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KuCoin Crypto Friday

Learn how to buy crypto at a discount and earn rewards

Since launching in 2017, KuCoin has become one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges offering high liquidity and a wide selection of cryptocurrencies. With an early focus on beginner-friendly design, the exchange has now expanded to incorporate spot trading, margin trading and multiple decentralized finance (DeFi) products. To celebrate the exchange’s fourth birthday, KuCoin has just added a new promotion – KuCoin’s Crypto Friday.

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What is Crypto Friday on KuCoin?

KuCoin’s Crypto Friday is KuCoin’s attempt to reach a wide range of cryptocurrency investors in an enjoyable and entertaining way. Compared to a Black Friday event, you can win prizes and potentially purchase cryptocurrencies at favourable rates by participating in a set of predefined tasks. The prize fund on offer is worth 1,000,000 USDT.

The Crypto Friday platform is composed of 3 different elements: the collection of gold coins, the acquisition of “super discount” coupons and an airdrop mechanism called Red Envelope Rain.

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Can I earn rewards from Crypto Friday?

Yes. Each element of the Crypto Friday platform gives you the opportunity to earn rewards.

  1. You can collect golden coins and exchange them for USDT or take a chance to win prizes.
  2. Super discount codes allow you to purchase BTC, ETH, LTC, KCS and VRA at discounted prices.
  3. Red Envelope Rain provides you with the opportunity to receive random red envelopes that may contain valuable digital assets.

How does the discount program work on Crypto Friday?

As mentioned previously, there are 3 key elements on the Crypto Friday platform that you can participate in to earn rewards:

  1. Collecting gold coins. There is a set of tasks outlined on the Crypto Friday platform that you must complete to collect and earn shards of gold coins. You can merge shard pieces, labelled A, B, C and D, together to create a whole gold coin. The maximum number of gold coins that you can create is 100. Anyone holding gold coins at the end of the promotion period will win a share of the 100,000 USDT prize fund. Even if you are unable to collect a whole coin, you can still claim a reward. You can exchange shards (a single piece of a gold coin) for the chance to win prizes. If you have 5 identical shards, you can use them to win discount coupons, airdrop bonuses and trading bonuses. Alternatively, you can exchange shard combinations for predefined amounts of USDT.
  2. Super discount coupons. Super discount coupons enable you to purchase popular cryptocurrencies at discounted prices. You can win these coupons either in a shard prize draw or acquired during a flash sale. There are up to 700,000 USDT worth of discounts to be won.
  3. Red Envelope Rain. Red Envelope Rain is an airdrop feature. If you participate in the Red Envelope airdrops, you will receive a red envelope containing a randomly selected digital asset. Multiple cryptocurrency projects are taking part.

What sort of tasks need to be completed?

To collect shards that generate golden coins, there are a number of predefined tasks that you need to complete. One of the easiest is signing up and checking in to the Crypto Friday platform. Every day that you “check in”, you will collect a shard. Tasks become increasingly more difficult from there. The harder the task, the bigger the returns.

All tasks are segregated into 3 different categories: integration, trading, and new listings. Within each category, there are a number of tasks that you can complete either within the KuCoin exchange or on accompanying social media platforms. Each task comes with predefined criteria that you must meet.

Integration tasks include joining the official KuCoin community and liking the KuCoin Twitter page. Trading tasks include purchasing crypto using a credit card or completing a futures trade. New listing tasks include purchasing a cryptocurrency that has recently been listed on the KuCoin exchange.

How do coins work?

Crypto Friday gold coins are digital assets that are composed of shards. At the end of the Crypto Friday promotion, you can use your whole gold coins to claim a share of a final 100,000 USDT prize fund. The number of USDT won will be proportional to the number of coins held.

Coin Shards

Each gold coin is composed of 4 different shards. Each shard is linked to a specific letter – A, B, C or D. You must hold all 4 to merge them into a complete gold coin. You can merge up to 100 gold coins in total.

You can also exchange individual shards for prizes or USDT. For example, by exchanging 5 A shards, you can draw a prize. Prizes include super discount coupons and USDT coins. You can also exchange combinations of shards, such as B and D shards, for USDT coins. It is up to you to determine how to split your shard holdings.

You can even exchange shards between users. This means you may be able to trade with other Crypto Friday participants to get the shards you need.

Discount Coupons

As mentioned above, super discount coupons entitle you to a discount on current cryptocurrency prices. The cryptocurrencies included within this promotion include Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), KuCoin (KCS), and Verasity (VRA). The value of discount coupons varies, with multiple discounts available.

You can acquire discount coupons in shard prize draws or in Crypto Friday flash sales. Flash sales of discount coupons occur every day between 14:00 and 16:00 UTC. You will need to be on your toes though, as acquisition works on a first-come, first-served basis.

Red Envelope Rain

Red envelopes are a feature that has been used by KuCoin in the past. Sent out as part of an airdrop, you will receive a randomly assigned digital asset. Red Envelope Rain builds on the feature’s previous success.

Red Envelope Rain is jointly coordinated between KuCoin (KCS), Telcoin (TEL), Trias (TRIAS), Terra (LUNA) and Hathor (HTR). Airdrops are set to take place at 9:00, 13:00, 17:00 and 21:00 on October 8. Like the discount coupon flash sales, they will work on a first-come, first-served basis.

KuCoin Crypto Friday frequently asked questions

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