy fee by contacting an Empire Life account executive.

What exclusions do I need to know about?

When dealing with life and critical illness insurance policies, there can be numerous possible exclusions based off of a number of considerations, which can vary by company.

The more notable exclusions from Empire Life’s life insurance packages include suicide and accidental deaths, with certain caveats for both. For critical illness insurance, the most notable exclusions include certain cancers (with caveats) including malignant melanoma skin cancer, prostate cancer and chronic leukemia, to name a few.

To find the full list of exclusions for Empire Life’s life insurance, and for critical illness insurance exclusions, refer to Empire Life’s website.

Benefits of Empire Life insurance

Flexibility of policies. Empire Life offers a range of different life insurance policies for the stage you are at in your life and lifestyle factors.

  • Bundle options. Customers can cover all their bases by purchasing life and critical illness insurance bundles and possibly at the cost of just one policy.

Drawbacks of Empire Life insurance

  • Other insurance. Empire Life lacks other insurance offerings such as home, auto and travel insurance.

What do customers say about Empire Life insurance?

Empire Life has a sparkling clean, A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This rating establishes Empire Life’s credibility as one of Canada’s top 10 life insurance providers and a highly esteemed company. What’s even more impressive is that Empire Life does not have any complaints filed against it with the Better Business Bureau.

How to contact Empire Life insurance?

There are a few ways to contact Empire Life depending on your inquiry.

  • For any and all insurance inquiries, you can call its toll-free number at 1-800-561-1268 from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am and 8pm EST.
  • For insurance inquiries, you can also send an email at insurance@empire.ca.
  • For general inquiries, you can contact the head office by calling the toll-free number at 1-877-548-1881 or send an email at info@empire.ca.

Empire Life insurance mobile app

Unfortunately, Empire Life does not have a mobile app at this time. However, customers can log in online to its secure web portal to see everything related to their insurance policy and submit an eClaim by entering their login details.

Bottom line

If you’re a Canadian and are exploring the possibility of purchasing life insurance and or critical illness insurance, Empire Life has a high reputation at offering affordable insurance options depending on your lifestyle and needs.

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